The Life of Bon: I hate

Monday, September 19, 2011

I hate

1.  Talking a lot of trash before a big game and then watching in dismay as my team gets obliterated.  (What could I be talking about?  A 54-10 spanking for my Alma mater... more of the horrific details can be seen here )

2.  Three lanes of traffic- three cars going the exact same speed.  No one passes, no one speeds up, no one slows down, they all just stay neck and neck with each other, not allowing anyone else to pass.  (I really hate it when they are three diesels hogging up the lanes.)
3.  Pretzels, walnuts, and spicy food.

4.  Getting unexpected/ undeserved fees from internet companies, cable companies, banks, etc, and then having to haggle on the phone for an hour to get the ten dollar charge taken off.  No, it's not worth an hour of my time to argue with these people, but it is worth my pride.  I won't let people walk all over me and sneakily slide my money out from my bank account while I'm looking away, dang it!

5.  The alarm clock.  Everything about it.  The look of it, the sound of it, everything it represents, the mere fact that it exists.

6.  Having the color dull on a bright, beautiful blouse because I was stupid enough to wash it with my jeans.

7.  Getting too competitive in games and taking all the fun out of it.  For detailed information on how I unfailingly do this, see here.

8.  Not seeing Hubs all week because of crazy rehearsal times and complete opposite schedules- AKA all last week.

9.  Long meetings where information is inefficiently given and the same thing is said over and over in different ways and yet somehow everyone still leaves the meeting confused (kind of like the meeting I am in right now!)

10.  The way my car smells kind of gross all the time due to the large amount of time I spend eating in it, drinking in it, putting makeup on in it, lugging stuff around in it, other doing other daily living activities in it.

11.  Peeking through the cracks in the bathroom stalls to try to find an empty one and making sustained eye contact with someone sitting on the toilet.  Then having to wait in a stall until I am sure they are out of the bathroom so I won't have to see them again.

12.  Seeing a friend or aquaintance and staring them down to get their attention, and when we finally make eye contact I realize it was not the friend or acquaintance I thought it was, but rather, a complete stranger.

13.  Making eye contact with people in cars as I pass them.

14.  Basically.... any accidental eye contact.