The Life of Bon: Four days

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Four days

Doing what I do best- scaring little children.

It's 9:02 and almost completely dark outside.  A sure sign that fall is on its way.  August is in full swing- gone are the days of June when it was dark until almost 10:00.  We're losing a little bit of daylight each day and slowly but surely, summer is coming to a close.

The weather has been high 80s and low 90s, a ten degree difference to what it was a month ago.  Only ten degrees, but ten degrees that certainly speaks of approaching fall.

I go back to work on Monday. What was once ten weeks of vacation has dwindled down to four days in the blink of an eye.  I thought I went back to school on Tuesday and I just found out it's Monday and somehow that one extra day out of my summer feels monstrous.  What was once four more days of freedom is only three and it's all ending so very soon.  All next week is orientation, meetings and classroom set up and then BAM, Monday the 19th rolls around and I'll have students flooding into my classroom with their new sneakers and backpacks, writing horny love notes to each other, and wondering who in the world am I to teach them jack squat about literature?

In some ways I'm ready.  Ready to wake up at 6 am and have long, productive mornings. Ready to meet new kids and and grade papers and watch as The Great Gatsby comes alive in front of my students.

In other ways I'm not ready.  Not ready to go to bed early, not ready to be done with vacations, not ready for the snow that always certainly inevitably comes.

I suppose now I'm going to go lie in bed with Greg and eat popcorn and diet coke while we watch movies on Netflix to our heart's content.  I'll stay up as late as I can so I can sleep in as late as I want because in three days there won't be any such freedom.  I wonder if this is how it feels days before you deliver your first baby?

In case any of you haven't gone on your summer vacation yet, here's a couple of words of advice- especially terrific if you are traveling in Europe.  I'm definitely not.  Not this summer at least.

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  1. Oh man, that time before you switch gears from holiday back to work and routines really is a kicker. I always feel like I should be making the most of out it, but really in the back of my mind I'm waiting for that first Monday to roll around. Sound's like you've got it sussed though! Sleeping in, staying up late - high five! So fun :)

  2. What's sleeping in? ;) Enjoy your last few days!!

  3. It started for me. Yesterday I woke up in the 5:00 hour. It was the very tail end of the 5's, but still. You know summer's over when your alarm clock starts with a 5.

  4. UGH!! I hate going back to school. Ten weeks sure do fly by!!

  5. Just found out a guy in our new ward is a counselor at the same school. Small world! Good luck with everything!

  6. make the most of your 4 days!!!! I remember waiting and knowing that summer vaca was coming to an end was the worst feeling!

  7. ENjoy your last few days girl! No vacay for me until Thanksgiving, but its light at the end of a tunnel so I'm still excited. My alarm goes off everyday at 6 too, but I ignore it :)

  8. Thankfully I have one more week before I have to go back! Good luck!
    Our Fairy Tale

  9. It's going to be terrible hearing an alarm clock again! Good luck with your transition!

  10. YES! That's exactly how I felt before I delivered my baby..for about a week beforehand, it was like a free-for-all, do whatever I want, sleep till noon, party of 1. Or two, technically :) Enjoy your last few days of summer!

  11. back to school. aka going to bed late but having to wake up at the crack of dawn. all the best to you haha

  12. I start Monday too. Back to it! I'm ready, or as ready as I'm gonna be!


  13. I thought I was the only one who could scare little

  14. I didn't miss teaching last fall, but I do this year! Did not see that coming.