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Friday, May 22, 2015

I'm on a boat!

With three days left of teaching for me, I can't help but let my mind wander to what I will do during the summer.

10 weeks off!
In a row!
No work!
But I still get a paycheck!

It is this time of year where I once again decide that I absolutely made the right choice when it comes to my profession.  No one in this world can argue with summers off.

One of my favorite summer activities in the world is this.

Unfortunately, I do not own a boat.
Also unfortunately, I do not own a wakeboard.
Or a jet ski.

Basically I own nothing for the water.

When I was in college, this wasn't a problem.  There were plenty of boys around who had daddies who owned boats and my girlfriends and I satisfied all of our boating needs by making friends with the right people.

The greatest boating trip of my life was the summer after I had come home from my mission.  I was 23 and life was easy.  I went with my three best friends and probably 50 other strangers.  We stayed on a big house boat and knew nothing of responsibility, work or stress.  No cell phone, no social media, nothing to distract us from just living the good life.  I don't think I've ever had a better week in my whole life.

Nowadays it's a little harder for me and my friends to find boys to take us out on their boats.  Between the four of us we have four husbands and six kids.  I don't know why single boys aren't interested in taking me and my husband and my baby on a ride on their boat anymore!  How rude!

That means if I want to see a boat this summer I need to take matters in to my own hands.  This is where boat selector comes in.  I don't even have to own a boat to make awesome memories on the water this summer.  Boom baby.

One day I hope Greg and I are rich enough to own our own boat and plan huge week long boating trips for our family and friends.  Do you want to come with?  I'll invite you!  And since Greg and I are both teachers, I'd say wealth is definitely in our near future!

In the meantime, I'll be using this bad boy to satisfy my boating needs.  I can't wait to hit the water this summer.  Who's coming with me?

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Thank you so much for supporting this blog and my family.
May your summer be filled with boats!

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