The Life of Bon: I should be getting paid millions for this idea

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I should be getting paid millions for this idea

I get this question a lot:
"Do you ever run out things to talk about on your blog?"

My answer is always:


You see people, I am a woman of many words.  I'd talk your ear off if you let me.  Literally, that ear would just pop right off the side of your head.  It really doesn't matter what the subject is either; I like to talk about just about everything.  That's why starting a blog made perfect sense- a place to just talk to my heart's content.  I've been going strong for 10 months now- five to six times a week- posting, rambling, talking, no problemo.

But then.  Today.  On July 2, 2012.  The unthinkable has happened.

I have nothing to say.

It's just that it's been a completely average, quiet day.  Some lunch was eaten, some apartments were painted, and a movie was watched (Moonrise Kingdom, go see it!).   But nothing happened that was so important that I felt the pressing urge to talk about it RIGHT NOW.


I guess I could talk about my new reality TV idea.

Also, while we're on the subejct of reality TV, I need some of you to help me out here.  Hubs says that Reality TV is scripted!  Scripted!  Can you believe the nerve of the kid?  He says none of it's real!  To think that he would just destroy my world like that!

I know for a fact that Reality TV is not scripted at all!
Well... I don't think it's scripted at all!
Well... I don't think it's scripted too much.
Well... I hope it's not scripted too much.
Please please please please say reality TV is not scripted!   I swear if it is, all the walls of my world will come crashing down!

Wow, we got a little off track there, didn't we?  Shame on you, reader, for getting me so off track!  Fast forward back to where we were at... my new reality TV show idea.  You see, my two favorite reality TV shows are: 1) Bachelor/Bachelorette and 2) Keeping up with the Kardashians

(*** I am not alone in my family when it comes to love for The Bachelorette.  My brother just admitted to being a "closet Bachelorette watcher".  He's been watching it secretly for weeks and his wife just found out.  If that's not awesome, I don't know what is!***)

And we're back on track!  Today I was a-roll, rolling that paint roller and in a state of complete mental comotose when all of a sudden an idea popped into my head. Out of nowhere.  Pop.

What if.... What if... yes this idea was brilliant.




Reality TV Perfection?

Here's how it all breaks down...


We all know she needs a new beau after that whole Kris Humphries fiasco. (Here was my reaction the day they filed for divorce)



Except for Scott would be allowed to be much more involved than Chris Harrison currently is.  Because let's face it, we all know that Scott Disick is the best part of The Kardashians.

The question is... could Jef Holm be a contestant again so that he could steal Kim's heart and convert her to Mormonism?  Because I think we all know that Jef is the best thing that every happened to The Bachelorette.

What do you think, folks?  Is it time for me to pitch this idea to the Reality TV masterminds?


  1. I love how you opened this post. HAHA.

  2. Ok that would just be awesome! Genius idea, genius!

  3. It depends on the show, but unfortunately most reality TV shows are at least 50% scripted. i.e the overall plots for each episode are layed out, then conversations are real. Sucks huh?!

  4. haha! It wouldn't be great without Jef!


  5. Genius!! lol. You're so clever!

  6. I would totally watch a Bachelorette/Kardashian mash-up. Best part is so would my boyfriend. He'd kill me for saying this but he loves watching the Kardashians as much as I do!

  7. Scott would be the perfect host, and can the drama would be insurmountable! My one question: What would Kanye do?

  8. Love how your mind is thinking here...but since I can't stand Kim K. and I adore Jef-with-one-f more and more every time I see his little adorable face and beyond awesome Jimmy Neutron 'do, I can't say I'd be a fan of this exact matchup. But Scott would be a fab host.

  9. Anonymous12:11 PM

    hey there!! thanks for following me! i love your blog & am your newest follower! i am a reality tv junkie obsessed freak... this is a BRILLIANT idea. id tune in for sure! cant wait to read more ;)

  10. Haha. Interesting idea. I bet a lot of people would watch! Thanks for finding me.. now I'm your newest follower!

  11. Sounds like a STELLAR idea....if Jef was active still...dang it.'

    we & serendipity

  12. I gotta side with the hubs on this one. The producers decide what "role" each contestant will have, before the filming even begins (the bitch, the loner, the hot shot, etc), then they guide scenarios and use heavy-handed editing to make each show what they want. After all, it has to bring in ratings! :)

    That being said, I auditioned for a reality TV dating show that's currently on the air (and didn't make it...obviously). But Kardashian Bachelorette sounds fun!

  13. BRILLIANT. Oh my word. Except for the fact that Kim is dating, Kanye. But, minor details.

    And SCOTT HOSTING?! My mind exploded a little. He was made for that role.

  14. You are hilarious!! And your idea is epic!!! Hahajajajaj


  15. I would definitely watch a Kardashian/Bachelorette reality TV show! It sounds so intriguing!