Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The "I- made- it- to- the- cool- club- and- you're- next!!" giveaway!

When I got the email from Erin asking me if I wanted to participate in this giveaway, I knew exactly what it meant.  That moment held far more significance than it appeared to.  Underneath that invitation to join in giving away stuff people normally have to pay for was something much, much deeper.

An initation to the cool club.

Yep, peeps.  I've made it.  Officially made it the to blogging cool club. They have let me in to their clique and told me I can roll with them.  For now, anyways.  As I have worked my whole life for it, you can imagine it feels pretty freaking good.

No.  But seriously.  This is the coolest giveaway ever.  Twenty one of my favorite bloggers are giving away ad space on their blog.  Can you even IMAGINE what that would do to your blog?  This giveaway is literally worth hundreds of dollars in advertising.  Whoever wins is it is going to be the next big blog thing, because this is more exposure for your blog than anyone could ever hope to win.

One winner takes all- each of the blogs listed below is giving away ad space on her blog.  You know the drill. Follow blogs.  Follow twitters.  Follow facebooks.  Become famous.

Or something like that.


And you're welcome.



  1. What a great giveaway! Congrats on being included :)

  2. What an amazing giveaway holy cow. I always have the same feeling when something like that happens to me. Very "Oh yeah I'm awesome, so cool" with a little strut around the house haha.

  3. Look at you! What a fun giveaway :)

  4. As a new blogger this is an awesome opportunity to hit the ground running! Super excited! Wow! Love the blog and all that you share with us :)


  5. the best part about this is your intro. pretty much. :)

  6. Haa! lovin' the intro! As a semi-new blogger this sister would love to have some traffic! Great giveaway!

    & THANK YOU!

  7. Haha, I love this post! I am just finding your blog for the first time due to the giveaway and I'm so glad that I did! Have a great day :)

  8. YAY this giveaway is beyond amazing, I am officially following you!
    Cross your fingers for me ;) And keep up the amazing work on your page!
    XOX Angela

  9. following thanks to the giveaway!!so glad i found your blog =)

    bea =)

  10. Love this giveaway, so awesome! New follower:) Hope you have time to check my blog out too!

  11. New follower from SOML thanks to this sweet giveaway! Can't wait to check out your page!


  12. man you ARE in the cool club! totally jealous. pretty sure i'll never make the cool club, ha. awesome giveaway though!

  13. Umm...what an amazing giveaway. And thanks for the links to some fun new blogs (and congrats on joining the cool club too!)

  14. Congratulations on being part of the cool club. :) Awesome giveaway!

  15. I would feel like I was in the cool club too! It's the best giveaway EVER!