The Life of Bon: Not everybody loves a shower.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not everybody loves a shower.

Last night we had a little throw down baby style for my BFF, CrazyA.

That means we gave her a baby shower, just in case you got lost in translation there.

I don't love showers.  The kind of showers where I stand in the bathroom and get clean are alright, I guess, but I don't like bridal and baby showers.  There is a long story behind my unlove for showers (totally loving on the word unlove right now) which includes me being forced to open a bunch of baby gifts at my sister's shower because she was too sick.  Let's just say I wasn't ready for nipple cream and breast pumps, but that's a different story for a different day.

That's why it is was a big step for me to help throw CrazyA's baby shower.  And when I say help I mean I made salsa.  

Janice provided these cupcakes.  I am not that talented.  And I didn't get pictures of the salsa, but there were tomatoes, onions, and cilantro.  Go ahead, close your eyes, and imagine what that salsa must have looked like.

Oh, I did something else for the shower!  I planned the games.  And let me tell you, those games went off without a hitch.  A hitch!  Who wouldn't love pin the baby on the stomach?  I blindfolded those girls, spun em around real good, and sent them on their merry way to find Amy's stomach.  I guess you could say that some were better than others.

Janice, obviously, fell in the not so good category.  Amy's over on the right.  You know, the one with the big belly.  Janice is nowhere near her.  Oh, Janice.  So unwise.  So young.  So naive.

I thought Janice was pretty bad until I saw Hayle work her magic.  No, Hayle.  Amy is not on the ground.  Nice try, though.

Naturally, I was the best at the game.  But come on, are we surprised?  ARE WE SURPRISED?!?

Okay fine.  That was a lie.  Mary won.  There's the truth, are you happy now?

I might not have won the game, but at least I didn't put the baby on HER ELBOW.  I won't say who did it, but they should be ashamed of themselves. Vanessa.

Then it was gift time.  I guessed every gift she got before she opened it.  People, I can spot baby oil when I see it, even if it is covered in tissue paper and ribbons.

I'll give you one guess who the coolest girl in this picture below is.


Baby Allie.

Just look at that face.  You can't buy kids cooler than that, people.

Happy almost baby day, Amy!

Oh, and did you hear she's naming the baby BONNIE?!?!? 

Hello, my life is awesome.


  1. Amy looks SO cute pregnant, I can't wait to see her in person! I'm so sad I missed the shower, it looks like everyone had a great time! These pictures make me so excited for Amy and her little baby, she is going to be so happy!!

  2. Alright, are you ready for things to get real creepy? Second picture from the bottom, girl on the far left, is her name Josett? If it is, she is the daughter-in-law of some good friends, the Sherwoods, from my stake back home in Kansas. Which makes me sound like a total creeper! But, I saw their wedding invitation... And I pretty much have a photographic memory when it comes to people's faces. Also, she would have absolutely no idea who I am... Most likely. Which makes me even creepier... But her husband and I are friends on Facebook. Does that make me less creepy?

    If it is not her, well, I am just a weirdo And you should ignore my super long comment. ;)

    I am sure your salsa was delightful! And I love your game idea! Baby showers are so much fun!

  3. that was such a good idea for a game!! my SIL is having a baby- wish i could do that for her but she is so anti-games of anysort! job well done planning :)

  4. How can you not love baby showers?! It looks really fun!

  5. I hear ya - I very much unlove showers. I even threatened to not go to my own, unless it was co-ed, no games and adult drinks were served for the men (and anyone else who wanted one. Not me.) I haven't been to a baby shower since and I don't plan on attending another one, ever.

  6. Nipple cream would be too personal of a gift to open at a shower in front of anyone - I wouldn't give that as a gift, lol. But the breast pumps are expensive so I would've taken those!
    Anywho! Looks like fun!

  7. This post made me all kinds of happy. Especially the awesome baby face.

  8. It looks like you ladies had a great time! There have been so many showers lately so this post fits right in! :)

  9. I like the blind folded game way better than the smell the diaper full of melted chocolate. I would have been one bringing the salsa too:)

  10. Oh, I love this post! I have never been to a baby shower, we don't really have that in Germany. I hope I will be able to attend one in America soon! :)
    Your blog is so gorgeous! Follow you!

  11. Great pics! I love the game idea...that poor gal looks ready to pop! :)

  12. Your writing is absolutely hilarious! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. After reading yours I am hooked! Excellent planning with the baby shower, I can only imagine how flawles your salsa was!


  13. You are the funniest blogger ever! Makes my day reading it!

  14. I don't love planning baby showers but I love going to them! Aww..babies.
    ps- where did you get your cute dress??

  15. this looks like a totally fun and awesome shower! :)

    and that little baby girl is a freaking riot! how cool is she?

    YOu did a great job, especially at taking pictures AND making salsa.