The Life of Bon: We Went on a Road Trip!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

We Went on a Road Trip!

I went away for the long weekend and didn't post on this blog for five days.  I hope you don't mind.

We went to Phoenix to visit Greg's brother and his wife.  We miss having them close.

Agathe stayed with a friend here, we loaded up our June bug, and hit the open road for a ten hour journey.  Besides the horrible snow storm in Flagstaff, the trip went off without a hitch.  It was so good to get away and just focus on my family.  I took no pictures with my real camera, so these poor phone pics will have to do.

The rainy weather in Phoenix didn't agree with my plans of lots of tennis and swimming. (It was still 70 degrees, though.  When the rest of the country is in a blizzard.  Phoenix, you are too good.)  So we mostly took it easy.  Sometimes vacations are good even if you're not doing a lot of vacation type things.  To not be at home, to not feel responsibilities, to just have an excuse to hang out and do nothing with my husband and baby.  I'll take it.

+ On the way down we finished the first season of the podcast, Serial.  Please tell me that one of you has listened to it.  I must talk to someone about it!  Greg and I have differing opinions on it.

+ Brett taught Greg and I how to play a nintendo game called Worms.  We tried to blow each other up.  It was fun!  Except for when I blew up my own worm!

+ We went to get thin crust pizza and June tried marinara sauce and tomatoes.  She likes!  I am trying hard to expose June to lots of different flavors so that I don't have a picky eater on my hands.  Greg is the pickiest adult eater known to man and I can't have two of those!  So June must eat all the things!  (I have also been reading French Kids Eat Everything- very interesting ideas about teaching kids to appreciate all sorts of flavors and textures at a young age.  I especially love the idea of eating being a pleasurable experience, slowing down to eat, eating at the table, making meals a highlight of the day.  I don't like the idea of eliminating snacks completely.  That would mean no more diet cokes to get me through the day.  Travesty!)

+ We went to the hot tub a couple of times and attempted the pool but the water wasn't quite warm enough.  Next time, Phoenix, next time!  (June has two swimsuits, if you're wondering.  She's such a diva.)

+ Saturday morning Greg, Brett, June and I went to breakfast. (Kylee, Brett's wife, had to work almost all weekend.  BOO!)  It is officially the second time Greg and I have ever been out to breakfast.  The other time was while on vacation in Hawaii.  Greg hates breakfast foods so when he suggested at 10 am that we all go get breakfast Brett and I were both kind of like, "Whaaaaaaa?  Where's Greg and what have you done with his body?"  But we didn't complain!  I had the best almond encrusted french toast of my life (of which I took no pictures.  I'm such a failure of a blogger) and a big diet coke.  In that moment, life felt perfect.

+ Greg and Brett hit up a movie while June and I went to visit one of my favorite people on this earth, Sally!  She was my college roomie and the sweetest, kindest, happiest person I know.  She just had a five pound bundle of joy and of course I wanted to see the new little babe and her recovering mama. It was so good to see Sal, if even for a minute.  I am a firm believer in the power of female friendships and in keeping people close to you who make you happy.  Sal is one of those people.

We put the two babies next to each other and mostly I was shocked at how big June looked compared to her.  I just had June!  June's supposed to be a little bitty baby!  Why is she so biggggggggggg?  I cannot accept that my baby will one day not be a baby.  I CANNOT.  I WILL NOT.

+ We played a lot of Crossy Road on our phones.  Out with Trivia Crack, in with Crossy Road!  Those high schoolers keep us up to date on the latest, greatest phone games, that's for sure!

+ Sunday night we played a rousing game of Settlers of Cataan.  Greg convinced Kylee to disrupt my longest road and then stole the victory for himself on his next turn.  Sneaky little guy.

+ Sunday night we also watched a scary movie.  I can't remember what it was called, but a guy gets possessed.  I have seen a lot of scary movies in my day, and the guy always gets possessed.

+ For dinner on Sunday I made my favorite sweet pork recipe.  I accidentally added cinnamon to the recipe, thinking it was garlic salt.  (Rookie mistake, I know).  I was surprisingly good.  Cinnamon flavored pork for the win?

+We drove through a lot of snow and a lot of rain to make it home today.  Spring left in an instant and it was winter again.  There's a blizzard in Utah this morning- the most snow we've gotten all winter long.   What is happening in the world?  Sixty degrees in January, thirty degrees in March- Utah, you crazy!

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