The Life of Bon: Bon's Book Club Questions: WILD BY CHERYL STRAYED

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bon's Book Club Questions: WILD BY CHERYL STRAYED

Ladies and gents! (Gents?  GENTS?  ARE THERE ANY GENTS OUT THERE?!)  Don't forget that Thursday is book club.  Whitney and I will be discussing Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  If you haven't finished (or started!) the book yet, get to it!  For those of you who are finished and ready to get to some down and dirty book talk- here are some questions to get those little mind cogs turning!

1. Cheryl admits to her own transgressions and while she's remorseful, she doesn't seem ashamed. Is this a sign of strength or a character flaw?
2. How did being on the Pacific Coast Trail on her mother's 50th birthday help Cheryl to heal the wound left by her mother's death?
3. Does the hike help Cheryl get over Paul? Why, or why not?
4. We learn that Cheryl chose her own last name. Did she choose well? What was your reaction to hearing she chose it herself?
5. Have you seen the movie interpretation of the book? Did you enjoy one more than the other? Why?

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