The Life of Bon: Hey, May! Let's be done, ok?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hey, May! Let's be done, ok?

I'm killing myself over here.

May just needs to be done already, don't you think?  I mean, May, it was awesome, we love you, you beat the hell out of January any day, but let's just call it a day, shall we?  (Or a month?)  I can't keep up with you.

Also, I'm sorry I said hell.

Do all school teachers feel this way?  Like they are in this mad, frantic dash to the finish line?  Essays to grade, final tests, capstone projects, seniors with 4% in your class who are begging for at least a D-, (No big deal... just 56% away... close enough, right?) arguments with parents who defend their children when they plagiarize assignments, (Yes this happened.  No I can't talk about it.)  And in the meantime there's an offer an a house (yippee!), a blog that needs maintaining, (I really love this blog!) a puppy that wants a walk, (so many walks!) and a pregnant girl who just wants a nap.

Me!  Me!  I'm the pregnant girl who wants a nap!

Pretty sure it's gonna be June by the time I get one, though.

It's 10:25 and I'm going to bed now!!!!!


  1. Bonnie I love your blog and normally I wouldn't say anything...but I really hope you realize that isn't a walrus in the picture but actually a manatee. I'll just assume it's pregnancy brain. ;)

    1. Laughed out loud at this! Best comment ever. How am I not more up to speed on the differences between walruses and manatees? Shame shame.

    2. Well shit. Looks like a walrus to me too :( now I'm not sure I know what a real walrus is.

    3. Well, Florida IS famous for its walruses! Oh wait. Nono it's not. Lol! I blame end-of-year-teacher brain. At this point, I would kiss a walrus if I thought it would grade some papers for me...

    4. Ah I'm so glad you found it funny. I was worried it would come off at nit-picky. I vote animal books for the baby so you both can learn! :)

  2. I'm with you. I'm so over May!

  3. All of my teacher friends seem to be at their wit's end right about now. So you are definitely not alone. Only a few more days!


  4. Thanks so much for the write up! I hear ya on the nap. I hope to get at least one in 2014. You could not be cuter pregnant.

  5. You are not alone! We have 11 school days left... and so much to do, and yet it keeps dragging!

    First day of summer vacation I am going to indulge in a glorious nap!

  6. Man a nap sounds awesome right about now!

  7. Thank you for your lovely write up about me, it made me laugh out loud at my British descriptions... that's just how I talk! Unfortunately I don't talk anything like the people on Notting Hill, as I'm a Northerner but it's a great movie so go watch it.
    I'm doing a write up right now about how awesome sponsoring your blog has been, I'll send you the link as soon as it's live!

    Thank you Bon!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

  8. As a teacher I feel the same way about May. I hate it but I totally wish away May. My blog friend Maggie (who is also a teacher) wrote a great post on this subject. The post is Being Mindful in May
    You should really check it out because it is awesome!

  9. May is an easy month for my family we don't have any birthdays in it well we didn't till Kelsi was born on the 7th


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