The Life of Bon: I voted! Just not for president

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I voted! Just not for president

I voted today.
Did you?

Okay, FINE.  I didn't vote.  At least not for the president.  In fact, I was nationally shamed for not voting.  I had two friends let me know this morning that they had found my happy little face on BuzzFeed.  Number thirty three.

Yes, I felt like an idiot.  Especially since the title of this article is "63 people who will not be making a difference on election day."   Thank you, BuzzFeed.  I make no difference.  It got worse with the introduction that stated "These young people couldn't figure out the super complicated whole voter registration thing. You mean you have to mail something in? YOLO!"  To start with, I hate the phrase YOLO and it makes absolutely no sense in this context.  Secondly, it's not that it's "super complicated", it's that the information just isn't dispensed like it should be.  Looking at the bright side, at least they think I'm young?  

But answer me this, who should feel dumber?  Me for not voting or my two friends for reading BuzzFeed at noon on a Tuesday?

Yes.  My two friends.  Glad we're all in agreeance here.

The reason I didn't vote is because I honestly had no idea that you had to register to vote so early ahead of time.  Four years ago I was sweating my way through Argentine jungles so I didn't register then.  And that's how I am in my mid twenties and have never voted.  Go ahead.  THROW YOUR STONES.  But it wasn't from lack of caring.

But that's not the point.
The point is I DID vote.  I may not have voted for Mr. Prez, but I voted on a lot of other extremely pressing issues.

I voted for a fourth season of Arrested Development.

I voted for nail polish that never chips.

I voted for gasoline to not be allowed to go above two dollars a gallon.

I voted for a raise for all teachers who love their students, big and small, black and white.

I voted for a work day starting before 8 am to be illegal.

I voted for weather to go from autumn to spring to summer to autumn.

I voted for marriage and I voted for married couples to stay married and stay happy.  I voted for people to be required to work harder for their marriage than anything else.

I voted for public bathrooms that are always clean.

I voted for everybody to have a best friend.  At least one best friend that they love like a sibling and can go to for anything in the world.

I voted for the legalization of marijuana.  (I put this one in just to get Hubs riled up.  We've had many debates about this.  But still- I'm pro legalization!)

I voted for diet coke for everyone.  Unless you like regular coke.  Then I vote for regular coke for you!

I voted for more love.

I voted for less hate.

I voted for a guarantee that any future BonHubs babies will sleep through the night.  And just be super awesome kids in general.

I voted for it to be illegal to go slow in the left lane.  If you go slow in the left lane, I voted that your driver privileges be revoked.  Permanently.

I voted for people to respect each other at all times, even when they disagree.  (Don't get me started with this!)

I voted for swimming pools and water parks and sun, sun, sun!

But most of all I voted for trust and compassion and honesty and hard work and above all else charity.  All those things for all Americans.

This idea was stolen from my buddy over at The Daily Tay.  I wish I thought of it myself.  But I didn't.  I told you the girl was a genius.


  1. Those are great things to vote for! Hopefully who ever wins tonight will also be voting for those things!

  2. Love this post! Also, your wedding picture is adorable!

  3. Oh my goodness about Buzzfeed! I think I would have crawled under a rock if I saw my face pop up on a national site like that.

    To be fair you don't have to pre-register in every single state, 8 states allow voters to register DAY OF the election and still vote.

    Oh well, you'll get 'em next time!

  4. Many people didn't know they had to register far in advance is what I mean by last comment - you totally aren't the only one!

  5. BUMMER!! But I almost didn't get to vote. My husband registered himself, but not me, but told me he took care of it. Luckily since I'm still in the same state all it took was some extra paper work.

  6. That is weird that you had to pre-register. In IA {small county/towns maybe?} you can do 'same-day registration'..!

  7. I'm a really political person and I almost missed our registration deadline in Texas. Sounds like your state needs to work on their Get Out To Vote Campaign! lol
    Sorry you made Buzzfeed! lol

  8. I wasn't registered either and went to vote and filled out a "provisional vote". Not sure if your state has that too but just for future reference. =)

  9. Sooo different to Australia where it is compulsory!

  10. I am voting for you now, season 4 of arrested development- can't we make it forever?

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  12. Awe, bummer about not getting registered in time, just do it now so you don't forget for next time! And this was a super cute list!

  13. I love what you did vote sounds like you got all the good stuff anyway!! :)


  14. I love your votes! I vote for coke too ;)

  15. Anonymous7:51 AM

    No worries, we didn't get to vote either. Erin thought he was registered when he changed his license and that wasn't the case. Then I got a notice less than a month before election day. Fail on our part, yes, but I don't take full responsibility since the state should have done more too.
    I like what you voted for though! :o)

  16. I am from Idaho so at the last election when I was 21, I registered at the polls - because Idaho is awesome like that. Then I moved to Utah. I registered to vote when I got my Utah's driver's license so I didn't think about registering this go 'round. Then... I realized I had since moved. You STILL have to register to vote a month in advance with a change of address. I was one day late. Frustrating. So, I faked it. I went back to the polling place of my old residence (less than a mile from where I live now) and voted.

    This whole registering a month before the election is lame. They should make it easier for people to vote if they want a good turnout. Oh well. Long live Idaho!

  17. Well here's the thing-- Utah is an overwhelmingly red state. Had you voted for Romney, or had you voted for Obama, I'm sorry to say that it would not have made a difference.

    People are OMGVOTING in election season, but I feel like it's a status symbol to vote more than anything. And in most states, your vote doesn't really do all that much. I registered to vote in California (SHH!), and either way my vote wouldn't have done anything. It's okay. Next week, people will move onto something else. :)

  18. I WILL say that I hate the argument that because (insert state) isn't a swing state, there's no point voting. There are other things on the ballot, and also, it's your right. That said, I totally wimped out of voting last election cycle because it was too complicated (shamefully) so I understand, and Buzzfeed is silly.

    ALSO, yes to diet coke. And all the other things. And for legalizing marijuana! Totally voted for that. (It's silly it's illegal....with you there!)

    (Even though I have never/will never use it.)

    The end of my long, long comment.

  19. I am in the same boat with the registration but I'm pretty jealous you got featured on buzzfeed!!

    New blogger, come check out my page but don't judge it's hideous appearance.

  20. Love this post!!! I'm in the same boat as you with the not realizing I had to register way early. Oh well...maybe next election :)

  21. I too vote for nail polish that doesn't chip! Love your blog..I will like through it and full-fill my dreams of becoming a teacher!

  22. That sucks. Here in Minnesota you can register the day of voting!

  23. Well come on over to Colorado then because recreational use of marijuana is now legal. I understand the benefits of legalization and I get it the money it will bring in for the state, but it still doesn't sit well with me that my neighbors can smoke it anytime they want and my children are exposed to it. whateves.

  24. LOVE THIS POST!!!!

  25. I vote for all those things too!!

  26. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Yolo irritates me to not end!! I personally think it should be illegal. :) Not only do I second that vote for the no slowly drivers in the left lane and also always clean public bathrooms but I also did not vote due to lack of information about registering to vote. haha. :)