The Life of Bon: six months, suckers!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

six months, suckers!

Alright, since no one else wished it to us, I'll have to do it myself...

(okay, okay, I admit it, our official six months was two days ago, on Sep. 12.  But I'm hoping that if I post 
today I can fool you all into thinking I didn't miss the real date ...)

Me and Hubs have now been married for six months.  HOLLER HOLLER HOLLER!  That is quite the feat, my friends.  I mean, it's not very many people who can live together for six whole months without either killing each other or getting divorced. People! That's 180 days we're talking about here!  We have truly stood the test of time.

Alright, I admit it, we've got nothing.  Pretty much every married person out there has been married longer than we have.  And knows way more about marriage.  And is way better at it.  And could sure teach us a thing or two.  But still... I'm darn right proud of our six months together. 

So I figured in celebration of our six months together I would write down my six favorite moments of our marriage.  So now... in no particular order... and without further ado...

1.  Moving into our first apartment and discovering the hot water lasted no longer than a minute, we had to move the dishwasher and hook it up with a hose to get it to work, and that the apartment had very very thin walls. (I'll let your imaginations carry you the rest of the way on that one.)

2.  Moving out of our first apartment.

3.  Seeing Hubs at Heathrow airport after ten days spent apart.  It was the longest we'd ever gone without each other.  As soon as I saw him I dropped everything in my hands because I suddenly had butterflies in my tummy.  That's how excited/nervous/pumped/anxious/twitterpated I was to see him.  You really only see this kind of passion in the animal kingdom.

4.  Coming home from work one summer night to find Hubs... without his shirt on.... sweating profusely in an 85 degree apartment... energetically practicing his juggling...  You don't find many like this one!

5.  Chasing/ getting chased by Hubs around the house.  It involves a lot of fake fast running, pretending to catch each other and the escape again, flirting, laughing, and if we're lucky it even includes falling.  Try it some time.  I think you'll like it.

6.  And let's face it, number six is not fit for me to share with all you perverts out there.

I am leaving you now with our wedding video to officially end this six month anniversary celebration.  Hubs' friend, Eric Phillips, did it for us, the little genius.  (Notice I look all tan and blonde in this video.  I no longer look like that.  I am now sporting mousy brown hair and pale white skin.  Also I'm obsessed with doing smaller lettering.  I can't get enough of the effect!)

If the video doesn't turn up on the blog (I've got a sneaky suspicion it won't) you can click here to go to the link on youtube.  


  1. Yay! So exciting! I absolutely love that you're married and get to experience the wonderful life as a wife :) I loved reading your list, and I had no idea that Greg could juggle- I need to see it!

  2. Bonnie it was so great to hear from you! thank you for your comment! Adam is getting so so big, I can hardly believe it! :) we need to get together more and catch up! I love this post! It is so cute to hear you talk about Greg and just how in love you two are! six months is a big milestone, congrats girl!

  3. BONNIE! I am in love with this post. and you two! I love seeing videos of the people whose blogs I read because it makes me feel like I know you so much better afterwards! you look HAWT in that video, too! andddd I kind of want to be your best friend. kbye! <3

  4. AWWWW, you got married to him exactly nine days after I drove alll the way from North Carolina to Colorado with my son to be with the man of my dreams!

    (We're still together!!!)

  5. Soooo I was scrolling back through some of your old posts and omgggg this video is adorable!!!