The Life of Bon: I went to a special doctor.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I went to a special doctor.

Thursday morning Greg accompanied me to a long and chaotic doctor's appointment.  I was supposed to see a "specialist" because my baby is measuring too small.  Sometimes I swear I don't even know if I believe in half the stuff doctors say we need to do.  It seems like they're always changing their minds. First red wine was bad for us now it's good for us now it's bad again.  You know?  I'm not saying I blame doctors.  I don't expect them to know everything.  But I also think I should be able to use my discretion and follow or not follow a doctor's orders based on how I feel or think about a situation.

For example, our baby doc said a week ago that I am measuring two weeks too small and that my baby is measuring in the 4th percentile.  This could be because the placenta isn't doing its job right and babe's not getting the nutrients she needs. That's enough to send anyone on an insane freak out, right?  But the thing is, in my heart I knew everything was fine.  My period was irregular before I got pregnant so it could easily be that our due date is a little off.  I have been measuring "small" my entire pregnancy, but I've still been growing at a normal rate, just always a bit behind.  I feel great.  My blood sugar is normal, my fluids are normal.  I am a small person and Greg is no giant himself.  So my intuition told me I was just fine.  I didn't want to see a specialist, I didn't want another doctor's appointment, I just wanted to trust myself that everything was going to be just A-ok

But then I started second guessing myself.  What if there is a problem and I ignore it and cause serious complications for my baby?  Also, this is not only my child.  It is Greg's too, (so he claims... I have my doubts) and Greg wanted to get the wee one checked out.

So that's how I found myself in a hospital on Thursday morning.  We waited for half an hour in labor and delivery before the people figured out we were at the wrong place and sent us down to radiology. But first we had to "check in"- which basically meant get all my insurance info and make sure I can pay for my services.  We waited at least half an hour before they even had us sign in.  It was beyond frustrating.

By the time we went back to radiology, it was 10:00.  We signed in at the desk and then waited. And waited. And waited.  If Greg hadn't been sitting my side, I would have walked right out of the hospital.  It was just such chaos, and I felt like the whole thing was totally useless.  Even 2048 got pretty old by that point.

Finally, at 10:45, we were taken back.  An ultrasound technician came in, poked my baby something fierce, and then got the special doctor.  He came in, probed some more, and said baby is totally fine, she's in the 28th percentile and we have nothing to worry about and don't need to come back.  We're likely a bit off on my due date, and I may deliver later than I think.

And that was it.

I am definitely relieved that it is nothing major.  Thanks to all of you who left kind comments on my blog post last weekend, or who left sweet messages on my instagram post.  Ya'll are the best.  Everything's ok around these parts and the lesson of the day is next time I'm following my gut and not showing up for "special" doctor's appointments.  

Amen and amen.

I spent the rest of the weekend in St. George, where the sun is blistering and the pools are many. My mom, a few of my siblings, and some cousins were spending a long weekend there for no other reason than that it's spring and we like each other and why don't we all go do something fun in the nice weather?  Greg had shows every night and a matinee on Saturday so I left him on his lonesome (R.I.P. Greg! Or something!) and enjoyed two straight days of sun, pool, tennis, cards.  It was great!
My uncle told me that I am starting to look "a little pg" (because apparently we're not allowed to say pregnant around these parts) and I slept like a freaking baby in the softest bed around.  Enough of a vacation recap for you?

And now.  Pictures!

^^  Nothing makes you feel quite as sexy as carrying a big old belly and waddling around a pool in a swimsuit that you're busting out of.

 ^^We went to an indoor pool one day.  I'm still confused why we did this, but sometimes in a big group, you just go with the flow.  This is my mom, uncle, aunt, and sister.  I took four pictures and this was the best one I could get of them, believe it or not.  Sorry, Glen.

^^ Marissa on my left and Cami all the way on the right are also both having babies this summer.  Katie is not having a baby this summer, but she's still freaking awesome.

^^ I kind of love this picture of my mom and her brother, Glen.  They are two peas in a pod.

Night tennis!  One of my very favorite things about summer.  Praise the Lord, I think it's finally here.

^^ My brother and his wife who is ALSO having a baby this summer.  We're out of control.

^^My sister and her husband.  I thought they were pretty adorable both reading by the pool.

And that's a wrap.  I never take as many pictures as I should, but sometimes you're just enjoying the moment too much, you know?

