The Life of Bon: A good wife

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A good wife

Lookie, lookie!  I can be a good Mormon wife too!  I can re-decorate and re-paint and be craftsy and cutesty and twirley.

This is our apartment before hand...

and this is our apartment after...

Pretty nifty, eh?  I welcome any comments about the new look.  Unless, of course, you don't like it.  In that case, I would appreciate it if you keep the comments to yourself... 

Most people haven't.  Kept the comments to themselves, I mean.  For example, Hubs' brother walked into our apartment and declared "Good golly, what happened to the walls?" 

Also, Carlos at Wal-mart was not too complimentary about my choice of colors. (**The names of any Wal-mart employee mentioned in my blog have not been changed to protect their identity.  Come on, why would I protect em?**)  

"What do you think about this color for painting my living room walls?" I asked Carlos, even though my mind was already made up and nobody, not even Carlos, could talk me out of retro-seventies-green.  I was just trying to make conversation, really.
"I think you should go with something a little more neutral" he replied in a very thick Mexican accent.  Which surprised me.  I thought Carlos would be more supportive of my choice given that every Mexican house I have ever been has been painted this exact shade of green.
"Yah... you know... like a color that can go with a lot of other colors.  I don't think there is very much that can go with this shade of green."
At this point, I was quite defensive of my choice.  What does a person like Carlos know about a thing like painting?  "Yah, but I like it.  It's bright. Fun. As long as it doesn't give you a headache when you walk into the room."
"I think it would give me a headache when I walked into the room."

Wow!  Wal-mart employees these days, they've sure got a lot of sass!  Between him and Joel you'd think they were trying to teach me some kind of lesson on how to live my life!
"Can you just mix the paint?"  Who asked Carlos anyway?

I went on home and painted with a fury rarely seen this side of the Mississippi.  I wanted those walls to look like a masterpiece, and I wanted to surprise Hubs when he came home from rehearsel.  I enlisted the help of CrazyA, who was mostly surprised at how sloppy I was doing the whole thing.  "Don't you want the walls to look nice?" she questioned.  "Yes," I admitted, "but mostly I want to be done in an hour."  Time, afterall,  is always my number one motivator.

We painted, we painted quickly, we painted sloppily, and we painted passionately. 

One hour later (I stuck to my time limit!) I wasn't too pleased with the results.  It just looked sort of... weird?  This could be due to the fact that we painted as fast as we could.  Another reason, I reluctantly admitted, could be the color choice.  Dang it.  Carlos was right.

Hubs came home and checked it out and said it looked fine and what was for dinner?  I fed him and asked him, "Yah, but what about all the pictures of us on the wall?  Do they look weird?"
"Yah, they do," he replied. 
Well he's not a liar, I guess I gotta give him that much.
"Yah, I need to work on that, but do you like the color of the walls?"
"Yah.  It's cool.  I feel like I live inside an avocado."
Hmmm... not exactly the review I was looking for, but I'll take it!

Let's face it- I'm completely helpless when it comes to decorating/cooking/sewing/taking care of children/anything that has to do with being a good wife or mother. (Ah, I'll never forget good old S. who broke up with me because I didn't like kids enough. Thank goodness I found Hubs!)  I do have a very low tolerance for bad smells, so maybe I'll make up for my wifey-ness ineptitude by becoming the fastest dang diaper changer in the world.  You gotta have a goal, people.
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  1. Ever since I called you while you were doing your big painting job, I've been curious on how it looked! I'm confused though, two of the pictures look drastically different. So, which green is it? The bright florescent one in the first two pics, or the softer green in the 3rd?

    P.S you will be the best diaper changer mommy that ever existed!

  2. the reason it looks different is because of the lighting... it's like a soft neon. Imagine the color of an avocado that's not quite right and that's what you've got!

  3. Anytime you blog about WalMart I remember that time freshman year when you wanted to have shopping cart races and the employee chased you down shouting, "Ma'am no! NO MA'AM! MA'AM NO!!"

    Also, more power to you on painting. I've been trying to convince my sister to paint her room a dark grey. I have been doing this by painting progressively larger "test splotches" all over her room. I've basically got 30% of her walls painted by this point. :)

  4. Bonnie, I think it looks good. I really do. And no one can argue that it doesn't like an h of a lot better than it did before!

  5. Awesome, I love it! But I'm not sure you should consult me. I painted my kitchen a bright purple and plan to paint my living room some shade of turquoise.....

    I saw your blog on your facebook so checked it out. You make me smile so I'll probably follow you... whatever that means, but I'll add your blog to mine :)

  6. Hey Bonnie! Wow, yeah long time. Funny how life changes so much now that we're all older and "living our live." I hope things a going well!

  7. Okay, lady. It takes a LOT to get me to literally LOL at TV, blogs, whatever. But now I can't stop laughing.

    What was it . . .

    "Yah. It's cool. I feel like I live inside an avocado."

    For real? STILL LAUGHING.

    My future husband, wherever/whoever he is, had better be as funny as yours. Otherwise, I'm exchanging him. Or, I could just dye his hair a different color, cause according to your hubby, that would make him a different person.

    (I'm a comment dork. Please forgive me.)

    Gayle from

  8. You should just see my house. I have a lemon yellow room right next to a red room. Looks slightly like Mcdonalds when you can see both rooms at the same time, but I love it. I also have a very bright, happy green room--not exactly like yours because there's a slight blue tint to the green. Everyone who walks in is like, "Wow, this is the rainbow house" or "Wow, it looks like Mcdonalds."

    But who cares about them. I love my bright happy colors and my husband thinks everything I do is genius.

  9. This is still one of my favorite blog posts to date. I had to read it to my boyfriend.