The Life of Bon: Two Bachelorettes: "It's Not Ideal"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Two Bachelorettes: "It's Not Ideal"

Britt's waist has got to be photoshopped in this, right?  Especially the right side?  
Is it humanly possible to look like that?

I am really mad at The Bachelor right now.

Tonight Greg and I watched The Bachelor finale.  (We were a day late and successfully avoided hearing any spoilers today.  No facebook twitter or instagram all day for me).  We, like everyone else, were shocked at the news that are going to have two bachelorettes for next season.  Well, let me rephrase that.  Shocked that they are not going to choose a bachelorette, but instead make two girls show up on premiere night and try to win over 25 men, wait while the men choose which one they want, and then send the other girl home heartbroken and humiliated.  So next season we're going to have one bachelorette and one loser.  An again loser.  Yah, that sounds like a great plan!

I know you have all been talking about this for the past 24 hours, but I just saw the episode so please humor me.  Lets talk about it some more!

Is there a worse idea?  I am so disgusted, honestly.  You see, I enjoy watching The Bachelor and Bachelorette against my better judgment.  It is degrading to women (and men when they are vying for the bachelorette), gives an unfair and unrealistic balance of power in a relationship, and allows people to think it is okay to be kissing and sleeping with multiple people at the same time.  But I still watch it because I'm an idiot.  Because it's entertaining, because I like watching people kiss (I'm a freak), and because a part of me wants so badly to believe in love reality tv style. I've watched every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette since Jillian's hey day (hay day?) and that is something I am both proud and ashamed to admit.  I figure I will be a forever watcher.

But then something like this happens and it makes me think about giving up on the whole show for good.  Although the premise of the show is pretty awful I  justify my watching of it because there is a Bachelor and a Bachelorette.  A woman got to be in control sometimes, too.  Except wait.  Let's take the seasons where the woman gets some power and some control and give it back to the men, after all.  Gosh I hate it so much.

I also think Britt is a pretty horrible choice for a bachelorette and I don't know why they are considering her at all.  She always came off as sincere and manipulative to me.  And it's pretty obvious that Kaitlyn thought the same, which makes it all the more biting that Kaitlyn now has to compete with her to be the bachelorette.  And are we really okay with 25 random men deciding who the next bachelorette is going to be?  Come on Bachelor producers, what are you thinking on this one?

I think Kailtyn said it best when Chris Harrison asked her how she felt about it and she responded, "It's not ideal."  No, not it's not.

P.S.  I was thrilled that Chris chose Whitney.  They might be my favorite couple in Bachelor history with the exception of Sean and Catherine who go down as the Bachelor queen and king forever.

P.P.S.  Jimmy Kimmel on the After the Final Rose was the best thing that ever happened to me.  "Have you guys had your first fight yet?"  HA!  Thanks, Jimmy, for asking what we all wonder.

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