Now it's back to school for me.  Nine more days of teaching, a buttload of essays to grade, graduation and then I'M A FREE WOMAN!  This is the time of year when I realize how absolutely great it is to be a teacher.


  1. oh my gosh! You totally hit the nail on the head about doctors! My sister is 26 weeks preggo and her normal doc told her she was 3 cm dilated and her cervix was fully ready to deliver. She went to a specialist and is totally normal and fine. Why do they all feel the need to give us panic attacks? Glad you trusted your gut and that everything is a-okay! SO happy for you! :)

  2. So glad everything is A-okay with your little one!

  3. I think ultrasounds do nothing but freak people out. My sister was told her daughter was measuring small and would most likely be a dwarf. They also suggested abortion to her because of this. Her daughter is totally normal...just short (I'm only 5'2" so that is no shock in our family). My son had a cyst in his brain during an ultrasound, which sent me into crazy mode. Two weeks later, a new ultrasound revealed it was gone. I am so glad everything turned out okay, because it is such an overwhelming experience! And you look absolutely adorable:)

  4. Ultrasounds can be so stressful. I think doctors just need to cover themselves in case something happens. It's annoying but I can understand why. Glad everything's okay with your little one! You look cute in your swimsuit!

  5. You're still hot. :)
    Glad all is well with you and baby.

  6. This same thing happened with my pregnancy.
    When I was 33 weeks I was measuring 26 weeks. It ultimately ended up with me being induced at 35 weeks and my daughter being in the NICU for another three weeks. Hopefully everything goes smoothly from here on out. Pregnancy can be a scary thing sometimes, however my personal opinion is that your body knows whats best.
    From the beginning, I felt something was "off" with my pregnancy but every time I said something, the docs just brushed it off as nothing. Then later in my pregnancy, something actually WAS wrong. So again, just make sure you're listening to your body and what it's telling you. :)

  7. I'm so glad to hear that everything is good with the baby! It is always good, in my unprofessional opinion, to follow your gut instinct, but at the same time, I would have been second guessing myself too and it's good you saw a specialist. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time this weekend, which was much needed after having the weight lifted from being worried!

  8. So glad to hear that everything is okay! Unnecessary scares are no fun! When I had to visit a specialist during my pregnancy, she noted that my due date should be different. My regular doctor didn't change it based on the specialists recommendation so she thought I was right on time for delivery and really I was about 2 weeks past due and we had issues with meconium in the water that may not have been an issue if I had been induced closer to my due date. So, if you're not as far as what the dr thinks you are, they may want to induce before baby is finished growing.

  9. You look so cute. SO glad everything is okay.

  10. Trust that mama instinct its almost never wrong!

  11. So sorry they scared you, even if it was just for a second. Glad to hear everything is ok. <3


  12. Ahh almost the same thing happened to me! Baby's abdominal measurements were supposedly in the 5th percentile at my 20 week ultrasound so they just had my come back and check again in 3 weeks. of course I did endless Googling over those 3 weeks even though I felt perfectly fine. Turns out she's perfectly healthy, just smallish overall. We are not big people either so I am happy to have a small baby. Hope it stays easy for you!

  13. Glad everything is good with baby! I was in St George this weekend too. It was great until our car broke down in Cedar City yesterday. Boo.

  14. Oh how I hate doctor appointments at the hospital because they often involve more weighting than when you go to the doctors surgery not always but it does happen, if I have to go I prefer to go early in the morning the later in the day the appointment is the longer you end up waiting and it totally sucks when you spend time weighting in one area only to be told you are in the wrong place.

  15. I'm absolutely astonished that your primary Dr hadn't brought up adjusting your due date. If you're consistently measuring behind and your ultrasound is showing the baby with growth a few weeks behind, they should have discussed your due date. My Dr has changed mine twice already! Set the first one based on my cycle, changed it at my first ultrasound due to baby's size and then moved it back a few more days at my last appt.

  16. hey! you went to my hometown! what hotel is that? i am going home next weekend! i haven't been since march. i am excited!

  17. Ahh love seeing pictures of the Blackburn clan...Did Becky ever get in the pool? And which brother is having a baby?

  18. Glad everything is OK. Our baby is measuring 2 weeks too big and like you, I knew deep down everything was OK. But.... you have to worry a little more about that little life since you're 100% responsible for it.

    That bathing suit is wickedly cute by the way.

  19. It's the second guessing your instincts that is the worst! Glad everything is ok! Better to know that everything is fine than to worry and wonder what if, right?