The Life of Bon: An Anniversary

Friday, March 13, 2015

An Anniversary

As of yesterday we have been married for four years.

Four years of bliss.

Four years of work.

We have both fought hard for our marriage, and that's not something we are ashamed of.  It has not always been easy.  But it has been full of laughter and commitment and love.

I don't think I knew who Greg was when I married him.  Not really.  I had an idea of what his top layer was.  But I didn't understand him all the way through.  I didn't know what makes him tick, what he needs, what things drive him absolutely bonkers.

There have been some surprises in our marriage.  They are mostly good surprises.  It surprises me how witty Greg is.  How quickly he can make a joke and make a whole crowd laugh.  It surprises me what a good heart he has.  How much he cares for the people around him.  It surprises me what a good dad he is- how he absolutely adores June.

Last night there was another surprise.  The plan was to go to dinner last night.  But then, over chocolate mousse cheesecake, Greg handed me a card.  Inside were tickets to the Jazz game.  He said, "I know what you like to do more than anything is go out and do an activity.  So instead of just going home after dinner we're going to do something fun."  He had bought the tickets, found a jazz shirt for me, and arranged the baby-sitter.  It was sweet and simple and meant a lot because I know that Greg would have preferred to go home and take it easy.  But instead we drove up to Salt Lake on a school night and enjoyed a rowdy Jazz game.

Sometimes I can't believe how hard marriage is.

But sometimes I can't believe how easy it is.

And now, some not so serious wedding pictures.

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