The Life of Bon: Party Time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Party Time!

Dear friends,
Tomorrow is Greg's birthday.
And the next day is June's birthday.

And if there is one thing I love, it's a party.

That means I'm wearing my party shirt ALL WEEK LONG.  I mean, everyone has a party shirt, right?

My party shirt used to be bright pink and say "It's my birthday! Kiss me!"  I wore it all the time, birthday or no.  I do believe Greg fell in love with me in that shirt.

Now my party shirt has a picture of George Washington with sunglasses on and it says "Party Like a Patriot."  My party shirts just keep getting better and better.

Are you jealous of my smooth, tan skin?  I'll never tell you how to get this perfect bronze body now matter how much you beg!

If you want your own party shirt you need to visit tipsyelves.  That's where I got this bad boy.  It is also your one stop shop for everything ugly Christmas sweater.  These guys basically got all festive gear in the bag.  (HOW COOL IS THIS AMERICAN FLAG ONESIE?  I would kill to have that!)  Also if you're not already convinced how cool they are, they were on Shark Tank.  And Mark Cuban is their dad.  Or something like that.

While you are shopping your little hearts out, I have to make a quick run to the grocery store for bacon before it closes in 16 minutes.  I'm making breakfast in bed in the morning for Greg for his birthday.  It will consist of bacon and Dr. Pepper and he'll be stoked out of his mind.  I know my man well.

Party on you filthy animals!

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