The Life of Bon: Twas a party for bloggers! And lots of free food!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Twas a party for bloggers! And lots of free food!

Every once in a while something fantastic happens in your life.  Something that allows you to eat for free.  For me, that glorious event occurred last week.
This dude named Jared said, "Hey bloggers come eat at my place for free and then say nice stuff about it on your blogs!"  And I said, "You, sir, have got yourself a deal!"
I always look foward to any excuse to eat pastries, breads, crepes, etc, because my one and only doesn't like breads.  You heard right.  Hubs doesn't like any of the finer things in life included but not limited to: bread, rolls, crepes, waffles, pancakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, ETC!!!!!  Can you see what a difficult life I must have living with him?
ANYHOO... That's why I was practially running to this blogger get together at the Awful Waffle.  Now Jared, I do have to stay, your restaurant name might rhyme, but it's not exactly convincing me to devour those waffles.  Consider changing it?  Maybe Wonderful Waffle?  Or Unlawful Waffle?  You know because it's so good it's unlawful....
Scratch that.  Stick with what you've got.
First off, I feel like you should know that getting to Awful Waffle is like entering a danger zone.  It is in the heart of BYU country which is great for those of you who go to BYU/ hang out around there often.  It is not good for crazy drivers like myself.  I about dang near hit four pedestrians just trying to get to the place.  But it wasn't my fault, I tell you those pedestrians bolt into the street just whenever they feel like it!  Ye have been warned.  If you hit a pedestrian it is not on my head.
Wow.  We keep getting distracted, don't we?  Let's get to the actual rating of this place!
Awful Waffle ambience: 
Ultra hip.
Awful Waffle manager: 
Very nice.  And he's cute. If you're single. And into men.
Awful Waffle crepes:
Umm... HELLO?!?!  Where was this place when I went to BYU?  SO GOOD.  Love the strawberry crepe with cream cheese the best.  I would actually just go with the cream cheese on everything.  I also tried a savory crepe- it was a chicken pesto.  Is it some kind of blaspheme if I say these crepes were better than the crepes I had in Paris?  Because they were.
Awful Waffle pizza
This was a pleasant surprise for me.  I was not expecting pizza and I was definitely not expecting pizza this delcious.  They had the standards, but they also had some more unique kinds of pizza.  I got my pizza with strawberries, lettuce, and feta cheese.  Gourmet salad meets hot pizza and Bon Bon is in LOVE!
Awful Waffle service: 
All the servers were cute girls, so you can't argue with that!
Awful Waffle prices: 
Totally affordable!  Pizzas are around $8 and crepes are under $5.
Awful Waffle company
Good not great.
JK Blogging buddies.  It was oh so fun and oh so hip.  You know it was.
Get your buns down to Awful Waffle (602 E. 600 N. in Provo) and see for yourself.  I'm even going to see if I can work some magic on Hubs and get him down there.  Lure him with the pizza and then force a crepe on him?
And now... PICTURES!


FINALLY got to meet a long blog crush of mine, Jennie.


  1. How fun! Wish I lived near there. I love a good crepe!

  2. Jennie is my cousin! Every time she is in a post of yours I say this. It makes me feel special.

  3. This looks like it was a blast! Wish i could have been there!

  4. Strawberries and feta on a pizza....I think I just drooled on my keyboard. Brilliant! This makes me actually want to set foot in Utah someday. :)

  5. OMG I want to eat there!! So jealous!! Looks like lots of fun!! And cream cheese always makes everything better!!
    -Meesh :)

  6. Looks like it was such a great time!!! :)

  7. I loved coming in to work the day after this and seeing all the blog URLs up on the board! Jared is seriously the best boss ever-and he's looking for a girl! ;)

  8. Duck face on the second picture

  9. I want to still go to a bloggers get together!!! Always looks so fun!

  10. looks amazing!!!

    and how can you not like breads?!?!?

  11. I'm so glad you just got your blog post up too. I just did mine.

    Good to meet you! Love your blog!