The Life of Bon: A post for fellow interior design idiots.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A post for fellow interior design idiots.

Since buying and moving into a home in August, one thing I have really tried to do is make our house into a home.  It's hard though, for an interior design idiot like myself.  I have no idea what looks good with what.  I try things like lime green walls.  I want my home to be welcoming, relaxing and peaceful.  Instead it feels like living inside of an avocado.

A couple of things that have helped me lately:

#1:  The realization that I do not have to do all the things at once.  We have been in our home for eight months and there is only one room I really love.  That is June's room.  Next on the upcoming "really love" list is our living area, followed by our master bedroom.  It's okay that a lot of our house still looks empty, as long as I am making progress on it.  Every month I add a little something.  Doing this allows me to 1) not break the bank and 2) not get overwhelmed and give up.

#2:  The second thing that has been an immense help on my interior design journey is my internet friend, Katy.  She is an interior designer and I love the practical suggestions she gives on her blog, Designs by Katy and on her instagram, @designsbykaty.  She takes pinterest perfect pictures and then breaks them down so design idiots like myself can do it in our very own homes.  She did June's  nursery design for me- and has since helped me figure out what to do with my master bedroom with this post.

Katy's design for the nursery ^^^

^^^Nursery completed.  Thanks, Katy!

Don't believe me how awesome she is?  See for yourself!  Straight from the horse's mouth!
Katy Intro
Hello, Life of Bon readers! I'm Katy, an interior designer and blogger over at DBK: Designs By Katy. Before you check out because "you don't care about design" think again. Interior design can have a major impact on your quality of life. A well-designed space can give the recipient a sense of peace and even happiness. The same, in turn, applies to the opposite principal. Poor or unattractive design can cause stress and discomfort. If you don't have the gift, how do you get there? This is where I come in. I love to share tips on how to style like this:
How to Style an Entry Console
Sourcing: Console, Horse Artwork, Red Lamp, Gold Candle, Small Frame, Orchid
I frequently show step by step guides on how to style or even obtain that amazing room you saw on Pinterest. Don't just file it away thinking it's unobtainable. With the right designer, you can make any dream room a reality. Like this amazing bathroom, broken down into quick easy steps:
DBK Bathroom How To Get The Look
So there you have it. Whether you're catching some tips or even inspiration, come visit me over at DBK. Thanks so much for having me, Bonnie!

P.S.  If you are interested in a "Takeover" post similar to this, please email me at for rates.  There is one available per week.

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