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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Little of this, little of that.

It's Saturday and that means I get to just write.

No topic, no sponsor, nothing I absolutely have to include, just write.

I was pretty overwhelmed by the comments I received on yesterday's post.  The amount of readers who sent love and who shared similar stories was humbling.  I kind of hated reading all of your awful stories of how you had been swindled in your own way, but I also kind of loved it.  Like we were joining together to share our stories of woe and hopefully heal somehow in the telling of it.  I couldn't help but think yesterday as I read over the comments that this is what blogging is all about.  About sharing stories and experiences, good or bad, and feeling support.  So thank you.

Last night Greg and I watched Lars and the Real Girl.  Have you seen it?  It's fascinating. Ryan Gosling is in it so that alone is a reason to watch it tonight.  The story is about a very socially awkward man who gets a life sized doll and pretends it is his girlfriend.  Mostly the boy is lonely and sad and wants to give and receive love.  He's also very delusional.  The acting is terrific and the flick is clean and terribly interesting.  So if you're sitting around with nothing to do tonight...  It's on Netflix.

You didn't know this was going to be a movie review, did you?  Neither did I.

What's the deal with GFC?  Does anyone use it anymore to look at blogs?  Back in the day that was all I used- I never was a google reader fan.  I switched over to Bloglovin about a year ago but I can't figure out if it's even relevant to have GFC anymore.  Your thoughts?

I'm starting to feel excited about blogging again.  For several weeks there I wasn't excited about it anymore.  It had just become a chore.  I can't figure out if it was a summer slump or overscheduling the blog or what, but I wasn't excited about it anymore.  And now I am.

Yesterday I went to the new rec center in town with two of my best friends.  Crazy A lives a few miles away so I see her all the time, but Akasha lives in California and I only get to see her once or twice a year.  She's pretty much the sweetest most mellow person in the world even though she has a name that makes her sound like a strong sassy black woman.  But she's not.  She's a skinny white nice woman.

Akasha, me, Amy.
You can find my suit here.  You can find Amy's suit here.  Akasha has no idea where she got her swimsuit because she has three kids under five and that's not the most important thing to her nowadays.  As it should be.

Seven years ago (Wow, seven?!?) the three of us lived in an apartment together.  We lived together only for the summer, somehow the stars aligned.  None of us were taking classes and we all three worked at restaurants.  Our schedules went like this: wake up at noon.  Go to pool until 3:30.  Go to work at 4:00.  Come home from work at 10:30.  Hang out with friends until 4 am.  Repeat.  It was wild.  We all had dumb boyfriends who we eventually figured out were nowhere close to cool enough to marry, but it was spending the summer with each other that was so magical.

Oh, we also adopted a cat that summer.  We were definitely not supposed to have her in our apartment.  She whined all night and we kind of hated her.  We taped tape to her paws and watch her freak out.  I am not proud of this now.  One day I was packing to go camping and left the front door open while I was loading my stuff.  We never saw that cat again.  R.I.P. Delilah

As you can see we've really grown up and matured alot since then...

July 2006

July 2013

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  1. I kinda sorta wanna put tape on my cat's paws today. I don't like him. ;)

  2. I LOVED Lars and the Real Girl. It was so different, yet entertaining! I was pleasantly surprised after picking it randomly to watch!

  3. Adorable suit! Love it!

  4. It looks like y'all have too much fun!

    I actually read blogs from my email mostly. As in I go through my emails, answer questions, and then comment on the blogs that comment on mine. There are a few I don't always get comments from that I just avidly follow, but for the most part, I keep a good relationship with the loyal commentors. It keeps me sane ;)

  5. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I love your bathing suit! Plus I will never get a cat because they drive me crazy. I would much rather have a dog that actually loves you. Just wanna let you know I'm really enjoying your Saturday rambling posts!

  6. I LOVE Lars and the Real Girl! I use it in my Psych classes to discuss how can we (a community of folks who are not psychologists) help people with mental disorders? It is a beautiful movie!

  7. Judging by the photos, you all look like you haven't aged a day in seven years. Too fun!

    I mostly read my favorite blogs through GFC, but am trying to make the transition over to Bloglovin. There are so many more blogs to discover out there when you step out of the google box!

  8. Aw! Those kind of friendships are the best! Your swimsuit is amazingly cute, by the way!

  9. The summer is hard for blogging, I've been taking it easy and posting only content that inspires me, sort of a back to basics, I guess? Oh, LOVE that red suit, you look amazing!

  10. I hate GFC. I don't use it at all...Bloglovin' all the way!

  11. I use GFC and Bloglovin. Bloglovin doesn't work on my work computer (I mean, I don't read blogs at work...) so I still use GFC there. And I have found that some blogs don't have Bloglovin for some reason, so to keep track of them I still add them to GFC.

  12. I hope you go to the police. Im sure the bank will provide the bank account number to the police.

  13. BONNIE. I think I found your cat!

    I am only partially kidding about that. Recently a black cat that I assumed was probably 5 or 6 years old showed up at Belmont apartments. (200 E 600 N) It freakin' whines and meows all night and it makes me hate myself. It's been here for like three weeks. It just appeared. I don't even know. WHAT IF IS THE SAME CAT I JUST DON'T EVEN KNOW.

  14. Ok some fun looks like it was had by fun loving gals............I am a fun loving gal.............just not I am one sick mummy.............

  15. Love your suit!!!

  16. I worked in a video store when Lars and the Real Girl came out, so I took it home and really liked it! I don't know too many other people who've seen it, and it was nice to hear a review of it. I think it's about time for me to re-watch it!


  17. Love the baby photobomb! And Lars makes me cry. Every single time. but I love it.