The Life of Bon: Reading, Listening, and Eating Suggestions for the Best Road Trip Ever

Monday, July 13, 2015

Reading, Listening, and Eating Suggestions for the Best Road Trip Ever

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Alright folks!  Let’s talk road trips.  Here’s the deal with road trips.  They kind of suck sometimes.  But they’re also totally awesome.  Like the road trip Greg and I went on a week ago to Arizona to visit his brother and wife who live down there.  It was awesome.  We saw a camel.  On the way to Arizona!   But then we also blew out a tire in Flagstaff and drove to four different tire places looking for someone who would change our tire on a lone and dreary Sunday.  That part sucked! 

 Getting our tire changed in Flagstaff.  Not awesome.

Random camel in Scipio.  AWESOME!  (Also Lil Sebastian was there...)

The key to a successful road trip is to be prepared with all sorts of awesomeness in your car.  Today I am sharing with you all of my must have road trip gear.  And by gear I mean our things to listen to, read, and eat.  This is the stuff that makes your road trips a pure delight.

 Pictured:  All the gear for road trip awesomeness: Twizzler Bites trail mix, Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Quiet by Susan Cain, sunglasses and water bottle.


Twenty One Pilots (Greg) I put Greg because it's usually what he wants to listen to, but I love this band too.

Taylor Swift 1989 (Bonnie) Yes, I'm 17, but I seriously love every song on this album

The Beatles (Bonnie) Something about road trips screams Beatles

Here Come the ABCs by They Might Be Giants- (June) the cutest and most clever kids music you will ever listen to.  June LOVES it. And there's this one song about the alphabet lost and found that is so witty I swear I could listen to it for an hour

Norah Jones (June)  We reserve the Norah Jones for when June starts screaming.  We turn it on and June all of a sudden chills out.  It is the best baby chiller music

Serial: If you haven’t listened to this podcast yet, you absolutely have to.  There are 12 episodes and it is riveting start to finish.  It is told with detail and attention and will drive you crazy trying to figure out who committed the murder.  I am warning you, though, if you want it to wrap up nicely at the end, it doesn’t!

Dave Ramsey: Lately I have been super in to listening to Dave Ramsey.  He talks about money, managing money, and obtaining “financial peace.”  Also it makes me feel slightly better about our financial situation when I listen to people call in and explain the total mess they are in.  I dream of not having a mortgage one day!

Audio Books: 
Harry Potter!  This is one of the best audio books and one of the few that Greg and I both enjoy enjoy listening to.

Reading material in the car needs to be a little more light hearted and easy than standard reading because there are so many distractions and it’s just hard to focus as intensely as you would if you were reading, say, Tolstoy.  Here’s my latest recommendations for car trip reads.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed: This is Bon’s book club for July (discussion will be July 30 here on the blog) and I have enjoyed it thus far, even if to just roll my eyes at how stupid she is.  Against all odds, though, I am strangely liking her more and more as the reading continues.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain:  This was suggested to me by a friend.  Greg’s a huge introvert so maybe I’ll be better able to understand my husband with this one?

For the Right Reasons by Sean Lowe:  Alright, I’m a total Bachelor nerd so I gobbled this book up in one straight day.  If you watched Sean’s season of The Bachelor I think the book would be super interesting to you.  Plus you get all the behind the scenes info that we don’t get to see on TV.

Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins: Can’t wait to start this one! I've heard lots of great things.

Trail mix!

Here's the deal- I really really like making my own trail mix.  It's the weird kind of road trip thing that I look forward to.  Your formula for making a terrific road trip mix is:
- a good ratio of sweet and salty pieces
no pieces in the trail mix can be too big
- a good variety of textures (nuts are always great, but I like chocolate chips too and raisins and marshmallows help to mix it up.  Twizzler Bites are something new I've started adding in to my mixes and I love them because they are the perfect size, a unique texture, and most importantly DON'T MELT IN THE CAR!)

Here is the Trail Mix Recipe I used for last road trip.  It was one of my all time favorites!

Bon Bon's Summer Trail Mix Perfection:

1/4 cup pretzels
1/4 white chocolate chips
1/4 cup goldfish
1/4 whole almonds
1/4 cup Twizzler Bites

Originally I put Kit Kat minis in this mix but they were a little too big for road trip perfection and I already had my chocolate fix with the white chocolate chips.  

 There you have it, your trail mix gold.  Like I said, the best part about trail mixes is, well, mixing them up and throwing whatever new thing you want in there.  If you try this one out, make sure to let me know!  Or, if you have your own perfect trail mix, send it my way.

Oh, and right now Walmart has a huge display in the middle of the aisle for all of their Twizzler Twists.  It should be super easy for you to find!

May your road trips be filled with camels and devoid of flat tires!

P.S.  For the absolute best way to carry your treats, drinks and snacks in the car with you, nothing beats this!

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