The Life of Bon: The Question

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Question

Two years ago today Hubs got down on that not-too-shabby knee of his and popped the question.

To celebrate the day, I played hooky.


Even a teacher's gotta sluff sometimes.

We slept in, grabbed some lunch, and then went to a two hour and forty five minute long movie (Hobbit, why must ye be so long?!?).  There was also some smiling and some flirting and even a conversation about how great it is that the popcorn is only $1.50 and the movie theater is empty on a Tuesday afternoon!

I was going to write a whole post about everything anyone should know about the horrors of engagement.  It was going to be witty and sarcastic and funny.  But then I read what I wrote last year about the proposal and it was so sweet.  Sweet beats sarcastic any day.  So I will share again the story of our engagement (also, I'm pretty sure six people were reading this blog last year at this time) and leave the horrors of the engagement period for another day.  Like tomorrow.

Hubs proposed at temple square- where the big Mormon temple is in Salt Lake.  At Christmas every tree is covered in lights and there's music and nativity scenes and hordes and hordes of people.  Tis beautiful.

Hubs had been acting weird all day.  I'm no detective, but I could tell something was up.  It was a Saturday and we were spending the day up at Hubs' parents house.  There were a few irregularities that day... like Hubs sneaking into a room with his dad to discuss something... or that Hubs' dad had gone to Provo and when I asked why, I got different reasons from Hubs and from his mom. 

Still, Hubs had covered his evidence nicely.

We had already picked out the ring together and Hubs had apologized to me the day before, saying the ring was taking longer than he thought and he wouldn't have it until after Christmas.

Like a fool, I believed him.

Hubs said he wanted to go on a date to see the lights at temple square since we hadn't gone yet.  I said okay.  An hour before we were going to head out, Hubs was pouring himself a cherry coke.  Me and Hubs' mom had ourselves a good laugh when he absent-mindedly kept pouring, even after the glass was filled.  The cherry coke spilled all over the counter top, trickling down to the floor where the dogs licked it up.

"I think he's distracted, don't you?"  said Hubs' mom with a twinkle in her eye.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I wondered.

We set out that night for our date to Temple Square.  To my dismay, I discovered I was having a lady emergency of sorts.  I made Hubs stop at Smith's to get the necessary lady items.  For the rest of my life, I'll remember that an hour before Hubs proposed I made him run in and get feminine products for me.  What a score!

After stressful traffic and some curse words under Hubs' breath, we arrived at Temple Square and walked around.  And walked.  And walked.  I had suspected that Hubs would propose, but here we were just walking around, twiddling our thumbs, and he certainly didn't seem about to pop any important question.  I even looked closely at his pants pockets.  No lump there. With a sigh of disappointment, I finally decided that tonight would not be the night.

Then Hubs took me over to a little removed spot- away from all the hustle and bustle.   There was a beautiful big tree behind us, and no one around anywhere.  Hubs turned me around and put his arms around my waist and we both stood there, staring at the Salt Lake Temple.  My ears were perked, listening oh so carefully to any unusual sounds.  Was this to be the moment? 

I heard a rustle.
Hubs moved his hand up to his jacket.
Something was going on.
A click.
Hubs cursed under his breath.
That stubborn ring box had gotten caught on Hubs' jacket!

I knew what it was immediately, of course.  But suddenly I was nervous.  Oh so very nervous.  Sweaty-hands-and-I'm-going-to-wet-my-pants-and-then-puke-all-over-my-almost-fiance nervous. 

I couldn't turn around for fear. 

I heard Hubs behind me, "Bon...." 

"Hm?"  I played dumb.  I was panicking.  What do I do?  What do I say?  Do I cry?  Do I smile?  Nobody ever tells the girl what to do in this situation.

"Bonnie?" He turned me around.

And then he dropped.

Dropped down on that not-so-shabby knee of his in record time.

"Will you marry me?" 

Suddenly I wasn't worried about what to do anymore.  The nerves had vanished into thin air.  I didn't care if I laughed or cried or screamed or whispered.  It all felt so I had been practicing for this all my life.

"YES!"  I exclaimed.  He put the ring on my finger and picked me up and kissed me and hugged me and we laughed and smiled and kissed and then laughed some more.  No crying on the proposal day, just a lot of laughing. 

Hubs had his phone, so we managed to take a few poor quality pictures with it, committed ourselves to never forgetting this day, and then sprinted to the car to get out of the cold.

Not even an incredibly romantic proposal can stop the cold, afterall.

We laughed all the way to the car.  We ran, laughed, looked at each other, laughed, kissed, ran, laughed, "Can you believe it?  We're engaged!!!" And laughed some more.

There is a lot of stuff that I am thankful for to Hubs.  He does so many things for me every day, and I am constantly trying to remember to thank him for it all. 

Thank you for taking out the trash.
Thank you for going to two huge family Christmas parties in one day.
Thank you for making dinner.
Thank you for the back massage.
Thank you for making me laugh.

But the biggest thank you I have is this:

Thank you for asking me to marry you.

The night after our engagement- Lots of smiling and kissing.

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  1. aw, happy engadaversary! We got engaged at our church Christmas tea two years we get to relive it every year :-)


  2. Yay!!

    We got engaged 10 years ago today. Well really tomorrow since its only 1013 here. But on the 19th.


  3. I've been quietly reading for a few weeks now and this post warmed my heart so much I just had to comment :)
    You really are a stunning couple and happy engadaversary

  4. Awe, love hearing this! I got engaged in December, too, and I was strangely nervous when I finally realized what was is an out out of body experience, right?

  5. Oh this was just precious! I absolutely love reading engagement stories of fellow bloggers :) Happy Engagiversary! ;)

  6. awww! Happy engagement anniversary :)
    Looking forward to your witty spin on engagement horrors!

  7. Bon this is so cute! I love hearing these types of stories (even though your witty, sarcastic banter is amazing). I hope you had a wonderful day together :)

  8. love this story. so great. happy 2 year enagement anniversary. thats legit.


  9. You are making me want my man to propose even more than I already do! I'm so impatient!

    Very cute story and happy 2 year engagement anniversary and props for taking the day off! ;)

  10. this is really realy amazingly, sickeningly sweet. sometimes i hate guys but then I remember they can be good. you are a lucky lady.

  11. I love that you didn't cry! While it's understandable why girls cry when they get engaged, it's refreshing to hear about people who just laugh a lot. Love it!

  12. gotta love the build up for getting engaged- the ring that won't be done for another few days, the quirky behavior, looking at the pockets for extra bulkiness....totally guilty of that as well! haha! and i must say that you and i are on the same page-- i wrote about my engagement today as well!

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  14. That was a sweet and creative engagement on your Hubs part :) Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary to you both! xo

  15. I like how frequently you use "ye."

    Ye like to use ye quite frequently don't ye?

  16. Happy Engagement-versary day! I remember feeling the same way as you- super nervous and excited and I kinda of knew what was going on but pretended to have no clue!

  17. love this post. I also love the engagement post! So true!! Very sweet, thanks for sharing!