The Life of Bon: Orientations: Killing the Human spirit since the dawn of time.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Orientations: Killing the Human spirit since the dawn of time.

Well folks.  I'm back from my first day of orientation at my new school district and it is safe to say that orientations are the biggest hoax ever invented.  I mean, who here has ever learned one single thing at an orientation?  I went for five hours and the only thing useful that happened was I found out what my school email will be.  There was also motivational clips about how children are our future, a bunch of people I will never meet again telling me "their story" about why they chose to be teachers, (duh! Summers off!) and how we can't let kids be the missing link in our puzzle of life?  I know, I didn't get it either.  The only great thing that happened was I won a dollar from the credit union.  Five hours for one dollar... freak, ya'll I'm making twenty cents an hour now!  Welcome to the big time!

Today I've got some lovely bloggers strutting their stuff for you.  This month's group of bloggers is one of the most diverse I've ever had.  We've got travel blogs, fashion blogs, women power blogs, EVERYTHING!  I hope you find a few you like because these girls are really terrific.  Skim through and click over to a few (or ALL!) , I've included a few of my favorite posts on each of their blogs.  Happy Monday chicas!

P.S.  Tomorrow is the last chance to enter this giveaway.
P.P.S.  I absolutely loved the comments on yesterday's post.  Y'all are amazing.  And no, I'm not from the South. Ok thanks.


Don't read Amanda's blog unless you are ready for a case of serious travel envy.  She lives abroad so most of her posts are dedicated to traveling on a dime and fitting 9 days' worth of clothes into one backpack.  She's basically a miracle worker.  Her pictures will make you want to travel the world a hundred times over.  I love to travel and try hard to get one good vacation in a year... in the meantime, it is blogs like Amanda's that fill my wanderlust craving.  I especially loved her post about why she is the worst traveler ever, and her satire on how to be a tourist in Asia had me laughing out loud.

Stephanie doesn't call her blog "Behind the Camera" for nothing.  The moment you click on Stephanie's blog you will notice how beautiful her pictures are.  I'm a terrible enough photographer to notice a terrific one when I see one.  My heart melted when I saw this post about little boys taking a bath on the patio- it made me want to have kids right this second just so I can bathe them outside.  I also loved her review of one of my favorite books I read this year, The Happiness Project.  Oh, and Stephanie's blog design is seriously gorgeous.  Who are you guys all getting to design your blogs?!?  I swear, they get prettier and prettier.

Akirah's blog is totally unique and so beautiful.  She subtitles it "Believing in Women and our Brave Hearts."  In her "About" section Akirah states that she was in an abusive relationship for four years until she realized that her "heart was brave."  I love this and I love the sense of love and empowerment that comes from her blog.  She is unafraid to talk about tough issues and stand up for women.  Some of my favorite posts are The Number One Rule on Dating (It's not what you think) and How to Talk to your Friend about her Not Awesome Relationship.  This is the type of blog I could read for hours as the writing is quality and the content is fascinating and motivating.

I love Whitney's blog because she is one of those people who is not afraid to say what is on her mind and say it proud.  I have a feeling that if we were friends I would take her everywhere just to tell people off for me.  She's sassy and blunt and makes no apologies.  I couldn't help but laugh at her post about "How to Properly Judge: A Hater's Guide"- basically about how to decide if you are going to stop reading a blog.  On a more serious note, she talks about the difficulties of moving on from a relationship and healing in this post.  Whitney, you can come hang out with me anytime- I have a feeling we'd do just fine together!

Jenn is one of the most sincere and heartfelt bloggers out there.  She lays it all on the table, not trying to cover up anything.  She is also extremely generous with her readers- she does constant giveaways out of her own pocket.  When I asked her why she does this, she replied she wants to do something good and she knows how much she loves opening something up in the mail, so she sends something in the mail to others.  I don't think many bloggers as this sincere in their giveaways!  (This giveaway has low entries so far so make sure to enter!)  My most recent fave of hers is her post on numbers and how certain numbers evoke certain memories and emotions.  Her writing is honest and witty.

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Ashlee creates jewelry and hair accessories for a living.  I am seriously coveting some of her earrings- she is so creative with her art.  (Shop found here.)  I'm not creative at all, so I love visiting blogs of creative, smart people like Ashlee.  She also does a lot of knitting and she posts her finished projects on her blog- I would kill for one of the beanies that she makes.  I loved this "Currently" post- it has totally motivated me to get my butt in gear.

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I feel like Madeline's blog is a representation of blogging in its purest form.  There are no tutorials, no giveaways, no free clothing, just her writing and being honest with herself and her readers.  Reading her blog is almost like picking up the journal of a total stranger and realizing two pages in, "Hey!  I really like this girl!".  I found myself totally immersed in her post about her trip to England and I loved this post where she just rambles but still manages to be totally entertaining.

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Lesleigh has got a little bit of everything in her blog.  From hair product reviews to snazzing up a fancy dress to contemplations on what it means to have a soul mate, she's got it all.  I found myself very engaged in her post about what it means to be a woman.  The word obviously is very weighted, and I loved Lesleigh's take on it.  She doesn't post every day, but when she does it is always something worth reading and she'll definitely make your mind start ticking.

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  1. DARLING post--you are so right about orientations! They usually have ice breakers--and I am allergic to all things ice breakers!

  2. Eek! My first day of "new teacher orientation" is tomorrow. :) Happy beginning of the school year :)

  3. I love how you introduced all these lovely sponsors! they all sound amazing (and you're right - what a mixed group! I love the variety!)

  4. We had our Back to School meeting today, pretty much the same thing! Kids come tomorrow, I'm already exhausted!


  5. I have my new teacher orientation tomorrow and... I feel the same way about orientations. At least they're providing breakfast and lunch! And thanks so much for the sweet intro :) it's so exciting to see!

  6. Love reading new blogs! Thanks for these tips. Oh and .20 an hour?! High roller, look at you!

  7. Do you get paid for this week? In Canada we don't have orientation week.

  8. Thanks so much for the kind words! Akirah |

  9. All I could think about at orientation meetings is how much lesson planning I could be doing if I was in my classroom working ALONE.

  10. You are more than welcome to come to Ohio and hang with my sassy blunt self anytime you want! Thank you for the lovely intro my dear, I can't wait to read these other ladies too!

  11. Thanks so much for your sweet intro! =) You really went through the archives too. that's awesome. I just noticed that my Facebook link isn't working! =(

  12. You are hilarious! I love reading what you've got to say!

  13. Orientation is the absolute worst. I have mine next week and am already dreading it.

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