The Life of Bon: Independence and such

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Independence and such

First off, a disclaimer. I know this post is way late. But listen. I'm busy. This is the best I could do so stop yer whining!

This Fourth of July I...

- Tried my hand at being a fashion blogger.  Yet again.  I wore red pants and a white shirt and a blue belt.  Pretty creative of me, huh?  I wore all three colors of the flag!!! Pretty sure no one has ever had THAT idea before!  Aren't I clever one?

-Ate really yummy food like avocado burgers and potato salad, Yummmmmm.  Unfortunately I haven't yet caught on to the taking pictures of your food thing.  It just feels weird.  Plus, I'm pretty sure you all know what burger looks like.  Right?  RIGHT?!?

- Played Bocce with Hubs and his mom while Hubs dad chowed down on an ice cream bar and critiqued us from the sidelines.  What better way to celebrate America's independence than with a weird lawn game first played by the Ancient Romans?

-Became fully convinced that there is a demon living inside my in-laws' dog, Norman.  Of course, I've believed that all along, but the holiday confirmed it.

-Practiced jumping.  I'm hoping for the Olympics.  I'll do my best to keep you all updated but I can't make any guarantees.  You know how busy Olympians are...

- Climbed up on the roof with Hubs to watch the Kaysville city fireworks.  Supposedly the fireworks were choreographed to music.  Well, it wasn't no water show at the Bellagio, I can tell you that much.  The music selection was as follows:  Justin Beiber Eeny Meeny Moe Lover, Katy Perry  Fireworks, (Hubs comment:  I can just see the city council men planning this firework show:  "I got it!  There's this song called Fireworks that's popular nowdays!  So while we are blasting the fireworks we should play the song Fireworks.  What's more appropriate than that?!") Neil Diamond Coming to America, and then a slew of other American songs like My Country tis of Thee and God Bless America.  It ended with the orchestral version of Pirates of The Carribbean.  Also, the speakers blew out mid program so the music was barely audible.

But we ain't complaining round these parts!  What's a good small city firework show without a completely random song selection and blown out speakers anyway?!?

And the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway goes to Sarah B who said:  "Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!!! I am following you on FB and I would love the Razia shoes in Grass Green :)"  Girlfriend, looks like those Razia shoes in Grass Green are all yours!  Email me at with your mailing address and we'll get you HOOKED UP!

Thanks for all who participated and I understand your disappointment and not winning.  I wanted to win too, you know. Disappointment all around.

Happy week!


  1. Oh my gosh, your recap of the fireworks made me laugh out loud. Sounds like you had a great fourth!

  2. Awesome pictures! Looks like so much fun :) And love your outfit!

  3. I have seen fireworks displays to music before but never quite been able to work how exactly they are choreographed- it all just seems pretty random to me :P

  4. I like that you're taking more pictures with your new camera and just be grateful because we didn't get any fireworks in these here parts! nada... zip... zelch. I guess Monterey ran out of money, plus it was super overcast, foggy, cold. Blah.

    Pic of dog hilaroius. Also, hilarious: pic of G's dad.

  5. Looks like fun! If you are talking about random music with fireworks, While on the Fourth of July Committee our Chairman decided the song "teenage wasteland" by the Who would be a good choice and it was played during the fireworks. I would take Katie Perry any day over that! Coming to America is a great song to play during fireworks.

  6. Solid picture of Gare Dog! You two are cute!

  7. You are a very talented jumper! We always climbed on the roof of my parents house to watch fireworks too...that is until they put up an aluminum roof and that could be hazardous. Thanks for following!!

  8. Uhn, uha..Provo. Yes, Stadium of Fire. It was super, deluxe, fun and great! And probably more, but I'm not an English teacher like you. I am a teacher too...funny. I keep thinking the previous blog I visited was Australia, now Provo (Kaysville) world is small, yah. Love the Blog. Mary

  9. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Looked adorable!!

  10. Hey Bon, can I call you Bon?? heheheeee...Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love your blog and those red toe nails!!I have added you to my favs...

  11. I just love your outfit :)

  12. Your pants are adorable! If I didn't have tree stumps for legs I would try to pull colored skinnies off also. Totally jealous!

  13. Haha I totally agree on taking pics of food being awkward. I can't get used to it!

  14. The RED and Turquoise!!...HIGHlarious...that line about all the neutrals in the other post...ridiculously true...

    Love the brights!!