The Life of Bon: I am not a crook. But I did steal a credit card.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am not a crook. But I did steal a credit card.

Sometimes I wonder how people ever figure this marriage thing out.  Hubs and I have been married a whopping 16 months and sometimes I still feel like I am living with a perfect stranger.  And I am pretty sure he thinks he's living with a lunatic.  Case in point.  This morning he told me he had to go buy more paint supplies before his rehearsal.  I shouted, "I approve of this decision!" and he was off.  Thirty minutes later I got a phone call, "Did you take my credit card out of my wallet?"


Innocent until proven guilty?

Fine, you got me!  I DID take the credit card, but that was because I couldn't find mine and I had to buy groceries!  But then how was Hubs to buy paint supplies!?  

Naturally, Hubs is a little frustrated with me.

I'm sorry Hubs!  I am!

But listen what a weird dude Hubs is.  He brushes his teeth with warm water.  WARM WATER!  I only discovered this a few days ago and have been in a state of never ending shock ever since.  First off, how did I get 16 months into the marriage without realizing the water temperature of his teeth-brushing-water?  Secondly.  Why warm?  He tried to explain by saying, "Well, why do you always wash the dishes with warm water?"  To which I replied, "Yah!  Why am I the one always washing the dishes?!?"  

He said I missed the point. 

But seriously, I don't care how many more mouth germs it supposedly kills to brush with warm water, cold water tastes good and warm water tastes bad and end of story.

I can't think of any way to transition to my next topic.  So here you go.  Transitionless. Have you met hordes of amazing women through your blogging experience?  I have.  It's crazy because I get to thinking I have such an interesting, awesome story and then I get to meeting other bloggers and I realize everyone's got their story.  I've got such a special and unique group of girls this month sponsoring Life of Bon.  Their stories range from helping orphans to recovering from divorce to learning to be fashionistas.  I'm so grateful to these incredible women and to have met them.  Now, I think it's time you do the same!  

And so, without further ado, I introduce to you...


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  1. I brush with warm water! My teeth are sensitive, so I warm water is cozy to me! =0)

  2. My husband brushes his teeth with warm water, too! I find this completely strange so I find comfort in knowing there are others out there!

  3. I brush with luke-warm water because my teeth are sensitive too. But I HATE warm water. It's so gross.

    I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year and a half, and we've lived together for five months. I'm pretty sure we have those sort of "weird - lunatic" moments once a week. Who knew!?!?!

  4. I used to brush with cold water, and then a year into our marriage I discovered that my husband brushed with warm water. I thought he was a loony until I tried it for myself and now I can't stand to brush with cold. It's funny how marriage causes us to become more and more like our spouses, and in the oddest ways.

  5. i love you.
    and that you think your husband brushing his teeth with warm water is crazy.
    and that you write about it.

    just thought that love confession needed to come out.
    lets be friends.

  6. Hahahaha. I was just thinking the other day ajout2 how i need to blog about brushing my teeth with warm water!! I cant stand to use cold water! So mostly i just brush them in the shower :)

  7. HAHAHA...I read that one line in your paragraph as "helping orphans recovering from divorce" I was like what??!!

  8. So, this one time I wrote a really nice comment and my silly phone went psycho and would not allow me to post it! So, here is attempt two! I am really impressed with each of these women! And you are right, they are very different but are each so interesting! I love that you give people the opportunity to share their lives on your blog! It is such a neat opportunity and one that I am glad I got to participate in this month! :)

  9. Great story!! And yes it is weird using warm water when brushing your teeth!

  10. My boyfriend uses warm water when brushing his teeth, gross!

    Is it weird that I wash dishes with cold water because my hands are super sensitive to the warm water? Lol, I use extra soap to make up for it ;)

  11. In my 26 soon to be 27 years of marriage, I have been known to steal the husbands credit card. I however was not buying groceries. I dont it really considered stealing if you are supposed to share everything anyway? I do feel your guilt.

  12. Hahah, warm water? He is crazy. I think my husband said it killed more bacteria or something once, but it's just.. gross. Also, nice attempt on turning the conversation to who does the dishes - lol.

  13. For quite some time (okay, years actually), the cold water faucet in the master bath has been broken, leading me to use the hot water faucet when I brush my teeth. I have noticed that when we travel and I could use the cold water, I still, out of habit, use my left hand to turn on the water on the left side of the sink when brushing my teeth with my right hand. I don't like brushing my teeth with warm water, but apparently I do it out of some weird habit.
    We have the parts to fix the faucet, but like every project around here, it will take some time to get fixed. Such is life when you marry a guy who likes to putter. It took me about 12 years or so to not just get used to, but to appreciate that fact. He's going to be a fabulous old man someday, but in the meantime, I have learned to just let him have plenty of time to get his projects done his way.

  14. haha bon! i brush with warm water ALSO!! I find the cold is too much for my teeth- they are sensitive little things!and i also feel like the toothpaste multiplies (foams/bubbles) so much more with warm water than cold! :)

  15. I have been married 38 years and my hubby still surprises me. It keeps it real. I have also taken a CC out of his wallet - oops and forgot to mention it - none to happy with me!!


  16. I usually brush with warm water in the winter, but cold water in the summer :)

  17. Team Warm Water. All the way. But then again I also regularly put my clothes on backwards and cut my toenails too short, so what the heck do I know.

  18. Thanks for the follow -I look forward to following back! :)

  19. Ha ha! I'm with your hubby. I brush with warm water too. Cold water hurts my sensitive spots. But even so, I love his analogy to the dishes. I'll have to use it!

  20. Hold up, warm water to brush your teeth? But the cold combined with the mint of the toothpaste is what leads to the utlimate sensation of freshness! Top that off with some mouth wash and you've got yourself a veritable arctic blizzard of clean going on.

  21. Thanks for the fabulous links. That post made me giggle. I brush my teeth with warm water too . . . because my teeth are sensitive to cold. But I do still feel like that. I think the marriage thing takes a few years to completely figure out!

    we & serendipity

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  23. I have no idea what just happened to my comment...I think I accidentally deleted it, but here is what I said and it still rings true! You are so stinking cute!! The credit card thing cracked me up! I stumbled on your blog and I'm so glad I did. :)


  24. My fiance brushes with warm water. I noticed this my joining him in the bathroom to brush MY teeth, placing my toothbrush under the assumed cold water and then having to spit it right back out. Glob of toothpaste and all. I immediately decided he was a freak and began reconsidering our lives together. But then I realized he's too cute to give up on. So I'm keeping him and his warm water toothbrushing ways.

  25. Hahahaha, you kill me! And I totally brush with warm water too. So I guess you're the weirdo who brushes with cold water.

    P.S. You went 16 whole months before stealing his credit card? Wow.