The Life of Bon: You wanna see my house?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

You wanna see my house?

Well, well, well.  Looks like the folks at Kleenex recently wised up to something.

You see, people don't like ugly tissue boxes sitting around their houses.  So we stash them in corners and bathrooms and purses.  Now, maybe, just maybe, if I could get a Kleenex box that was well styled and looked more like decoration than tissue...THEN I'd set the Kleenex out in the open where anyone can enjoy it.

Both Greg and I have allergies in a bad way this time of year.  With the new design of Kleenex boxes, it is SO nice that we can have a convenient little tissue box in every room of the house without looking like some invalid's diseased home.

Check out all their new designs here.  There are enough colors and designs to match any room in your home.  You will love it!

^^ A red, floral print to bring out the red in our front room.

^^ Or, a black one to match the couches.  (For another great black option, I love the black and white animal print found here.)

^^ Can you see the tissue box?  It's a cylinder!  You can hardly even tell that it's Kleenex!  I told you, they wised up!

^^ I love both the lighter blue stripes seen in the first pictures and this darker blue with gold for our bedroom.  Both work perfectly and aren't overbearing or obnoxious.

The new Kleenex boxes are found at any major retailer where Kleenex are sold.  Make sure to click here to check out the designs and find the perfect one for you before you hit the stores!  (There's even a style finder quiz- you know we all have our own unique Kleenex style!)

Thank you to Kleenex for sponsoring today's post.


  1. Oh. Those are actually really cool. And pretty! Huh. Way to go, Kleenex.

  2. I sneeze a lot, even outside of allergy season. We have tissue boxes all over the house, and yes, we often buy the pretty Kleenex ones.

  3. those are really cool boxes and yes they have gotten creative!

  4. I really like those cylinder ones!! What a great way to not have to look at ugly tissue boxes constantly.

  5. Thank you for showing us your house

  6. Okay, it's like I've been waiting my whole life for this. Those rectangle boxes take up way to much room on my nightstand. Kleenex for the win!

  7. Are you liking the Light Between Oceans? I am a few chapters in and so far so good! ~Dena @likelovelearn