The Life of Bon: And then I got too old for rollercoasters

Monday, October 08, 2012

And then I got too old for rollercoasters

I thought I would never be too old for rollercoasters.

Friday proved me wrong.

At lunch in the faculty room, I bragged to the other teachers, "I never get tired of roller coasters!  I could seriously ride them all day."

"Oh, not me.  I used to, but now I get so sick!"
"Yah, me too!  My days of riding every rollercoaster in the park are long over." The other teachers chimed in.

Sissies.  I thought.  A bunch of freaking sissies that work at this school with me.

You see, Hubs and I had plans Friday night to go to Frightmares at Lagoon that night.  (Which is what Hubs was talking about when he compared me to a lagoon frightmare in this post).  We go every fall.  It's tradition!  And when you've only been married a year and a half and you have very few traditions, you sure hold fast to the ones you do have!  This is our third year going... Our first time we went we were only dating.  Ah, geez, ain't that sweet?!?

I drove straight for school to the in-laws house- they live close to Lagoon, you see.  Hubs had rehearsal so he would be meeting up with us in an hour or so, but in the meantime, I was ready to hit the park with the bro and sis in law.  None of this waiting around for Hubs crapola.  There was only so much time in the day and we had to get moving!

We got there when the park opened and hit the biggest roller coasters first, naturally.  When a guy in line told me he had a buy one get one free coupon for admission to the park and asked if I like to use it with him I thought for sure it was a good omen.  This day at Lagoon was going to rule all over days at Lagoon.  Don't count your chickens before they hatch, my friends.

There was hardly a soul in sight so bro in law, sis in law and I hopped right on the first roller coaster.  And then hopped on it again.  And again.  Then we switched roller coasters.  No lines.  And thus it went for the first hour.  By the time Hubs showed his face at the park we had ridden ten roller coasters in the record time of under an hour and I wasn't feeling so hot.  Not so hot to trot.  Still, Hubs had sat in traffic and busted his butt to get up here so I insisted on slapping on a smiling face and not letting on that I wasn't exactly digging the amusement park any more.

Can you tell that I ain't feeling too hot?  I'm definitely looking a little on the pale and sickly side.

Please compare the two above pictures.  The first one is Frightmares 2010- just dating.  The second one is Frightmares 2012- going on close to two years of matrimony.  Please notice that I am wearing the same jacket/hoodie in both pictures because I am just THAT awesome.  And another reason why I could never be a fashion blogger.

Also, please ignore the dumb face that Paul is making.

I DEFINITELY skipped on this ride.  This family is nuts- I couldn't keep up with their roller coasting antics.

The highlight of the night came when Hubs hit the jackpot on a ball toss and won this giant monkey.  Two minutes later, his brother hit it.  We were all jumping up and down screaming with excitement.  Admit it, there isn't anything much cuter in this world than these two full grown men, monkeys on their shoulders, stoked out of their minds at the prize they just won.

Mom and Dad in law became the designated babysitters for the rest of the night because the carnies wouldn't let us take the monkeys on the rollercoasters with us.  RUDE!  Unfortunately for Hubs, I didn't have many more rollercoasters left in me.  As much as I tried to not complain about it, I think my constantly putting my head between my legs, frequent begging to sit down at every possible bench, and ever present staring at my watch lead him on to what I was feeling.  He picked up on it and said we could quit the amusement park early.  Poor Bon Bon just wasn't up for the 20 roller coaster rides.

When we got home I laid in the bed for an hour waiting for my nauseousness to go away.  It did go away, and the next morning I could eat again, but for a couple of hours there I was positively miserable.

And that is how I officially became too old for amusement parks.

I guess now it's time to have a kid and live my roller coaster experiences vicariously through him/her/it?


  1. You are not too old for rollercoasters. I thought this myself this last year. You see, I turn 25 on Saturday and I'm LDS and single so you and I are kindred spirits. Well, last October I went to Magic Mountain and there was NO ONE there. It was amazing! We hit like 10 rides in 4 hours and, after that, we had all had enough. I was thinking that there was something wrong with me because amusement parks never make me sick.

    Then I went to Magic Mountain again last month and rode the same number of rides (if not more) in a whole day rather than a few hours and no sickness! I have determined that the queueing in the lines between the rides is the magic ticket. If you ride too many rides in a row without finding your center of gravity again, you're hosed. You're not too old, you're just too quick! Don't give up hope!

    I actually work at a place in Logan that designs and builds rollercoasters and so sometimes I get to try the rides in our parking lot. One day we had a huge swing set up and so we could ride it as much as we wanted. First time was beautiful. Second time? I was sick the rest of the day. I rode the ride two times in a row without a break and felt vomitrocious the rest of the day.

    I believe in you. Although you and I are "old", we're not to old for rollercoasters!

