The Life of Bon: Nails and Hair, and oh now we're really getting profound!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nails and Hair, and oh now we're really getting profound!

The other day I got completely robbed at a nail salon.

I splurged on my way home from work to get a pedicure.  While there I noticed a woman getting a shellac manicure. Now, as a chronic nailbiter, I was definitely interested in this because the only thing that keeps me from biting my nails is if there is perfect nail polish on my nails.   Once the nail polish chips, I have a hey day on my nails, first biting off all the polish and then biting the nails down.  It's disgusting.  I know.

I asked the chick how much a shellac manicure would cost.  She replied "Twenty dollar!"  I contemplated it, but was running low on time, so I left without it.

But then I couldn't get it out of my mind.  Couldn't get the cursed shellac out of my mind! Thoughts, desires, plans were consumed with the shellac!

So the next day I went in and got those nails shellaced!

After I was all shellaced up, I went to pay.  Yes I pay for my services even though heavens knows I would love to find a way not to.  

"Thank you!  Thirty five dollar!" said the lady.

I was stunned.  What?  Thirty five bones for a 30 minutes manicure?  And hadn't the lady told me 20 the other day?  I didn't say anything.  I think I was just so caught off guard that I forked over the credit card without saying a word. 

NOW.  What would you have done?  Do you say something in situations like this?  Or do you just bite your tongue and pay the money?  I'm usually good at making sure I don't get ripped off, but for some reason this salon owner just got the best of me!

Now that we've covered the extremely important topic of nails, let's move on to hair!  We're going deep on the blog, deep I tell you!  I don't know a bunch about hair, so I've brought in the hair expert, Aunie.  Aunie is the hair expert because the went a full year without blowdrying or spraying her hair and that takes an expert for sure!  Plus I love Aunie- she's one of the bloggers I check up on the daily.  So read her little post about hair and then check out her blog- you'll be grateful I promise!

Take it away, Aunie!

Hey there! My name is Annelise, and I have a saucy little blog (aptly named) Aunie Sauce. I write most of my posts in prose, ignoring all good-natured grammar, while trying to uphold proper spelling techniques. You're welcome, Bonnie. Oh, also—I like hair.

Obviously. In fact, in addition to Aunie Sauce, I also have a hairstyle blog called Bye Bye Beehive. See, a little over a year ago, I told myself it would be a great idea to go 365-days without hairspraying, teasing, dyeing or frying my hair. At the time, I was so convinced that I was the coolest person ever for putting myself to the test with this challenge. Last Thursday, October 11, 2012, I finished that challenge. Now, it's actually official—I'm still not the coolest person ever—but I did go an entire year without "doing" my hair. Yep. You heard it right. 365-days without any highlighting, cutting, teasing, hairspraying, blow drying, straightening, curling... any of it. It was a year of new hair adventures, big hair experiment fails, and a year where I learned a lot about myself... and how hair really isn't important at all. See, growing up, I was a cheerleader. A typical cheerleader. Blonde, bubbly, super-preppy, and a big-hair fanatic. Big, bouffant, southern belle, "Utah Poof" style hair (sorry, Bonnie... in Idaho, we call it the Utah Poof... and let me say I am a big fan). I used to die if I had a bad hair day. I was constantly cutting it, highlighting it, making it as big as it would go. Needless to say, it was a damaged mess. So last year, that's when I decided to forego all the damaging tactics and just let it go—au natural baby. And now, I'm proud to say I did it. Along the way, I got called a hippy, innovative, crazy, gutsy, brave, and even occasionally inspiring. But—I did it. And I gained: confidence, a gazillion new hairstyles, and a ton of inches on my hair.

So, now that I've told you all about my year-long adventure (and a blog that I use only occasionally), go check it out. And should you feel so inclined, maybe start a Beehive journey of your own. OH—and then please be sure to go visit my real blog, you know, the one that I'm actually present at 5-days a week. Also, I feel bad. I know I introduced myself, but all you've really seen is the back of my
head. So HELLO: this is me. Come say hi.


  1. Ugh! I hate it when stores do that to you. I probably wouldn't say anything unless the price was a lot more. Still that's so annoying.

