The Life of Bon: Sweet Potato Fry Nachos

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sweet Potato Fry Nachos

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It's usually about this time of year that I just want to quit completely when it comes to providing meals for my family.  I feel burnt out from school and the last thing I want is to order a greasy burger or pizza.  I feel like I have no idea what to feed my family.  I want something quick and easy, but not something that is going to a) taste disgusting b) be totally unhealthy and c) cost a bunch of money.  This week I found Alexia's fries while doing my grocery shopping at Wal-mart and it has been a perfect solution to my problem! The fries are high quality and there are so many different varieties.  And they're made with all natural ingredients- winning! 

I tried the Rosemary fries, onion rings, and sweet potato fries.  I have a very real and enduring love for sweet potato fries so I decided to just really go wild and see if I could make those fries in to an entire meal.  And I did!  And now, I share it with you!  You're welcome!

Sweet Potato Fry Nachos  


All natural Alexia Sweet Potato Fries with Sea Salt
Shredded Cheese (I use a Monterey Jack/Cheddar mix)
Black Beans
Sour Cream

1.  Cook sweet potato fries according to directions on the package.  (Package calls for 425 degrees, 25 minutes if you are cooking the full bag and half that amount of time for half the bag...  I found that for half the bag a great mount of time was about 18 minutes.  12-13 minutes didn't quite do it for my fries.) 

2.  For even cooking, put one oven rack at the very top of your oven and one oven rack at the very bottom.  Start your fries on the top oven rack and halfway through cooking, move the fries to the bottom rack.  This will ensure that the tops and bottoms of the fries are cooked evenly and will give a nice crispy feel

3.  Remove french fries from oven and change oven to high broil.  Add black beans on top of the nachos and cover with shredded cheese.  Put nachos back in oven for 2-3 minutes.  (WATCH NACHOS CAREFULLY ONCE THE CHEESE HAS BEEN ADDED!  They only need a couple of minutes- long enough to melt the cheese.  I left mine in for three minutes and it was too long- the cheese was totally hardened.  BOO.)

4.  Add sour cream, cilantro, and avocados to the nachos.  This recipe is flexible- anything you love on original nachos can be added- tomatoes, green onions, etc.  The sky's the limit!   

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