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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I love

Tuesday happens to be my least favorite day of the week.  So to pick me up and remind me why my life is awesome, I have compiled the following lists of loves...

I couldn't resist putting these happy little kids on the post.  If they don't make you smile, you don't have a heart.

1.  Getting on the freeway, stepping on the gas, feeling the car accelerate beneath me and hearing it go VROOM.

2.  Trashy reality TV shows: Lamar and Khloe, America's next top model, 16 & Pregnant, The Bachelor, Sister Wives, I love them all! (With the exception of Jersey Shore... that one doesn't do it for me.)

3.  Reading.

4.  When it's raining so hard I can hear it coming down on the roof, and I don't have to go anywhere all day so I can just wrap up in a blanket, cuddle with Hubs, and enjoy the bad weather.

5.  Conan O'Brien.  So witty.  So funny.

6.  Overhearing ridiculous conversations in the hallways of CHHS.  Two of the most recent ones:

"I thought Osama Bin Laden and Sadaam Hussein were the same person.
That's why I was way confused last year when they said Bin Laden died.
I was like, "didn't he die like five years ago?"

Girl #1: "I never can remember which comes first, March or April."
Girl #2: "I'm pretty sure it's April."
Girl #1: "Are you sure?  I thought it was March."
Girl #2: "No.  I'm not sure."

7.  Shrimp tacos and diet coke.

8.  Writing.

9.  When I get ready to go out somewhere with Hubs and I come out of the bathroom and Hubs stops and looks at me and says, "Wow.  You look pretty."

10.  My job.

11.  Any dessert with cream cheese on it.

12.  Parties.

13.  Staying up late.

14.  Going to bed knowing I don't have to set an alarm and it makes absolutely no difference when I wake up in the morning.

15.  Hubs' pouty face. He makes the pouty face when he wants something.  He slaps a big frown on his face, scrunches up his forehead, and casts his eyes way way down. He looks just like a sad, they-done-me-wrong little boy and I find it completely irresistible. I made the mistake of telling him how I melt every time he makes the face and now he uses it to his advantage to get whatever he wants from me. If my kids make this face, I'm a gonner.

16.  When the trash is taken out and the dishwasher is unloaded.

17.  Payday

18.  Going on vacations/trips/getaways/ living an unroutined life for a few days.

19.  Winning

20.  Discovering little gems like the one below.  I found it through a blog and am now obsessed with this music video and song.  Just watch it for 30 seconds and if you're not compeltely enamored with it by the end of the 30 seconds you can send me an angry email demanding your time back. 

But you'll love it.  I promise. (Please pay special attention to the dance moves at 2:09 and 3:04... ish... They're amazing.)


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  1. Wow. Definitely just spent the better part of the last hour reading your blog. You are hilarious! I can't believe you teach HS in West Jordan! I teach French at Midvale Middle School. It's my second year and it's already so much better than the first.
    I'm so glad you found me and can't wait to hear more stories! (I laughed my head off at all the writing samples from your kids...Joe's thighs? There's nothing funnier)