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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How We Wore It// MAY, Man!

Alright ladies, I've teamed up with Brooke and other awesome bloggers to be fashion inspired by fashion bloggers.  For the record, I feel kind of weird using the word "inspired" when it comes to clothes because that seems like way too big of a word to use for something as trivial as what I'm wearing.  I couldn't find an adequate replacement word though.  I was motivated by this fashion blogger? No.  Her outfit gave me an idea for an outfit? Yes, but that's so many words!  There are holes in the English language, that's all we need to know.

Anyway, for this month's challenge, we were given a picture by memorandum to "inspire" us.  This is she wore.

And this is my take on it.

Skirt: Banana Republic// Cardigan: Gap// Tshirt: H&M// Shoes: Gap

I tried to wear a chambray shirt like in the original picture (Also, in the interest of full disclosure I totally had to just look up what the word is for a chambray shirt.  I always just call it my jean shirt, but I knew there was a more technical term.  Ah, fashion.  It's so nuts.) but it was baggy and ugly and I didn't want to wear it.  As I have mentioned in my other What I Wore posts (here and here) I feel like I am in a serious clothes funk this year.  I blame it all on nursing.  Last post you all suggested that I try to nurse up instead of down, basically wearing a white tank and a loose fitting shirt so that I can pull up instead of always pulling down.  It kind of works for me, but it was harder than I thought.  It gets kind of tricky pulling in different directions (shirt goes up, bra and tank go down).  And I guess my shirts are always a little too tight so it's just hard to get them up.  I also really hate wearing two shirts because I am basically a walking oven.  Great for Alaska, not great for nursing.  So I'm back to wearing low cut shirts that I can pull down easily to nurse.

Anyway, the blue cardigan worked much better than the chambray shirt, and the striped tee gave it the fit that I like in a shirt.  I also love that white skirt- perfect for all things summer- formal or informal.  Greg calls it my virginity skirt.  I don't know what that's supposed to mean.

I feel bad that I didn't get a better picture than this.  Greg was supposed to take some picture for me yesterday, but yesterday was just wild start to finish.  That's May, man.  Every year I forget how absolutely insane May is. (Last year's crazy May posts are here and here and here and here) April starts winding up and I think, "Ah, almost May!  I love May!  May is such a great month!" And then May hits and it's pure madness top to bottom and when the month ends I sit back and wonder how in the world I survived any of it.  We've got Mother's Day and Memorial Day and family gatherings that accompany those days.  Then, of course, it's the end of the school year.  Banquets, plays, closing socials, etc, etc.  Testing, spring fever, end of the year projects all on top of the normal schedule.  It just goes nuts on us.  That's all there is to it.

Take yesterday, for example.  Greg was filming a commercial for a local channel. So exciting, but not great timing!  It was my off day, so I went in to cover his classes to make sure they still got all their ish done.  My mom watched June. (Praises be to my mom!)  I spent the morning subbing Greg's classes, trying to finish this Bachelorette post, and organizing a loop giveaway on Instagram.  Have any of you guys ever been involved in the madness that is Instagram loop giveaways?  It's another world entirely, I promise you that.  Kind of like a whole separate level of hell.  But everyone's dressed well.

I left school at 3:00, after Greg's kids had pretty much destroyed his prop closet.  I am good at teaching English, but let the record show that I am no good at subbing theater.  I don't know what to do with those kids.  There is not enough structure or control for me.  They're all out of their seats moving around, acting, singing, dancing.  It's wild.  They don't even have desks.  THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE DESKS.  That should explain something of the wildness that is a theater class.  The whole performing arts wing is a world that is totally foreign and intimidating to me and a million kudos to the teachers that can teach those high energy classes, but NOT FOR ME.

Anyway, I booked it out of there and drove down to my mom's to get my June bug.  I drove back home, fed June, put her down, all while trying to organize last minute details for the loop giveaway.  I spent gross amounts of time doing giveaway stuff and when everyone posted at 5:00 I breathed a huge sigh of relief and went and took a hot, bath.  I didn't allow my phone anywhere near me because sometimes my phone is just so needy and after the giveaway madness I needed space in the worst way.  I took a book, and had a blessed minute of quiet.  (I'm reading Interpreter of Maladies in preparation for tomorrow's book club.  Are you reading it?  It's a collection of short stories and they are all so unique and interesting.  Read at least one of the stories- it will only take you 20 minutes and you'll be glad you did.)

By 6:00 Greg still wasn't home from his filming.  I was starting to get worried because we had to be back at the school for his closing theater banquet at 6:30.  I was planning on him snapping my pictures for this blog post before the banquet but he didn't tear through until 6:15 and by then we were going to be late.  We donned our formal clothes, woke up our bug so she could join us, and raced to the banquet where the kids ate, gave speeches, announced next year's drama council and cried an expected amount of tears for a department full of theater lovers.  Drama kids are so sweet.  They adore Greg and are so grateful for their year in theater.  It's pretty amazing what he had been able to give them and I am a million times over proud of that guy.  Not a day of student teaching or teacher training under his belt and he has come in and just kicked butt with the theater department.  I married a keeper.

We were home by 10:00, in bed by by 10:30 and I hadn't even begun to write a blog post.  It crossed my mind but I collapsed on the bed before I could even think about it.  And that is how we got to this morning, at 7 am in front of our garage, where this picture was taken.  I was literally in the car with Greg and June, on the way to school.  WAIT!  I NEED TO TAKE THE PICTURE FOR MY FASHION POST!  Greg snapped a picture, we jumped back in the car, and that was it for our fashion shoot. We did our best, but hey, that's May, folks.  A freaking race start to finish.

Five more days of school.  Will we live to see summer?

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