The Life of Bon: Monkeys. Cocoa. Girls. You get the idea.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monkeys. Cocoa. Girls. You get the idea.

Rumor has it I've got a handful of new folks reading around here.  And by rumor, I mean my stat page.  But you know, it's all the same.  Welcome and aloha and bienvenidos!  Every time I get a spurt of new readers I feel like I have to impress the pants off my guests.

Tap dance!
Hand stand!
I can touch my nose with my tongue!

Impressed yet?  Thought so.

The past week has been absolutely terrifying for me on account of every time I go out to my car I forget the fact that there is a huge stuffed monkey in the back seat.  You see, Hubs won this monkey at an amusement park a few months ago.  Last week, I decided to take it up to school in case any sixteen year olds needed a cuddle buddy during our read a thon.  (More on that later, but, BOY was it a party!)  I'm too lazy to take him out of the back seat, and so consequentially I have been having mini panic attacks every time I go out to my car and think there's a hairy man in the back seat.

Another point of interest.  THIS.

I'm going crazy with the flavored hot chocolates.  I can't help myself.  Every time I go to the store I pick up another.  CAN'T.  STOP. BUYING. HOT. COCOA.

Also, I feel like a pervert every time I say the word cocoa because growing up that was always the word my family used for a man's private parts.  Don't ask, people.  Don't ask.  Or do.  Maybe I'll write a post on it some time.

Oh, do you know what's awesome?  When it's Monday night and tomorrow is Friday.  Let your minds wrestle with that for a minute, will you?!?  That's what happens when you only have two days of school due to Thanksgiving break.  I wonder if I could convince Jordan School District that a two day work week and a five day weekend is actually a much more effective way of running  high school.  Wuddya think?!?

Alright, enough of these shenanigans!  It's time to get to bigger and better things in this post and those bigger and better things include four chicas that I am quite fond of.  Except for they're not exactly bigger.  They're all skinny minis.  Just better.  Send them some Thanksgiving love today- hey they already spoiled you by giving you free crapola in the giveaway... it's the least you could do!


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And last but not least, we've got ourselves a giveaway winner to announce!  Congratulations Kelsey, you've just won yourself a crap load of free stuff!

And now, may you enjoy your holiday Tuesday, visit lots of new blogs today, and please, discuss with me why in the world my family found such a bizarre use for the word "cocoa"!!!


  1. Haha that is one enormous monkey your husband won! I love hot cocoa too! I always like the raspberry hot cocoa mixes. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  2. Bahaha. Your posts are always awesome. And that hot cocoa is the best kind. It's a proven fact.

  3. That monkey would terrify me. I mean, it only halfway looks like a monkey anyway. Like I said, terrifying.

    Peppermint hot chocolate is my favorite! Just so you know, I may never be able to use the word cocoa without giggling a little inside now.

  4. oooh, I wanna be a sponsor! When do you take on your next group?

    Hmmm...perhaps peepee wasn't doin it for your fam, so you resulted to the next best thing...cocoa.

    Hm...Or maybe not. :)

  5. Peppermint cocoa is my favorite. But that might burn if you are not defining it properly. Just something to think about.

  6. I sure am happy that this blog exists because you just crack me up on every post. Though, truly, the cocoa thing has me puzzled.. just imagine: you've potentially got hundreds of ladies spinning the wheels in their heads to try and figure out how man parts relate to the world cocoa. A true talent.

  7. Hi!! I'm one of your new readers! Hope you have a lovely long weekend & a great thanksgiving. Faye xx

  8. Hahaha I definitely want to hear the Cocoa story! Happy Turkey Day! Gobble Gobble!!!!!!!

  9. Hahahahaha! Love this. I knew a guy once who's nickname was also the name his family used for male private parts...but they never told me why....

    1. I just was Duke! Bwahaha

  10. I'm one of those new readers, and happy to be here! (no handstands required) that monkey is adorable. and now you've made me want to go buy a bunch of flavored cocoa's too!

  11. Newish reader here and I must say, I'm very impressed : ) Isn't it funny how family discussions from childhood can still have an impact today? My dad's in the gynecology business...way too many childhood scarring stories to go into there.

  12. I'm one of the new readers and I absolutely love coming here to read your blog! It's made today's early morning so much better..!

    That monkey looks terrifying as well, I think that would override my laziness and I'd have to take it out of the car!

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