The Life of Bon: Saying Sorry to a spouse- it ain't easy!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Saying Sorry to a spouse- it ain't easy!

The week of parent teacher conferences always make me a little cray cray.

I don't know if it's the pressure of meeting parents, having to justify my book choices and my teaching methods, or the 14 hour day that I put in on Wednesday.

Whatever it is, it makes me straight up crazy.

Take Wednesday for example.  I left the house at 7 am and returned home at 9 pm.  I was excited to see Hubs and get some bonding time in with him, but instead I freaked out because there were literally three dirty glasses in the sink.  I'm working on the whole, "Just because my day was hellish doesn't mean I have to make your day hellish too" concept.  It's a little advanced for me.
After said freak out, I collapsed into bed, mad with exhaustion as I fell into a half asleep/ half crying delirium.  About forty five minutes later I woke up, determined to find Hubs and make sure he knew I loved him before I konked out for real and went another 14 hour day without seeing him.

I hunted him down, (it wasn't that hard, he was just in the next room) apologized, and then spent the next hour with him watching lion attacks on YouTube. 

I know.  None of it makes any sense, but then again, neither do 14 hour days.

Today I wanted to get him something to apologize and to let him know I really do appreciate it, despite the "three cups in sink" freak out.  But what do you get a boy to say sorry?  You can't go with flowers.  You can't even go with chocolate.   What's a girl to do?!?

In my case, I found the unhealthiest food I could.  Hubs has a serious love for candy and energy drinks.  I knew this would let him know that this girl was serious about her apologies!

As I write this it is 10:36 pm and I am on the edge of another fit of madness.  All I know is thank goodness a weekend is in sight.  To save the sanity of us all, I think it's time to sign off and let someone else take over.  Although I would absolutely love it if that person were Hubs, it sadly is not.  BUT.  She's almost just as good.  Almost.  Sorry, Stacie, but you know Hubs has got to come first in my book!  I've got three words to describe Stacie for you:  HILARIOUSLY RANDOM and CRAFTY.  If you can keep up with her post I will give you ten points extra credit, because this girl is far from boring.  And she's got the cutest darn shop on the web that she may or may not be giving away $25 to later this month!  Okay, fine, she is!!!

Hello.  My  name is Joe.  I have a wife, three kids and a house.  I work in a button factory….

Remember the old “Father Abraham” style camp song?  You know, the one where you turn things with your right hand and kick your neighbor with your left foot and then wiggle your booty, all to make buttons at this really inefficient button factory?  

(I mean srsly, don't we have machines that make this kinda stuff for us now?  But my camp days were over 20 years ago, and honestly how many button-making machines were around then?  We didn't even have personal computers for crying out loud....but I digress.)

It’s how I mentally introduce myself when I’m nervous.  I’ll laugh about how absurd this sounds, I’m 30 years old for goodness sake, but then I’ll have this conversation:

Ohmigosh Stace, wouldn't it be SO funny if you said this right now?!  Your middle name is Jo so it’s basically the same!!!  Of course you'd have to change the second part because you're a girl and you don’t have a wife.  You don’t have kids either or a job at a button factory…

At this point I’ve stared blankly long enough for the person I’m meeting for the first time to wonder if I really did just forget my name.


Luckily, this doesn’t translate the same on the Internets.

So, hello.

My name is Stacie.

I don't work at a button factory but I do craft.  Whimsically.

And over at SJL Original:: The Whimsical Crafter I blog about my craft.  I blog about what inspires my craft.  But mostly I blog about the life I lead around my craft.  Because that’s what makes me a real person and not just some name on a label.

Which I am by the way.  I’m real.

I mean, I have a husband who dances to Beyonce in his unmentionables and a dog that burps in my face.  If that ain’t real I don’t want to know what is. 

No seriously, please do not let it get any more real.


So before we head over to my house for tutorials on how not to stab your thumb with felting needles and accounts of my husband thinking potty comes from my uterus, I should probably fill you in on a few additional things.  You know, so you have some idea what you're getting yourself into:

Like how I watch Matlock.  A lot.  And that I go on quilting retreats and wear yoga pants up to my belly button and stuff used tissues up my sleeves.  I may be wearing sparkly blue nail polish right now but deep down I'm a crotchety 75-year-old.

Also, I insert marching band references at random and sometimes inappropriate times.

"Yeah, so I saw a pair of shoes and I thought 'whoa, those shoes would match my scrunchy.'"

"Cooooool.  So did you know this one time at band camp I got my trombone's spit valve stuck in some girl's hair?!"

I have a very intense fear that my teeth will just fall right out of my head and I scream very loudly when I'm startled.  By squirrels.

I throw up on whale watches.

Easy Stace. 

You're right; that's enough for now.  I think you get the gist of this Whimsical Crafter.  Stop by.  Say hello.  I promise I won't show you my awkward inner dialogues when we meet.   :)


  1. Oh goodness, yes ... the irrational freak-out. I am the queen of those and the worst thing is, at the time, when I am freaking out I know I am being a tad over-dramatic and the event does not warrant quite such a strong reaction ... but I just can't help it and feel awful afterwards.

    Glad you were able to make amends!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Parent teacher conferences & report cards always made me crazy. I also think that as teachers, there are days when we use every once of patience on those lovely children so by the time I get home, I have nothing left. Sometimes my husband would ask me a simple question and I'd snap because I had people asking me a bajillion questions all day. Our poor partners.

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  4. Ha ha ha I am loving your blog! And such a great idea for a sorry gift, you can't go wrong with sweets! xxx

  5. I would love to say my late nights and rants were due to parent conferences but mine are due to working a night job now and its starting to get to me. Ugh!

  6. I'm bad at the whole "if I had a bad day then yours should be bad too". I tend to take out my emotions on my poor bf just because he's around most often, I gotta work on it!

  7. Lol @ Stacie...I'll def be heading over to check out her blog! LOVE finding new peeps to follow :-)

    I want your "I'm sorry" gift to your hubby. Really, I'm preggo and that candy was yelling at me! Haha

    Hope you have a good, STRESS FREE weekend!!!

  8. I know what you mean about apologizing to a husband. Chocolate is a smart idea! Good for you for being humble enough to do it!

  9. very good post, happy to have found your blog! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  10. Am I the only one thinking the too-inappropriate-to-post-in-a-public-domain response to "What is the guy equivalent to flowers?" Guess so.

  11. Oh yes, I think we are all a little too familiar with lashing out at the people you love the most when you are tired and frustrated. Good for you for being humble enough to say sorry!