The Life of Bon: All in the name of RISK!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

All in the name of RISK!

Well guys.

I couldn't find my camera on Thanksgiving day.  Which means that I didn't get any pictures of the embarrassing abundance of food- of the potatoes and gravy, the rolls, the turkey, the cranberries, the stuffing, the jello, the salad, and the pie all whipped up effortlessly by my mother in law.  And all without sweating a drop!  We all know that the cardinal sin of blogging is to write about something without taking a picture of it, and so I suppose I am a blogging sinner for not having any pictures.  Forgive me?

Thursday and Friday were relaxing days with family where I thought not at all about blogging and even less about teaching and instead went in endless happy cycles of eat, sleep, movie, eat, sleep, movie.  We threw in a 1000 piece puzzle, a round of poker (Hubs cleaned us all out!), a bit of ping pong, and a jazz game and the weekend was complete.

Yes, the only pictures I snapped with my crappy camera phone were of a puzzle and a poker box.

Too complete in fact.  When Hubs had to come home today for rehearsal, my sister in law, Kylee, bribed us to come back up to Kaysville for the remainder of Saturday and Sunday.  "If you come back up, I'll even play Risk with you."

Kylee hates Risk.  She says she hates it for no in particular reason, but we all know it's because I win all the time.  Also, I have a snotty attitude whenever I play.

I stopped dead in my tracks.  "You want me to drive back up to Kaysville an hour and a half tomorrow night and drive back down an hour and a half on Sunday so that you'll play Risk with me?"

"Yes...."  She said slowly.

"I'll think about it,"  I answered.  You can't agree too quickly or else people will think you're some kind of Risk playing freak, and you can't let your sister in law of all people think that about you.  But I knew in my head that as soon as that offer was on the table, I'd be taking it, and taking it greedily.

We left Kaysville this morning, headed down to Provo for Hubs' rehearsal.  We packed our bags.  We said goodbye.  We left nothing in the house.  But I had a feeling.  A feeling that we'd be back in a mere matter of hours for some serious Risk.  

Hubs' rehearsal was supposed to go until 6.  When he texted me and said, "The rehearsal will end at 5" he unknowingly sealed the deal.  The boy would be playing Risk whether he wanted to or not.

I texted him back, real nonchanlantly, I mean people, we gotta remember what I said about not acting like a Risk playing freak, "I have to admit, now that you will be done earlier it is kinda tempting to go back up for Risk... thoughts?"

Hubs texted back, "I'm down."

And that is the story of how I drove three hours for one Risk game.  If I am first out tonight, so help me, I will kill every last family member.

Just kidding, Kylee.

There you have it, folks.  How to morph a Thanksgiving post that was intended to be about what you're grateful for, how many blessings you have, and how rich and abundant life is into a rant from a raving Risk lunatic.

You're welcome.


  1. Hahahahaha you're too funny

  2. Risk is an awesome game!

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Hahaha this is hilarious!

  4. i love jigsaw puzzles and my hubby is obsessed with risk. sounds like a great few days!

  5. Hey girl, this is Pame from "Love bound" blog. . I'm so glad you found my little blog-in-the-wall, cause now I get to enjoy of yours! :). Love your writing, got a kick out of your stories, the "how-to"s are hilarious! New follower here :)


  6. How is it that moms and mother in laws can whip up a meal in no time and act like it's not a big deal? does every women get this power when she produces a mini me?

  7. How is it that moms and mother in laws can whip up a meal in no time and act like it's not a big deal? does every women get this power when she produces a mini me?

  8. Laughing so hard! No one in our family will play Risk with my Grama, she turns into a crazy person. What is it with that game? Hehe

  9. Thanks for following along with me. Glad to be following along with you. We've been relaxing since Thanksgiving too. Too funny about Risk.

  10. oh man, oh man, i love your posts haha .. and, hold on to your hat, i have never played risk. not once. don't even actually think i know what it's about or anything related to it. so, um, i hope you won! :)