The Life of Bon: You've never heard a joke this great, I promise.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

You've never heard a joke this great, I promise.


I'm still on a missing my sister kick.

So I'm going to share with you our favorite jokes.

Get ready for cheese.

What did Ernie say when Bert asked him to pass the ice cream?

What did Godzilla say after he ate Tahiti?
I WANT SAMOA! (You might have to read this out loud to get the pun.  If you still don't get it, email me and I'll explain it to you.  I'm here to help you, friends!)

What's brown and sticky?
I can't help it, those kinds of jokes always get me.  I know they're lame, I know they're cheesy, but I love them!  My freshman year of college, my geology professor liked to start every lecture off with a joke.  Students would sign up for different days to tell a joke.  Naturally, I signed up.  I have a vague recollection of getting up infront of 500+ students and shouting the Godzilla joke with all the energy in my little being.
Nobody laughed.
But that doesn't mean it's not a great joke, people!
There is a kid here at the library screaming "MOMMY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  As loud as he can.  He's crying frantically.  My imagination is running away with the possibilities of everything this mother could be doing to her child.  Most likely she's trying to get him to go out to the car.  Oh, kids.  They're so dramatic, ain't they?
Have you noticed that I have never ever posted a craft or a recipe on this blog?
It's because I stink at them.
But it's all going to change today!  Because I have brought in a crafter who knows her stuff.  And she's going to teach you how to make something NOT lame, but cool.  No offense to the crafters out there, but half the DIY stuff I see there I think "Why would you even want that anyway."  But not this.  This thing is the bomb.  Here's Jessica teaching you how to be crafty and stylish all at once!  Make sure to  visit her blog and give her some love, AKA hugs, kisses, lap dances... leave a comment?

i am uber excited to be here on bonnie's blog! 

i thought it would be fun to share with ya'll this fun tutorial that i posted on my blog a few months ago.
i decided it should resurfaced because i wear my headband fairly often and i am constantly getting compliments on it and asked where i bought it.

i think i will officially call this the "make you feel like the coolest person on earth leather headband"! what do ya think? ;)

anyways, here for you awesome peeps is my braided leather headband tutorial! 

you will need:
4 strands of leather strips about 36 inches long each
your head, or a friends...

i sewed the the four strands together just to keep them in place while i braided, if you have a different method you would rather use go for it!! make sure there is about 7 inches of lose strands.

braid the four strands until you reach the length you need to go around your head.

tie a knot at the beginning and end of the strand (remember you need about 7 inches of lose strands on each end) like so...

pull super tight! the cool thing about leather is that it holds. yay!

take the strand that you used to tie the knot and pull it aside. trim the other three. the long strands will be used to tie at the back of your head.

there are so many ways to wear this way awesome headband! i chose to wore it like this...

So cute Jessica!
Now the question is... WILL YOU MAKE ONE FOR ME?!?

Have a great weekend chicas and do me a favor and stay out of trouble, will you?

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  1. HAHAHA! you are way too hilarious! thank so much for the feature! i will totally make you one and hand deliver it just so i can meet you because you are awesome!!

  2. Why didn't the monster eat the clown?
    Because he TASTED FUNNY!
    OMG my favorite joke - EVER.

  3. I have some semi inappropriate jokes for you.

    1. What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob? We better perk up or people'll think we're nuts!

    2. Why do women get so emotional on their periods? Nobody knows, they're just ovary-acting.

    3. What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? Bison.

    Bahahahahahahaha these jokes kill me ALL THE WAY DEAD. They craaack me up.

  4. I'm using all of those jokes today! I'm a sucker for jokes/puns, good or bad!

  5. that is so cute!!!

    now following1
    thanks for stopping by my blog!


  6. Those jokes are the BEST! I especially loved the stick one. Also, what a great headband tutorial - very trendy.

  7. great project!! i love it and the braided headband looks great on you

  8. I definitely think cheesy jokes are way funnier than they should be. My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts when I laugh at stuff like this. :)

  9. The Ernie & Bert joke was cute. Love the headband! Thanks for the follow...happy to follow back!

  10. Definitely on my DIY to-do list. Definitely. So cute!