The Life of Bon: If I were to marry a woman... it might be this chick.

Monday, November 05, 2012

If I were to marry a woman... it might be this chick.

The weirdest thing happened to me while I was driving today.

I got carsick.


I seriously thought I wouldn't be able to make it home.  I darted in to the house, bolted for the toilet, and then spent the next hour keeled over on the couch.  I am just barely re gaining my strength.

It was weird.

I ain't got an ounce of energy left in my body to entertain you folks.  The good news is I have one of my top three favorite bloggers to take over the reins for me.  I first fell in love with Tay Tay (Trying hard to make this nickname stick!) when she wrote her s$@& bloggers say post.  I loved it so much that I demanded Taylor post it on my blog.  And she did.  My admiration for her has only grown as the months have passed which brings us to where we are today:  A full blown bloggy crush.  Now I'm saving my pennies so I can go visit her in Chicago (Oh, is that ok with you, Taylor?  I forgot to check.)  I could go on and on about how much I love this girl, but I guess I'll just let her do the talking.  I hereby introduce to you, one of my favorite bloggers of all time in one of the greatest guest posts of all time...

You people are so freaking lucky.

Also, Taylor, I forgive you in advance for making fun of my self taken portraits.  I can only get Hubs to take so many pictures of me!

Hey guys.
So a while ago Bon brought forward a topic I know many of us don't like to talk about.
(Count on Bon to bring this kinda stuff up, am I right?)
Jk. Bon's totally that honest blogger we should all aspire to be.
Or at least the blogger we should all read, and instead just let her take the heat...Jk again!

Anyway, I'm talking about the time Bon brought up blog cliques.
Or bliques, as I like to call them.
The way I see it, they're basically three kinds of people in this world.
1. Those who are in cliques.
2. Those who aren't in cliques.
3. And those oblivious to cliques.
Well, I'm a #3 type of person. That is until I read Bon's post, because now I can't stop thinking about this secret world of bliques she mentioned.
Am I in a blique? Am I being left out from bliques? Do I even know what a blique is?

I think it's safe to assume I'm in Bon's blique, right?
I think so, I mean I am guest posting on her blog today...
So yes, that definitely means I'm in.
Now that we've got that settled let's go over some rules that coincide with the Bontaylor clique.
(I just named it that by way.)

Rule #1

This is simply a must.
We all know Bon has a passion for English and writing.
Well guys, I also love to write and have a Masters in English and Creative Writing.
And by Masters I mean Bachelors. Tomatoe tomato, it's all the same.
I've written books, screenplays, novellas, ironic children's stories,
and have rejection letters for all of them.
It's all a part of the fun...

Rule #2

Again, another rule you simply have to follow.
Like Bon, I also love vacations.
Here I am below with my lovely nephew, Knox, in Cabo.
I'm working on the whole "I love kids" part, as I know that is one of the rules of the
Bontaylor clique...
I will be on a cruise with Knox in January and will most definitely be taking numerous photos
of him asleep on the deck chairs.
It's obvious how much Knox loves me...

Rule #3
You have to take numerous self-taken photos.

As a blogger, this is absolutely necessary.
The more self taken photos you have, the better.
And like Bon, I do a fabulous job at this, as well.
disclaimer: this was the first time I've ever actually taken a photo like this,
and due to the amount of awkwardness I felt, it will be the last. 

Rule #4
You must like your "hubs."
Or boyfriend. Or significant other.

Like Bon, I'm one of "those girls" who has a guy she really happens to enjoy being around.
I know, it's totally cliche.
My boy is Chris, and we've been dating for about 5+ years.
I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes,
someday we'll take the next step
and get matching tattoos.
Until then, we're in no hurry.

Rule #5
(This one is probably the most important of all.)
There simply is no way around this one.
If you can't pose like a professional fashion blogger,
don't even think about sitting with us at lunch.

And because there's about 37 more rules, I think I'll stop at five.
I'm also getting a little tired- and rule #25 involves never blogging while tired. Ha.
But before I go I should tell you that my name is Taylor and I blog over at The Daily Tay.
I'm not going to promise I'm as intelligent as Bon, or nearly as witty,
but I try.
Now if I haven't scared you away yet, please feel free to stop by, I love visitors!
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  1. dangit, I am for sure not in a blique. But if I had to join one I would join yours. Yall are both some of my faves!

  2. I don't think I'm in a blique at all... but I'm good with Rule #3,4,&5. I guess I like English class - I really love Shakespeare (I went to theatre school) so that has to count for SOMETHING right? I hope you feel better soon, carsickness is never fun.

  3. This is hilarious! Very true and hilarious! I totally want in this blique!

  4. just minding my own business checking out taylor's s&*@ boggers say and scrolled down to find your lovely yet scary face on her sidebar. yes bon. you are my favorite. and that's the best button i've ever seen. it's official.
    yeah taylor, totally no need to rush into getting matching tattoos.that's a huge commitment. you've gotta be ready for it!

  5. You all are too funny! Stay fresh and oblivious to cliques!

  6. You girls are hilarious :).

  7. Love you both! Two of my favorite reads.

  8. Ditto to the comment above. I scroll past most blogs on my blogroll, but always stop for you 2. I guess I can't qualify for your blique being that I've never been on a cruise (although I have photo bombed a few random family's pics in NYC), but you 2 are def part of mine. Surprise!!

  9. Love both of your blogs sooo much! :)

  10. So adorable!! Love it.

  11. You guys are both so cute! I want to join your blique

  12. Bon Bon, are you preggo? I throw up like a million times in the car while pregnant. I'm keeping an eye on you darling!

  13. I've never wanted to be in a clique more. Sadly there's never a fashion post on my mine... bah! Heading over to The Daily Tay now. Feel better Bon, unless of course this is an extended sickness for a certain little reason. ;)

  14. Hilarious!

    I had noooo idea about these "bliques"!!! Where have I been, Lol

  15. Bonnie, take a prego test. It's not normal to get carsick while you're driving.

  16. Wait! Wait!

    "Whan that Aprille, with hise shoures soote,
    The droghte of March hath perced to the roote
    And bathed every veyne in swich licour,
    Of which vertu engendred is the flour..."

    It's mah favorite!

    Can I be in your blique now? :) :) :)

  17. haha, awesome. I love English! Did my BA and my MA in English, cause its the best, and really leads to awesome employment. Or, you know, sitting at home to write my amazing novel. it'll happen soon!

  18. can I be a member of your kickass blique??

  19. I agree with others you ladies are my absolute favorite bloggers. ABSOLUTE FAVES!!!!!

  20. how am I not a follower yet?! new[est] follower right your blog!

  21. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :) I think I was that little kid recently on a cruise I went on ... food coma its called. Or maybe cocktail coma. They're all the same really :)