The Life of Bon: Twas a cruise for the ages!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Twas a cruise for the ages!

I never quite know how to do vacation recaps.  They just totally befuddle me.  On Sunday we got back from this totally great cruise and I'm bursting at the seams to tell you all about it.  But I just don't know how!  I struggle to blog about vacations without
1) being totally boring to anyone who was not on the trip
2) making it seem like I am not bragging and shoving it in your face that I was on vacation while you were all at work and
3) dumping an obscene amount of pictures on my readers.

Any suggestions, folks?  How do you do your vacation highlights?

I'll try to keep the writing to the minimum and the pictures to only the high quality ones.  Come along my friends, for a 10 hour road trip and a Mexican cruise, will you?

Friday October 12, I bolted from the high school at lightening speed and was on my way with Hubs to sunny California.  The road trip was to be around ten hours- the longest road trip we've ever gone on together.  I imagined all sorts of intensity- belting songs on the road, speeding down the highway, and even a dramatic fight!  Turns out it was pretty mellow.   Twas a successful trip and I dare say we emerged unscathed.   We arrived at my bestie's house, Akasha, who lives in Irvine, CA- AKA the land of wealth and plenty- before midnight.  Yea for fast drivers!

Highlights:  Beef jerky, getting down to CA in 9.5 hours, listening to a book on tape about serial killers, holding hands with Hubs.

Lowlights:  Spending $5.09 a gallon a gas in Barstow.  Oh, the pain!

Saturday October 13, We started bright and early with a Lady Gaga dance party because that's how it is when you've got a 3 year old, a 15 month old, and a newborn.  Akasha certainly has her hands full with the three kiddos but she does it without sweating a drop and gives me hope that some day maybe someday I'll be a good mom.  We hit up a couple of beaches and I even got to watch Hubs biff it multiple times on a surfboard.  It's good to watch men get humbled.  After the beach it was off to a hotel next to the cruise ship to meet up with my fam damily.

Highlights:  Hearing Akasha scream after Camden peed all over her dress, helping Aspen make "pancakes" for Hubs' breakfast, remembering how bad it stings to have salt water in your eyes, trying to hit the seagulls with our flip flops.

Lowlights:  Everybody chose a yummy ice cream flavor and I chose a gross one.  Oh, the misery!

Can you find baby #3?  Hint:  It's under Akasha's towel!

Sunday October 14, We tried to hit up church before getting on the big old cruise ship that afternoon. Only no one knew when/where church was so we all got up an hour too early and then fiddled around the hotel and ate bagels.  Hubs found some peeps from Russia and busted out his Russian faster than you can say "Communist!"  I pretended like I understood, but let me tell you what Russian don't sound a thing like Spanish and it certainly don't sound a thing like English.

We found a Samoan church to go to and then my mom and sister tormented because I fell asleep during the service, but come on, the people were speaking Samoan!  What do you expect?

Finally it was cruise ship time, and unlike the last time Hubs and I went on an uber duber cruise, (AKA our honeymoon) we weren't sharing a twin bed.  (For the full details, go here.  Curse, you Larry!)

Highlights Watching my niece and nephew giggle and hug each other like long last lovers during dinner (Also the same niece and nephew that had a steamy kissing scene last Christmas), the sunset on the ocean, my nephew threatening to Hubs, "It's playtime, Greg!" before hitting him repeatedly, and creme brule that made me positively weak in the knees.

Lowlights Waiting for a ride in a 15 passenger to shuttle us to the cruise ship.  Anything in a 15 passenger van is always a lowlight.

October 15, Monday I woke up at 9 am and realized with a sleepy satisfaction that my students had already been at school for an hour and a half. Suckers! Tis good to sluff school, my friends. The day was spent entirely on sea, basking in the sunlight, eating extravagant meals, hitting up all the trivia contests, and sending Hubs off to compete in free throw contests with my brothers. We got all dolled up for dinner, donning the red lipstick and I thought to myself, "Golly gee, this day might just be perfection."

Highlights: Laying in the sun and reading for hours, watching every type of person in the world go by, countless ice cream cones, riding on Hubs back in the swimming pool, late night karaoke, and spare ribs for dinner.  Watching my brother and his wife who have been married for ten years smooching at the dinner table.

Lowlights: We might've stopped to play a couple of hands of blackjack in the casino. We might not have come out with the money we went in with. There's a reason I don't gamble.

That's my bro.  He ruined my sexy pose.



Um... guys?  I'm totally exhausted.  This vacation recap has got me completely worn out!  Who knew summarizing your days of relaxation would be such work?!?  Can we pick up tomorrow?

And any suggestions for ways to report on vacations would be greatly appreciated...


  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Haha I did the same thing recapping my vacation to Colorado. The post got way too long & I couldn't write anymore so I stopped and made it a two part-er.

    Looks like an amazing vacation, beautiful scenery!

  2. This looks like so much fun! We did a cruise for our second honeymoon (a few months after getting married) And I was SOOO sick the whole time. yes, I threw up. Yes, my husband still loves me. Don't know how! I wish I loved cruises though, they always look so fun!

  3. Oh I LOVE it!!! So fun that you got to see my cousins!! :) So lucky! Can't wait to hear, and I say brag all you want about your vacay!

  4. This looks like such a fun cruise/trip. And those pictures were amazing!

  5. I'm goin on a cruise over New Years. Whoop whoop this got me pumped. Free room service 24.7 baby.

  6. Yay for Irvine! That's where I live =)

    What cruise line was it? Those rooms look nice!

  7. Please don't change your ways, love it!
    Damn you got down low on the karaoke floor! Go Bon and hubs!!!

  8. I usually opt for the obscene amount of vacation pics...always love pics!

    Glad you had fun :)

  9. I just found you....and I love you! You have yourself a new follower! :)

  10. I love the highlight/lowlight way of recapping! Also, I love that Larry made an appearance again :)

  11. I LOVE the pictures, because i've been on a couple of cruises and I miss all of that! I say pictures are the way to go! And do a recap of one or two ports each day. That's what I did for our cruise when I blogged about it. YAY for unlimited ice cream cones!

  12. I like how you did it, it lists the highlights and the lowlights and always with your witty humor... you win a gold star for best vaca recap! Makes me wish I was there, but not braggy, just makes me happy your trip was fun :)

  13. Sounds like fun!! Lowlights and highlights are a great idea!

  14. Cruises are the best. And it looks like you are on the same ship I was on two months ago. I remember that late night karaoke. It was the inspiration of a future gift for Adam! Glad you had fun! Also, what serial killer book? I want to read it. is that weird?

  15. I absolutely love cruises!! :) Looks like you had a blast Bonnie!! I'm excited to hear what you guys did on the stops en Mexico!! :)