The Life of Bon: I have a theory!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I have a theory!

Come one, come all, to the fabulous dumping of pictures!  It's been a busy week for Bon and Hubs and I guess we could say the painting job has been all but neglected.  


But that doesn't matter because I was having fun with Hubs!

Also, while we're on the subject of Hubs, he is requesting that we all refer to him from now on as "Sir Hubs."  What think ye fellow friends?  I said no because he is not a sir and he said he is because he was knighted but, Hello, I think we all know that is a lie!  When would Hubs have had time to get knighted?  Then he suggested Captain Hubs and I said that's way too cheesy even for me. He came up with Private Hubs next, but then he shut that one down himself, deciding that it might open the door for too many dirty jokes.

And so he's back to pushing for Sir Hubs.  Please, for my sake, tell him he must give up on this idea!!  I don't' think I would be able to live with myself if I referred to my husband as Sir Hubs.  And I'm pretty sure you'd all stop reading this blog.

Before I dump endless pictures of you, I've got a suspicion about Sunday's finale of The Bachelorette.  Hear me out on this one.  Emily is going to marry Jef.  On Sunday.  Instead of The After the Final Rose ceremony they are going to shock us all with a live wedding.  Except me.  I won't be shocked because I followed the clues and cracked the code like the true detective I was born to be.  (Also, Hubs has the audacity to say that I am "obsessed" with Jef.  Rude!  It's not like I ever talk or write about him!  Only here  here here and here!)

Reasons I believe Jef and Emily are getting married on Sunday:

1.  The finale is on a Sunday, not a Monday like it always is.

2.  Emily and Brad had wanted to do an on air wedding instead of the after the final rose ceremony, but Emily still had too many doubts with Brad so they didn't.

3.  At the Men Tell All Chris H. said, "I'd ask how you're doing with your man, but no, everybody will just have to wait until Sunday."  If it were a normal scenario, why wouldn't he just ask her?

4.  Emily loves attention and loves spotlight and she seems pretty fond of money so it would totally be just like her to have ABC pay her to get married on TV.

5.  The premiere of the finale was edited to indicate that Emily chooses no one.  But she seemed so gosh darn happy at the Men Tell All.  The woman was practically emitting butterflies and rainbows!  I think we all know the season didn't end badly for her.

6.  They edited the premiere to look like Emily chooses no one to throw off smarties like me from figuring out that they are getting married.  But I am much too wise to be deterred by those ABC editors.  And on Sunday, when Jef and Emily DO get married, you all owe me $100.  Deal?

And now.... PHOTO DUMPING...

I went down to the Shakespearean festival in Cedar City with my mom, sisters, and sisters-in-law.  Conversations included all things that only women would enjoy talking about.  I kept thinking some man was going to barge in and make us change the topic because he was bored, but no man was there!  So we talked on and on and on about all things that women love.  We talked three hours down, three hours back, and even stayed up until 2 am just chatting!  Sometimes it's just good to be with the girls.  Although, heavens knows, I did miss Sir Hubs.

Only one little mishap in Cedar City- a dead battery.  We stopped a stranger to help us and later found out it was my sister's husband's brother.  SMALL FREAKING WORLD!

Back from Cedar City and up to the cabin to celebrate Hubs' birthday.  The old man turned 24.  Here's my birthday tribute to him if you missed it.

He makes this face when he pretends he's blind.  Please don't take offense.

I got Hubs a new wedding ring for his birthday because the old Sir Somebody lost the first one, but I won't embarrass Sir Somebody by saying his actual name but I think we are all following, right?  Now I can once again establish Hubs as MY TERRITORY.  Isn't that what wedding rings are for?

Gearing up the fishing poles.

I caught a couple of fish myself but had to stop because I was inflicting too much pain on the innocent things.  Somehow I always managed to catch the fish so that  they swallowed the hooks.  Getting a hook out of a fish's stomach while its bloody guts come spilling out is... oh you want me to stop?  Ok.  But I think you get my drift.

The highlight of the week was this morning when my best friend, Akasha, stopped by with her three little kids in tow.  They are moving from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles and stopped in Utah to say hi.  These are her two youngest kids- they are less than a year apart.  Now Hubs is in a mad fit of baby hunger and I have no idea how to cure it.  Ideas?

I know what you're thinking.
"What is going on with your hair, Bon Bon?!?"

I wish I had an answer for you, I really do.


