The Life of Bon: Suicide by Research Papers

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Suicide by Research Papers

Hello there darlings.  December is march marching right along and guess who has all of her Christmas shopping done?  THIS GIRL!  I kind of started in October.  Picked something up there.  Something up here.  And voila!  Christmas shopping done!  Now I can spend all the days leading up to Christmas grading research papers.  Somehow, in my complete stupidity, I told 80 juniors that their five page research paper is due tomorrow... Monday, December 17.  I clearly was not thinking.  I know a lot of you college students out there like to complain about writing research papers but just remember there is someone on the other side of that- some poor soul who must grade all those papers.  I don't want to grade them any more than my students want to write them- and yet the Utah Board of Education says I must teach research.


While I enjoy my last night research paper free I've got some lovelies who are going to share with you.  I asked all the girls this month to share their favorite joke along with an intro to their blog.  If there's one thing I know for sure- you can tell a lot about a woman by what she thinks is funny.  So read their jokes, visit their blogs, and meet some new friends.  Also, the giveaway ends Monday night so if you haven't entered yet get to it.

(Disclaimer:  I am not ignoring the tragedy in Connecticut.  I am still gathering my thoughts on it and plan to post about it... I just haven't quite figured out what to say/ how to say it/ what is happening in the world.  So forgive me if you think I am being insensitive... I am not.  Just need a little bit of time before I am ready to post about it.)


Hello! My name is Laurali Larson--Good to meet ya! I am the person behind Mommy Monologue.  I blog about motherhood mishaps and triumphs, my job as a school counselor, faith, and lots of other random goodies.  I've been married for almost 6 years and we have two sons---one of them just has a lot more hair and barks.  I'm an old soul in a young body (though it feels old at times!) and I love having a creative outlet in blogging, photography and crafts!  I hope my awkwardness comes across as endearing :)  

JOKE:  Hey, did you ever hear the joke about the two men hanging from the window?  Yeah...their names were Curt and Rod.  


Hello there, . I’m Kasey from Barely Fabricated; the blog that gives away tons of free money daily! FREE MONEY I TELL YOU! As if that’s not enough, I also offer foolproof advice on dating that can get even the homeliest of you ladies a date with a Matthew McConaughey look-a-like (Pre-anorexia, of course) in no time! I also write about your typical, run-of-the-mill stuff like the time I got rejected by a homeless man, and the time Obama kicked Michelle to the curb to be with me.  If none of this appeals to you, I recommend you check out my blog anyway to make sure your kids are safe; sometimes I like to pick up stray kids from recess and force them to do my chores.  See you soon!

JOKE: What is the best time to go to the dentist? Tooth-hurty



I'm Kim, and you can find me over at The K.O. Jewelry. I make jewelry that I sell on Etsy, and I'm a wedding planner wanting to start up my own business soon.  Some more exciting facts: I'm married to a beer distributor and brewer, I'm a huge Arkansas Razorback fan (Go Hogs!), and I grew up in Alaska! Just hop on over and check me out if you want to find new music, some crafts, and a whole lot of nonsense. 

JOKE:  A ninja walks up to a man working on his car in an alley and shouts, "HA! Karate!" The man stands up and yells back, "HA! Tire tool!"

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Hi there!  I'm Megan, the writer behind A String of Purls!  I call it a 'life and knitting' blog, but it's really so much more than that.  I write about the adventures I go on (a carnivorous plant store, for example, or how I went on a date with a guy who is 6'9"), the pictures I take (hello outfit posts!), and sometimes post tutorials (how to build a lightbox, or how to make a decorative yarn vase).  And, of course, I talk about all of the knitting I do!  I've been at it for ten years, so I'm a bit of a veteran, and completely obsessed!  Come see what I'm up to and say hi!
JOKE:  A neutron walks into a bar and orders a beer.  After the bartender slides one across the bar to him, he asks, "How much will that be?"  The bartender replies, "For you? No charge!"
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I'm Alexa and I'm the Southern not-so-Belle behind the blog Southern Living, Our Way! I blog about my newlywed life with a man-candy husband, our adorable fur-baby who is hilariously terrified of refrigerators and lamps, and awkward situations like that time I got called out in Target for "fraudulent credit card activity." Sometimes we call our dog really weird nicknamesfriends did The Worm at our wedding; and we get drunk in family-friendly vacation destinations. Enticing enough to come follow along? Of course it is!!

JOKE:  What did the buffalo say when he sent his son off to college?  Bison  



Hi Y'all! I'm Nicole, lifestyle blogger and designer over at The Style Hatch. I recently followed my dreams & opened up an online shop where I sell lots of fun things to accessorize your wall with, I'm a mama to the sweetest little boy ever and wife to a hunky soon to be med student (fingers crossed) and StitchFix obsessed. We are on this crazy little adventure I'm going to call "we had a newborn, did some praying, gave up our jobs, sold our house (in 2 DAYS!!) and have no clue what the future holds for us!" I'm a lover off all things life, design, and style- I blog about it all!

Joke: What fruit is twice as good as the others? A pear

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  1. OMG I started my Xmas shopping in October too!!! I do the same thing. I really think it helps me better manage my money when I do. Great group of girls!

  2. I had 40 juvenile justice papers to grade over 2 days - i do it to myself every year and always wonder why! Alas, the job of an English teacher! I have been loving your blog for awhile now- thanks for reminding me why I give my heart and soul to my students!