  2. well. i'm my fathers daughter. and if i were told one price yet charged another, i will get my serious face on and demand some answers! most places are pushovers (or value their customers) and will give in to whatever you say goes, and if they are rude to me for questioning, that's when i write some seriously awesome letters of complaint to the manager/owner after forking out the money they are demanding...

    and fer serious until last year, i never ever blow dried or straightened my hair and even now i hardly do it (sometimes i don't even brush... gasp! and my hair does not grow that fast. what on earth!! she must have some sort of hidden hair growth serum she's secretly using...or maybe she brushes her hair regularly. yeah... that could be it.

  3. well first of all let me say that i got a gel (shellac is the same thing i think?) manicure and it lasted over 4 weeks without chipping (NO JOKE!) ... but if i'd been quoted one price then told something the next day id be all like, 'ummm thats not what you told me the other day' but if they were like, 'yeah we did.' id be like, oh ok and not press it. lol

  4. The nail salon may have been experiencing a slow day that day, so she probably told you $20 to get you right in at that moment. She may not have remembered you from the previous day or something. I'm all for giving people the benefit of the doubt until it feels like they're going out of their way to rip me off. Then the claws come out. :P It probably would've been better to verify the price before getting the manicure done, but lessons learned, I guess? Yeah, $15 more than the originally quoted price is kind of a crap deal. ;(

  5. I've been to nail salons before where a friend and I will get the exact same manicure. We were driving back talking and we realized we were charged two different amounts for the same thing. It was completely ridiculous!

  6. At a lot of nail places they charge you a little less if you are getting both a pedi and a mani. Kind of like bundling your cable/internet :)

  7. I'm awful when it comes to biting my nails! I do the same as far as biting off any chip polish to get to that nail. And then it's over from there. Needless to say I only have pretty nails..when they're painted..and that's only two days outta the week.

  8. Oh wow- I wish I could go a year without blow drying, straightening etc!

  9. I would have done exactly as you did. Back down and pay the cash and regret it after, but I am a wimp like that. In my mind, I would have been a ferocious lion and argued- but I am only like that on my bad days, and things like this only seem to happen on your good days.

  10. I'm a shellac-a-holic and I would have flipped my proverbial shit. NO FREAKING WAY $35!!!! I pay 27..with a tip! I hate when people tell you one thing and then do another! Unfortunately those nail places are SO guilty of it.

    Stand your ground, beautiful!

  11. Nail Salons ALWAYS do that. But I got enough pedicures with my mom growing up to know better. LITERALLY If they try to charge my mom the wrong price and pretend like they told her the more expensive price, she will MARCH her butt out of there saying "if you won't let me pay the price I was told, I'm not paying"..... I know, I know it sounds EXTREME.... But literally EVERYTIME they chase her out the sidewalk yelling "ok twenty dolluhs" You pay twenty!......


    1. Hahahahahahaaaaa! Oh man I'm rolling!

  12. You got a steal on a shellac mani!! They are $45 at all the salons around me!!! There are many different brands of shellac on some suck and chip the next day - others are awesome and last me two weeks!!!

  13. Ha! I do the same thing. I always panic and can't seem to think of the right thing to say!

  14. I say something every. single. time. Nobody rips this girl off. Just this week I got a $55 check from a hair salon that charged me too much. And last week I got a gift card to a restaurant that gave me food poisoning...And $100 to a moving company that lost my bed sheets... Like I said, nobody rips me off.

  15. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Shellac is a HEAVEN SENT!!

    I work in the beauty industry, and things are getting really fancy now. :)

    You can get things called "additives" put into them and it creats a unique style based on what your looking for. It's pretty neat actually! :)

    Gotta say, I love the color you picked!

  16. What do you think of the shellac? Is it the same thing as like...fake nails? I keep thinking about getting them, but I'm so freaked out by the filing down of my nails when they do the gel nails that I don't wanna do the shellac in case they do that to me too!!

    Also, I woulda said something to that money stealing woman!! 15 bones could get me a new dress at Old Navy, girl!

  17. Monday! Stinking Culvers! The best custard ever, they charged me for a small and gave me a mini...really mini. It was a mini cup half full. I was so shocked that the woman told me the price and proceeded to hand me that tiny thing that I couldn't say anything. I just left. Went back the next day and got a small for the price of the small, so it was definitely a mistake and not a size change.

  18. I do not think that I would have been rude but I would have asked why a difference in just a day. You should have a right to ask those questions I feel like. Maybe that is just me though.

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