  2. Also, the bench that your in laws are sitting on, was once occupied but the most awesome looking couple ever. I totally stalked a photo of them one time. If I can dig it out of the archives, I'll have to e-mail it to you because it was pure hilarium.

  3. haha awe no! Get you some meds for motion sickness next go round to help settle your stomach a bit!!

    Looks like a ton of fun though!

  4. eww, i feel you. i get horribly motion sickness and it gets worse the older i get. no more rollercoasters for either of us now, i guess.

  5. You are not alone! Hubs and I took his cousins to our local amusement park this past summer. I thought I was good-to-go on all the rides... until I was dizzy and a horrible tummy ache and felt MISERABLE. So I sat on a park bench and read like a loser while the Hubs and family enjoyed the rest of the day. : /

  6. Okay I could never imagine riding a coaster that much in that short of time. Girl you got guts!

  7. Bogus! The reason you were nauseated is because you didn't first prepare your stomach with overly fried and salted county fair food. See, there's a process to this rollercoaster thing... ;)

  8. I actually think Lagoon builds crummy coasters and that's why I get sick on them. Also, I went on that Samurai nonsense this summer at the insistence of my husband. I told him I would puke and just to prove myself right I went on and didn't puke but felt like the whole park kept spinning all around. That'll teach him!

  9. I just wanted to point out that I love the ferris wheel picture and the story behind the monkeys and the guys holding them on their shoulders are adorable.

  10. Is it that you can`t stand rollercoasters anymore, or that you had 20 rides? :)

  11. When did we become such old farts ;) Love that they won the monkeys! Good times, even with the motion sickness! XOXOXO

  12. Well, I can understand that. I feel like becoming too old for some stuff too - like watching violent films. I used to be fine watching them, but now I can't do that any more. I guess it's a biological thing =)

  13. If you can do over ten roller coaster in the same evening--you are by no means too old! I'm too old! I can do, and not a very bumpy one at that, and I'm good for the rest of the day. I'll do all the other rides in the park though, but not those big roller coasters any more.

  14. You are still waaaay more brave than I am - I wouldn't go at all! Just thinking about rollercoasters makes me want to hurl.

  15. I LOVE lagoon!! As for Roller Coaster Sickness... I went to the Overton State Fair over a Year ago with my boyfriends WHOLE family. Including Gpa's, Gma's, cousins, aunts, ect.
    I went on a spinny roller coaster with my bf, his brother and cousin. What did I do right after the coaster stopped? Barfed on my boyfriends shoes.
    The end.

    p.s. when this happened my bf held my hair, and that is how I decided I AM going to marry him someday.

  16. wow i thought this could never happen to me also! but i notice going on the loopy rides my head hurts sooo terribly. why!!

    i'm lol so bad at a) the woman holding her kids head up in that wooden cut out, and b)the amount of stripes in your photo from 2010 :) :)

    p.s. every year i go to my halloween activities, i wear the same orange heavy sweater. never fails, everytime, and i too have pics to prove it! :D

  17. I'M THE SAME WAY! I feel so lame now. We went to Orlando a few months ago and I got so sick. Sometimes growing up is lame. :(

  18. Bonnie, thanks so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog!
    I seriously LOL'led a few times while reading your post. I am not that great with rollercoasters anymore too haha.

    xx Susie @ Even Sweeter Dreams

  19. I get terrible motion sickness now - never had a problem growing up. My husband and I stopped to swing at a park one night and I was dizzy after - how pathetic is that?

  20. This was such a funny read! My boyfriend was down to visit and we thought it would be GREAT to go to Fiesta Texas, we thought to ourselves that we wanted to make the most of the day and not wait in lines because it was summer and there was bound to be a ton of people. So we bought a flash pass. Basically a little gadget that you can reserve a spot in line and it will alert you when you can go so you aren't standing in line all day. You even get a special entrance so you don't have to go through the maze of gates and pathways. You get a short cut and you get people staring at you in envy because they waited and you didn't. Well flash passes don't come cheap and no refunds allowed. We wanted to get our moneys worth so that was about 200.00! As the day went on we had been on almost Every freakin ride (twice) and found ourselves dizzy and old feeling. It's now a laughing memory and I am glad we went, but we will probably never buy a flash pass again!!!

    Thanks for stopping by earlier! This is me sticking to my goals! You have some funny posts on here that I skimmed through as well!

  21. I used to love rollercoasters as well but now I have no desire. The last one I got on gave me a headache, cause it went too fast. I think you would have done better with one an hour, not 10 haha

  22. This looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love this kind of thing!


  23. Oh I don't like roller coasters at all!

  24. It seemed like you guys had a blast..wish there are a lot of theme parks near home.soooooo love roller coasters! :)