The Life of Bon: When kids start singing the whistle song

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When kids start singing the whistle song

Already now listen here.  I know you are all dying to see more Mexican cruise pictures.  I'm sure you're just refreshing my blog site every half hour wondering when you're going to get part two of the fiesta.  But I just don't got it in me.  Who knew that vacation recaps would be the hardest thing to write EVER?  Tomorrow?

Besides the fact that I don't feel like recapping the vacation, we've got a couple matters of business we got to take care of and you know what they say about business!  Business is business!

#1:  Sponsorship in November is just about snatched up.  I've got one large spot left and a couple of medium and small stragglers looking for a bloggy home.  Email me at to snatch your spot.  I don't want to give away any spoilers or anything, but prices are very likely to go up in the next month.

#2:  I am excited to announce my very first edition of "Comment of the week!"  I've been wanting to do this for a long time.  The thing is all of you ladies leave these awesome comments on my blog and I read every single one of them, but I just can't seem to give them the attention they deserve.  I get all sorts of comments from profound to humbling to eye opening to hilarious to witty to absolutely genius.  Some of them make me laugh out loud.  And thus it is that I introduce to you my first ever commenter of the week, Bethany Grow.

 I said this in a recent post, "I don't understand how we as a society have accepted the song "Whistle" into our current top ten billboard hits. We should be ashamed of ourselves. And that's all I am going to say because my mom reads this blog."

Bethany commented back this:  ummmm about whistle. i was at a giant family event the other day where a lot of it involved dancing and acting crazy and such and they had a section of time devoted to all the kids there and letting them show off their moves. the dj turned "whistle" on which i had never heard before and said "does anyone know how to whistle??!!" and the kids went CRAZZZYYYYY!!!! and i'm kinda dancing along until i listen to the lyrics and HOLY CRAP. i wanted to cover all of their innocent ears. when kids across america love that song it makes me not want to be a mom. blegh.

BAHAHA.  Seriously laughed to myself for five minutes after reading that comment.  I had this weird visual of millions of kids going crazy on the dance floor all while going to town on plastic red whistles.  Thanks Bethany for your amazing comment!

#3 I've got some freaking hip chicas that you need to meet ASAP.  I'll give you a little hint for each of them and then you have to guess who is who just by the pictures.  Think you can do it?  One blogs about her weight loss journey, one is from Australia, two of them look like they could be twins (are they?!?!) and one is just starting on a journey of clipping coupons!  Wow, sounds like I've got everything under the sun today, don't I?


I live in Sydney, Australia and I don’t blog about being married or having kids. Mostly because I have not yet reached either of those stages, but if you stay tuned for you know…5 years or so; you may actually get some hot tips on those topics. I do however have a boyfriend of 5 years and a pretty cute dog so they feature on the blog from time to time.
Seriously though, I blog about pretty much anything that happens and like to fill my posts with the copious amounts of photos I take (I am no photographer, I just like taking photos!).
I’d love to have you stop by, I love ‘meeting’ new bloggers. Especially if they are as hilarious as Bonnie!


 My name is Allison and I write about the happiness that comes with living life. My life may not be perfect, but I'm choosing to live it as best as I can. So come on over, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let's chat.


Hi! I'm Millie and I blog at Little Miss Sunshine. I'm on a mission to live my life according to me and spread happiness along the way. This means I end up blogging about everything from my random acts of kindess, like the time I handed out balloons with positive quotes on them to strangers on my birthday, to my thoughts on life and dating, like the time I wrote what to expect if you date a girl like me or the dos and don't of online dating. Come on by and say hello!


Hi! I'm Jen from over at Filling Up My Cup! I write to you guys the way I talk to my friends...on any given day I may cover cooking,fashion, motherhood, celebrities I'm BFFs with and everything in between. Basically, whatever is currently floating my boat! You never know what that may be but I almost always find the humor in it. I'd love for you to join me on this quest to fill up my cup!
Hello there, Life of Bon readers.  I am Kristyn and I blog over at Chits and Giggles. What is my blog about, you ask? life.  Why would I want to read about that?  That's a good question.  Just kidding.  I blog about my weight loss journey including the many struggles, my super cute nephew, and anything else I can think of.  
Did you correctly guess all five of them?  Then congratulations, you get a free peanut butter cup!  Now go over and say hi to them already!


  1. Love the comment of a week...and I agree...what a BAD song. I also had no idea what it was about...until my dear sweet hubs explained it to me. I was so embarrassed.

  2. oh goodness haha i'm glad you liked my comment so much!! i feel i should add that this wasn't a personal family event but a family style function haha my family has some class.
    oh bon bon. thanks for the shoutout!!

  3. That happens with a lot of songs - you really like them, the beat, then you really stop and figure it out and you're like uhhhh ok!

  4. I just recently found your blog through another blog, but this post caught my attention - I have always hated this song because I hate whistling in general so I never paid attention to what it was about. Recently I was driving a van full of teenage boys and this song came on - my 14 year old son clued me in to what it was about and after listenting for a minute, I immediately turned it over. I have never felt so old and like my mother as I did then.