The Life of Bon: Lime Ricki Swimsuit Giveaway (Also known as: for the life of me I can't think of an interesting title for this post and you can't make me)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lime Ricki Swimsuit Giveaway (Also known as: for the life of me I can't think of an interesting title for this post and you can't make me)

Greg and I are back from a little getaway to St. George for the weekend.  St. George is four hours from where we live and it is a land of sunshine and red rock and everything that is perfect in this world.  Except for in July.  Then it's 110 degrees and basically Satan's bedroom.  But October through May it is a little pocket of heaven.  This weekend it was rainy and windy where we live- in St. George it was perfect 74 degrees all weekend long.

June got to stay and play with her grandparents for the weekend while Greg and I felt like a couple of young college kids living the crazy life. We slept in until 11:00!  We saw a movie in the daytime!  We stayed up until 3 am playing cards!  Is this what 23 felt like?!?

The weekend was good for Greg and I.  Sometimes I think we need to kind of just hit the pause button and go live a different life for a few days.  We are in the last few weeks of school here and our days have taken on a somewhat manic feel to them.  School, shopping, plays, auditions, blogging, cleaning, baby, etc.   It's a life I love but it's a life of responsibilities and deadlines and work.  And sometimes I like to not have any of those things.  So I take a vacation.  Maybe one day I won't need vacations?  When I was visiting my friend in California last month I mentioned something about how much I was looking forward to a few vacations this summer.  She said something like, "I honestly don't feel like I need vacations because I feel like we live on a vacation."  She lives in beautiful southern California and literally five minutes from the beach and that's when I said, "Thank you for that, I will now shoot you in the head."  (But not really.)  (But really)  One day I hope to be a in a place in life where I don't need a vacation because my daily life is a vacation, but I promise you, that day has not yet come.  Goals, people.

And now, PICTURES.

^^ One of my greatest loves in this life is tennis.  Like most things in my world, my enthusiasm for it far surpasses my ability.  Oh boo.  Sean and I were on the same team.  He was the net monkey and I tried to clean up anything that made its way past him.   Emphasis on tried.

^^ Greg and Zac were our challengers.  They lost.

And then Greg and I proceeded to take these very elegant pictures...

These two lovebirds got married nine days ago.  NINE DAYS.  You can read it all over their faces, can't you?

The tennis courts were within walking distance of where we were staying, but why walk when you can ride scooters?  Scooters are a sure sign that summer is on its way and that everything is right in the world.

I was really hoping that we would catch some pool/ tanning/ laying-in-warm-sun-and-reading-while drinking-diet-coke time.  But a few things deterred us:

1)  The weather wasn't quite warm enough to call for swimming.  At seventy four degrees with a slight breeze it was perfect for just about every outdoor activity imaginable except swimming in non heated pools.

2)  The weekend was spent with four gentleman and two ladies.  Usually adult men don't really have a strong desire to go swim in a pool together.  If there are kids, sure.  Diving boards, absolutely.  Hot tub?  No doubt about it.  But just 30 year old men hanging out in a four feet deep pool didn't sound that fun to all the guys on our trip.  I tried to convince them by reminding them of the awesome game MARCO POLO but surprisingly they didn't take my bait.  Then I attempted to lure them by telling them that it would feel amazing to just bask in the sun and read trashy magazines while drinking soda but they were like "Uh it's not warm enough to bask in suns and those magazines are the worst."

3)  Even though the weather wasn't quite warm enough and my gang not quite excited enough I think we still would have managed it, but the pool that belongs to the neighborhood didn't have a hot tub, and it was out of the way, and we weren't 100% sure where the key was.  So at that point I gave up my dreams of poolside action.

BUT.  There was a random reservoir down the street.  The water looked disgusting at best, toxic at worst, but there were a few people sitting around the water, staring, fishing, planning to throw bodies in there, who knows.  Greg said he'd go with me to lie in the red dirt and enjoy some sun for a few minutes.  I told him I really did want to swim and would get in the water and everything but then I saw the water and was like yah no that's not gonna happen.

But here's the reservoir anyway.

Seeing these pictures I kind of understand why all the models and celebrities do photo shopping.  If my thighs were just a little skinnier.  My legs just a little tanner. But then I have to turn that part of my brain off because my body made a baby and continues to feed that baby and so I can't be the least bit ashamed of something as stupid as my milky white legs.  My body doesn't deserve that kind of criticism from me.

^^ Do you believe me now about the water?!?

This swimsuit is from Lime Ricki and it is pretty much the best swimsuit ever.  It offers lots of coverage for my baby feeders and has got a bottom that doesn't show half off my butt cheeks while still looking cute and stylish in the process.  And it's totally affordable.  Win win win!   You can find the one I am wearing here- use LIFEOFBON for 15% off your order through June 1.  And if you want a chance to get your swimsuit for free99 check out my instagram Monday afternoon- Lime Ricki will be giving away one free suit to a lucky reader.  We're really getting wild around these parts, aren't we?

My favorite part of the suit- double straps in the back. WHAT NOW?!

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