  1. i really really reallyhope you're right about emily and jef :)

    and where is your skirt from? i think im wearing it right now

  2. Oh Bon,

    How you make me smile. I love this post, happy Wednesday miss!

  3. I hadn't even speculated an on air wedding!! I was thinking maybe she'd pick the winner live, but I'm a much bigger fan of your theory especially since it involves Jef. I've got my fingers crossed!

  4. Your posts are always so much fun. Oh and that's a GREAT theory about Emily and Jef. I hope you're right!

  5. The baby fever stuff---well, from my mere observation of life, it seems you captured THE ONE time that kids that age are asleep at the same time. I would suggest a visit when all are awake but needing sleep, hungry, needing to be changed and maybe you should keep Sir Hubs (hmmm, yeah, that's a little too much...) from sleeping through the night....

  6. Nahhh I don't think they'll get married, mostly because the Bachelor franchise is all about hype and making money. When Jake and Vienna broke up, they had an hour long special about it. When those two people got married, they had their whole sha-bang about that. I think if Emily and Jef were to marry, it would be hugely, hugely, hugely hyped, in order to get the best ratings possible. The finale already gets fantastic ratings, so they get more cash if they separate the two.

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  8. Love your theory! I don't know if they will have a wedding. But, after meeting Jef this weekend, he seemed very happy and he was hanging out with a bunch of friends with kids? I think that means something. Also, I am super jealous you got to see Geoff and Akasha and their cute little babies!! :)

  9. Hey, I'm also jealous you got to see Akasha and meet the new baby! I enjoyed all your photos from your cabin and was so excited when I recognized Camden and realize who you were holding! It's cute how they are both asleep. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Very funny post!!! So on what title to give your hubs.... why not just mr. Hubs? Or even better change his name to mr. Bon?!! No? Anyone?....

  11. Gosh you two are cute together! I don't know what is going to happen with the bachelorette, but I sure hope all this hype and "best finale ever!" actually lead to something exciting.

  12. I never thought about a marriage happening on Sunday with Emily but then again it wouldn't shock me. I feel that something big is going to happen because they aren't saying much and you ahven't seen many commericials and ads for it. So we'll see if your prediction is right!

  13. I've read a couple of websites that say that Emily wants to do a spin off show of her & Jef's wedding from planning to the big day. I would watch the show just to get more Jef in my life!

  14. What about Admiral Hubs? Or Colonel Hubs? They just sound cool.
    As for a cure to baby fever, just tell him you guys can practice a lot? ;)

  15. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Wow! This soooo makes sense... I'm in. I can't wait to tell all my friends, but dont worry, I'll give you the credit!

    xoxo Vanessa @ He Says Newcastle

  16. Hi, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and had to return the favor and check yours out. Loved this post with all the photos - and you take great pictures so don't sell yourself short. I like your theory about Emily and Jef...I guess time will tell. I look forward to reading some of your other posts....I am your newest follower!

  17. I just came across your blog via Shane's and I'm pretty sure you are the coolest person ever. And I like your husband's new ring! My fiance wants a black/dark gray one and I wasn't sure how I felt about it but seeing it in a picture makes it much less threating-looking!

  18. Hmmmm live wedding? I never even thought of that! That would be awesome! Looks like your hubs had a good birthday.

  19. OMG its happening, I know it. If Jef wins, I'm throwing in the towel. #teamsean (I don't care that he's gone)

  20. I've been wondering about you. I have continued to read your blog even though I haven't been good at commenting on any blogs but have loved several of your topics. I hope you're enjoying your student-free summer. I always imagined that would be the best part of teaching.

  21. I hope you're right! I'm so worried that she picks Arie even though Jef is OBVIOUSLY the perfect guy for her - sweet, devoted, with just a bit of an edge.

    Fingers crossed they get hitched on Sunday! :)

  22. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I think you are right on Emily and Jef. My favourite from the beginning has been Arie, but from the looks of it, she chooses Jef. :)

    New GFC follower here from the guest post you did on Shane's blog. Loved that post, so had to come by and see what's up.


  23. YAY! Today we will get to put your theory to test! Wish I was there to watch it with ya! P.S both my babies are sleeping again at the same time right now.. I'm totally getting them on the same nap schedule! wahoo! Did Greg get over his baby hunger yet? You guys need to just move out to Cali now... it is absolutely GORGEOUS here! I may never want to leave. Love ya, and it was sure great seeing you!!