The Life of Bon: A Theoretical Question: Can a Salesperson Sell Without Being Annoying?

Thursday, March 05, 2015

A Theoretical Question: Can a Salesperson Sell Without Being Annoying?

^^ When Greg saw this picture he cried out, "Who's the mystery host?  I hope it's not me!" 
No, Greg.  It's not you.

On Wednesday I am having a scentsy shindig at my place. Any and all who are local are welcome to come.  (I live in Lehi.)  Because I feel uncomfortable offering up my home address to the dark abyss of the internets, I have not included it on the picture.  If you want to come, just send me an email, ( and I will gladly tell you my address.

Wednesday night should be a lot of fun.  My new spring and summer scents arrived last week and they are goooooood.  Bonfire beach has got me craving summer in a bad way.  Stop on by anytime between 7 and 9 to give the new smells a try.  There are gorgeous new warmers, too, and, of course, all the classics.  (So many commas in that sentence!  Must we need so many commas?!)   AT 7:30 A "MYSTERY HOST" WILL BE SELECTED- THAT MEANS A PARTY ATTENDEE WILL BE RANDOMLY CHOSEN TO RECEIVE ALL OF THE HOST REWARDS- UP TO $25 OF FREE PRODUCT AND HALF PRICE ANY ITEM.

We will have treats!   We will laugh!  We will make the men put the kids to bed! (And one lucky person will get all their stuff for free!)

If you are not local, but want to check out all the new spring/summer stuff, you can buy online here. My favorite new scents are bonfire beach, Sedona sunset, sunkissed citrus (not new, but so good for spring), and coconut flower.  You can email me, too, asking for recommendations.  I can help you with any kind of smell your little nose desires.

If you are buying online you can buy five scents and get one free- go to the combine and save on the left hand column.  Please check out under the "February party"  I am very grateful to those of you who have bought.

Now, just a quick word on "selling" scentsy.  I know it's kind of weird that I took on selling scentsy a few months ago.  Afterall, I just had a baby.  I work part time.  I keep up a blog. We let a French girl move in with us.  My house is never clean.  Once upon a time I was trying to write a book.  Certainly I don't need scentsy!

Turns out I kind of do.  I didn't decide to sell scentsy because I want to become a milllionaire from it.  That'll never happen.  But I buy a lot of scentsy product anyway (I have a psychological need to have my house and clothes smell good at all times) and a discount seemed really nice.  Then I figured if I could sell a little extra to others then I could actually get my stuff for free or close to free.  And maybe make a little gas money on the side?  Is that so wild to think?  AND fuel my shopping addiction without spending all my money?!  (Putting in orders for other people and waiting for your packages to arrive is just as fun as doing online shopping for myself!)

The best part, though, turned out to be that it gets me out of the house a couple times a month- allows me to hang out with other adult women and not talk about explicit vocabulary plans or how long my baby sleeps at night or what we're cooking for dinner.  Not that I don't like talking about those things.  But sometimes I like to hang out with friends and remember the person I was before I was a mom and before I was a teacher and before I had all the responsibilities.  You know?  And weirdly enough, scentsy lets me do that.  I get to hang with friends, eat treats, and shop vicariously while Greg stays at home and puts the baby down,  Not a bad gig.

All that being said, somewhere in the back of my head I worry that my desire to get out a few nights a month and earn some extra gas money might annoy other people.  Because that is only possible if other people buy the product.  And people are (understandably) usually pretty careful with how they spend their hard earned cash.  They don't like it when they feel like their money is threatened.  I get it.  

I know that people who sell products can get real annoying real quick.  My facebook wall is flooded with every different type of MLM product imaginable. I'm not annoyed because I am one of those people, but I can see how it could get annoying to others.  So my goal to not be that person.  It is hard to know where the line is, though, of informing people about a product without stuffing it down their throats.  My goal is to find people who are genuinely interested in scentsy and sell to them.  I never want anyone to feel obligated to buy from me.  My worst fear is that someone wouldn't want to hang out with me because they're worried I would try to sell them some wax or force them into hosting a party.  What if someone thinks that about me?!  (I'm interested- do you know people who sell products who are not annoying?  What makes them not annoy you?)

So that's my huge, giant disclaimer.  Come on Wednesday if you want.  There is some amazing stuff if you like your house and clothes to smell good all the time.  But you don't have to buy if you don't want to.  And if you don't come, I will not take it personally.  I will not harass you next time I see you or talk to you.  I will not throw stones at your car and threaten to burn down your house.

That's a promise.

And now, let's do this weekend thang.

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