The Life of Bon: Twas a fall full of pictures. And a few awkward poses.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Twas a fall full of pictures. And a few awkward poses.

Before I say anything, do you live in Utah County and are you going to this?  Because you should be!  You really should be!  I might even be wearing my jaundice tights for the occasion!
Moving onward...
THAT one.
I support Hubs in all his acting endeavors.  But I also LOVE it when a show is done.  Because that means that for a small period of time, before Hubs starts up with another project, I get the boy all to myself.
The last two weeks he's been all mine.  Yah, I sound a bit controlling and possessive, but admit it, it makes me that much cooler.
Last night of his show.  Ah, don't he look good with plastic feathers around his head?!? 
And now, a little sample of what we've been doing together.

I've been begging people to go for a drive up the canyon with me but everyone has always got some excuse.  So for now looking at the trees from a distance as we drove up to the Renaissance fair will have to do.  Isn't loving fall so cliche?  But still, I love it.

Hubs and I went to see A Comedy of Errors at the Renaissance fair.  See the couple back left?  There were a lot of couples like that and that's why you just got to love the Renaissance fair.  Also, anytime there was a pause on stage, Hubs yelled out "RENAISSANCE!"  I'm sure the cast of the show just loved him!

Also I'm in to teethless smiling nowadays.  Everytime I look at these weird pictures of myself trying to smile I realize I shouldn't do that.  And then I forget.  Oh, alas the day!

And then there was the "debut piano recital" that I dragged Hubs along to.  This is my piano student, Sachi.  She's a dollface and we have a grand old time doing piano together.  I teach piano in my spare time, but don't thinking I'm some saint or something.  I only do it because Sachi's mom swaps with me for eyelash extensions and I have a deep and abiding love for long eyelashes.

This was the "Sachi's mom tells her to take a picture with her piano teacher and so she decided to just plunk herself down on the piano bench with what appears to be a bouquet of plastic while I stand next to her and awkwardly put my hand on her back" picture.

I think it turned out well, what do you think?

Hubs' friend was in town from Cali so we all got together and played volleyball and then crashed Winger's.  And by all I mean a bunch of boys and me.  And by crashed I mean we went in and politely asked for a table, ate, paid our bill, and then left without making too much of a mess.

Also, sometimes Hubs and I have to be on different teams when we play volleyball because we get so mad at each other. We're real competitive like that.  And yah, we're working on it.

This is on our way to see another play, Vincent in Brixton.  That Hubs sure does get me to go to a lot of shows with him!  Hubs is making this incredibly grouchy face in the picture because he was incredibly grouchy.  You see, it was 7:21 and the show started at 7:30 and although we were right outside the building, Hubs likes to be very on time.  I guess you could say we have different ideas of what "on time" consists of.  Very different ideas.

And now, for the most exciting part of this whole darn post!

Hubs had his big movie premiere on Saturday!  This summer Hubs was in the movie "CZ-918" and you better believe there was a showing of it on Saturday.  We got all dolled up (and by that I mean we took a shower) and marched on down to that theatre on Saturday for the big movie screening.

This is me trying to get a picture of Hubs on screen.  It was very very difficult because I had an unruly Hubs sitting next to me hissing, "Put that away!  Bonnie!  Seriously!  You're embarrassing me!  That is so not appropriate!  Put it away!  I'm serious."  I guess you could say that Hubs and I have different ideas of what is appropriate movie theatre behavior.  Very different ideas.

The guy to the right of Hubs was the director and those other two peeps in the picture are fellow actors trying to strike it big.  I have a personal affinity for the dude on the left who talks with a thick Brooklyn accent and seemed to just kind of wander around by himself for most of the premiere.  Gosh, I love people like that.

Finally I demanded that I get in at least one of the shots.  The director dude didn't seem to get the hint that this was a Hubs and Bon picture only, but what can you do? Just let the man stay in the picture, I say!

And that's a wrap!

P.S.  A couple of you have asked what exactly Hubs is doing being involved so much play/movie/theatre business.  I'm going to get the man himself to do a post on this blog, but well, he's a little shy.  Or stuck up.  Who's to say?  It's just taking a little bit of convincing is all.  Maybe a bit of encouragement from the readers would help steer him in the right direction.... ?


  1. trading piano lessons for eyelash extensions must be the greatest deal in the world.

  2. Dear Mr. Bon, please oh please oh pretty please with sugar on top tell us all about the theatrical world? I'd LOVE to live vicariously through you. Plus it'd be fun to hear from the guy that's captured Bonnie's heart. ~~~

    Mrs. Bon, you're always so adorable and I always enjoy reading your blog posts. Mostly....cause you're funny. And cute -teeth smiling or not.

  3. GO HUBS GO!!!

  4. tell him if he does the post then my husband will too. He thinks he's too manly for blogging, but I can show him other dudes do it too, he probably will be more inclined.

    and I'm totally going tonight! See you there!

  5. Dear Hubs,
    Please do a guest post! I've said it before that I think I have a crush on you (in that whole, you're totally a married man and your wife is my favorite blogger so it's not at all inappropriate kind of way). For reals, Hubs. Don't be shy.

  6. Yes, I would love to hear more from your husband about what he does. It's much more interesting then accounting, etc. Haha!

  7. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Piano lessons for eyelash extensions!?
    That's pretty amazing.

    How cool that he was in a movie! He definitely needs to do a guest post.

  8. Cool! Zombie movie!

  9. So first off, love this post. Mostly the grouchy pic of your husband and you smiling a big toothless grin. Also, I went and read your post about your addiction to extensions. I have a couple friends who do that. I have heard that they can rip out your real lashes and leave you with nothing!! Is that true? Cause I kinda want to do it!!