The Life of Bon: One day I shall have a baby and that baby shall need a room.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One day I shall have a baby and that baby shall need a room.

Well, well, well.  Look who has gone and got herself a nursery.

ME!  Me!  Me!  It's me!

Katy so generously offered to design a nursery for me and I was quick to accept.  From my lime green wall confessions you should all know by now that I don't have an eye for interior design.  I don't even have an eyelash for it, if we're being honest here.  That's why I'm so grateful for Katy.  I gave her a few simple ideas and she took it and totally ran with it.... like it was nothing!

What I mainly wanted in a nursery was light and airy.  When I got married I was in this very "black" mood.  I bought a black car, I bought black couches, black desks, black curtains, everything black.  Now I walk into my house and I feel like I'm trapped in a morgue where the walls are all closing in around me.  It's awful.  Truly.  Now all I want is for my home to be lighter, airier, happier.  So I suppose we shall start with the nursery?

Anything that is permanent or semi permanent I want to be yellow.  I love the striped yellow wall... I am thinking I will want that on one of the walls- all four may be overwhelming.  The other yellows include the rocking chair and bed sheets.  The main main furniture- crib, dresser, changing table, (I'm going to have a changing table?!?!) I want white.  Then, all the accents can be pink- rugs, frames, lamps, pillows etc.  The idea is that when baby boy comes around in a few years (?!?) that we can switch out the pink for blue and voila, it's a boy's room now!

Also we live in a one bedroom apartment, so at this point all "nursery" design feels very much so fictitious.  The "nursery" is likely the closet, or if the baby is lucky, the laundry room.  Our lease expires here on July 31 and baby is due July 25 so you know, it's going to be a fun end of July.  Long story short is hopefully we get ourselves a nursery one day.  And if not, there's a pantry.  Or my mom's basement.  

Just kidding, mom.  

Kind of.

What do you think?  What's the best nursery you've ever seen and any suggestions for a killer nursery?

P.S. Those of you who do not have children, will not have children, and hate everything to do with decorating, I apologize for this post.  What can I say, now that I've gotten pregnant I'm just so LAAAAAAME!

P.P.S. Also, are ya'll ready to talk about Divergent tomorrow?  I will post questions tomorrow late afternoon/ evening.  I hate it less than I did... so that's progress, I suppose.

P.P.P.S. Oh, and before you go, I want to share this excerpt from a teaching buddy of mine.  He is a fellow English teacher at my old school and one of my favorites.  He covered my butt when I showed up at 9:00 for work one day, so that just shows you how awesome he is.  He and his wife are trying to adopt and would love any support they can get...  Straight from the horse's mouth

Hey there. We’re the Haslams. There’s a major piece missing from our family and to fill this void in our lives and in our hearts, we’re trying our best to adopt. You see, we have a family with just the two of us. But for whatever reason, it’s just not going to work out for us to have kids on our own and a little nugget or two is something we both want more than anything. We know there are many couples just like us and we’re rooting them on as well. We just ask that people stop by our blog, try to get to know us a bit, and reach out to us with potential leads.


  1. Jersey crib sheets are way better than cotton. The cotton ones take like three people to get on to a mattress (or maybe I'm just a weakling?).
    Also, the plastic on the mattress will make the kiddo have major back sweat unless you have a mattress cover.
    Also, for night time, you want a light or night light that is bright enough for changing diapers but dim enough to let baby stay drowsy.
    Also, it's all going to get poop on it so don't get too attached.

  2. gorgeous! It's so beautiful! And I love that it's quite neutral so you can always make it boy-friendly :)

  3. Love the yellow! I also love that you are doing pink accents. Everyone looks at me funny when I tell them I would only do pink accents if my baby turns out to be a girl.

  4. Ahh that room looks so lovely! I love the yellows and pinks :) Your baby will love it x

  5. Thanks so much for letting me doing it! I love the final


  6. I did the whole nursery thing and it is my favorite room in the house but oh was it such a waste. You can't use a bumper or a blanket in the bed so it ended up in the closet. The sheet was cute but it got stained pretty quickly. I learned to buy white so I can bleach. The nice rocker never gets used because when I had to rock that baby for hours I wanted to be watching tv. The changing table ended up being whatever flat surface was closest. My favorite pieces are the decorations and bookshelf. Everything ends up being about functional. The things I implemented to get organized before baby are still nice. That design is absolutely beautiful. You just seem like the kind of gal that is gonna do what works. Do yourself a favor and buy a Rock and Play Sleeper, better yet register for it!

  7. Love it!!! My kids both slept in my closet until they were about 9 months. They're just fine :) But I LOVED decorating their nurseries when we moved to a place with more space.

  8. I forgot you were having a girl, and I kept thinking that, first, why are you using yellow and PINK for your boy?! and then, reluctantly, two, Bonnie is so bold (and/or old-fashioned--pink used to be a boy's color, and blue was a girl's!). I felt like such a silly rabbit until I remembered you are having a girl!

  9. So adorable! Your little girl is going to have the cutest "airiest" room!

  10. I couldn't but laugh out loud cause I just painted black on my baby girl's nursery! But the rest of my house already is light and airy so I get it! We actually painted a mural- one wall a big black silhouetted tree with stars against a midnight blue wall, the other wall is a light blue with a snowy scape and a Narnia lamp post. So, I'm kinda loving my own nursery design at the moment! I also love yours- but sad you have to wait to set it up!

  11. Thanks for helping us spread the news Bon! We appreciate it so much!