The Life of Bon: What's in a Monday? A day by any other name would be as awful?

Monday, December 10, 2012

What's in a Monday? A day by any other name would be as awful?

Sometimes I feel bad for Mondays.  Like they get stereotyped unfairly to be the worst day of the week and they're just trying their darn tooting best and how would YOU like to have to follow the weekend thank you very much!?  It's not an easy job!  We should give Mondays a break already!!!

But then I realize Mondays deserve every stereotype in the book- they deliver nothing but long hours, whiny kids, and a seemingly endless week before Friday dares shows his face again.

You know what is truly weird about Monday, though?  It's like every weekend we all forget how much Mondays are going to suck.  And then Monday rolls around and we are in complete shock that this day is truly not one little bit of fun.  You tell me a Monday where you don't see many a twitter and facebook post:  "I hate Mondays!"  "Why are Mondays always so awful?"  "Can't it just be Friday again?"  Heck, I'm even falling guilty of the Monday moans with this post.  Can't we just all accept Mondays for what they are and move on?


The answer is no!


The day started off innocently enough.  I was supposed to wake up at 5:50 but instead woke up at 5:56.  So I hurried through my morning routine because I didn't want to make my carpool buddy late.  Like I do every morning.  Before leaving, I went to give sleeping Hubs a kiss and he about dang near had a heart attack, jumping a mile out of the bed.  Lesson learned:  don't kiss a sleeping man.

It has turned frigidly cold and snowy in Utah so my car was a big, black icicle waiting for me in the driveway. I did my best to scrape the ice off the window but it was plastered real good and thick on there.  I scraped and scraped and even cut my stupid finger with my early morning scrapings, hurrying to not be late for carpool.  If you live in an area of the world where you never have to scrape ice off your windshield I want you to stop reading right now and thank your Heavenly Father for that blessing.  Because ice is no fun.

Twas all made worse when my carpool buddy said she had gone ahead because she had to be there early so we'd just drive separately.  I could have slept ten extra minutes.  BOO!  (I still love you, Charlotte.  Deeply.)

The whole tragedy was somewhat assuaged when I saw that Hubs had sent this text (apparently my kiss had woken him up), "I can hear you scraping your car and its breaking my heart.  Love you Bon.  Thanks for all you do."

So you know.  That helped.

Once I was at school the early morning preparations included me making the quiz for the reading on Les Mis and sending a quick email to my little sister who is preaching the good word in Argy.  First period kids wandered in slowly- as if not fully remembering if it was the correct classroom or the correct day or the correct school.  Teaching first period today was like talking to a brick wall.  It was painful for us all.  Anyone got any ideas to wake kids up at 7:40 am on a dark, cold Monday morning?

Next it was second period and poetry presentations.  "Percy Shelley was really sad when his wife died so he wrote this poem."  Uh, not quite there, young bucks.  Percy Shelley left his wife for another woman and then the wife committed suicide.  If anything, he was probably pleased as punch that she bit the dust.  But you know.  You're getting there.  Then it was third period and whining about how long and boring Les Mis is and then it was fourth period and lots of goofing off and jokes and kids practically begging me, "Can we PLEASE sing the songs from Les Mis?!?"  You can probably guess which class I am loving up on more right now.

But seriously third period.  Stop whining.

And then all of a sudden it was 2:25 and the day was over and it was entering in roll and grades and a quick run to the office to hand in receipts.  I was feeling overwhelmed and tired and a tad bit ornery.  GASP!  The secretary said to me in just the kindest voice you can imagine, "Bonnie!  How are you?  It's good to see you- you hardly ever make it down here to the office!"  I rambled off some nonsense about taking on way more than I could chew this year (extra class period, curse you!) and she interrupted me with, "Yah, but you know, some teachers are in here for everything wanting us to solve all their problems and some teachers just get the job done on their own."

So you know.  That helped too.

Finally I was out the door at 3:30, home to Hubs by 4:30 who was tempting me to go to another Jazz game on Wednesday.  I wanted to cuddle and watch an episode of How I Met your Mother before Hubs had to jet off to rehearsal but he insisted he had to work out.  So instead I sat on the bed and ate a bowl of honeycomb while he lifted weights and grunt grunted away.  Not too shabby as far as dinner entertainment goes.

And Hubs was off with a kiss and I even ventured a trip to the gym and then I talked to my mom about when my sister will be calling on Christmas and then all of a sudden I wound up here, in front of the fireplace, typing and waiting for my (second) dinner enchiladas to heat up.

Somewhere in all of that was buried four ran stoplights (they don't really count if they're before 7 am), a rude email from a fellow blogger, a lunch discussion about if we would ever teach at a charter school, a lost game of Words with Friends, some mint green tights, and two diet cokes.

I wanted to stay grumpy all day.  I really did.  Mondays are just made for being grumpy.  But then I realized I get the night to myself to bury myself in my books, take a bath and drink hot chocolate. I have a warm bed to snuggle deep down into, beautifully painted red fingernails, and Christmas break is within sight.

So you know.
That helped.


  1. mondays are tough and really hard to mentally try to overcome. glad you had a few good things in there. and I seriously would pay someone to go buy me a box of honeycomb right now. haven't thought about eating that cereal but here i am reading blogs and eating life cereal but all I want is honeycomb! thank goodness there is only one monday in every week! :)

  2. My poor husband is so bummed out come Sunday night. It means going back to work instead of playing with our son all day.

  3. Mondays are like bad boyfriends. You think you're done with them after the breakup on Friday, but some how they all come crawling back come Monday morning asking you to take them back… Silly boys.

    Sorry about the rough day. I'm super thankful that I live in Texas and it rarely ever ices over. Good luck tomorrow morning. :)

    PS. Be sure to enter my giveaway for a pair of designer sunnies or fashion glasses!

  4. I was just thinking about how Mondays are like the red-headed stepchild of the week while I was listening to The Carpenters "Rainy days and Mondays" this afternoon. Unfortunately, that is the only CD that will calm my baby down during a car ride... Sigh. I miss being cool.

  5. Bonnie, I LOVE YOU!!!

  6. Bonnie, I LOVE YOU!!!

  7. mondays are the worst! seriously.

  8. I sure did like that ending. Nothing like counting blessings to turn everything around :)

  9. Dearest Bonnie...

    On the plus more day till the weekend and the winter holidays!!!

    Bring on Friday baby!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  10. A school day that starts at 7:40? Oh my, that would make anyone grumpy! We don't start until 8:40 (although admittedly finish an hour later).

  11. Gee Bon, I had no idea you were going to get so offended by the "my mom thinks we need to get more professional blog photos" email I sent you.

    Lighten up, geesh.

  12. I couldn't agree more about Monday's!!

    Do you know in Genesis, during creation, on Monday was the only day that God did not look at what he created and say it was good/great. See..if God thinks Monday's suck!! :)

  13. I adored this! It felt like you were sitting right next to me and telling me about your day:) Adorable. And I don't miss scraping ice ONE BIT. Until I might have to move to Michigan next year. Then I will complain about it, too.

  14. You make me laugh! I love reading your blogs, it's the perfect morning/afternoon pick-me-up!

    I don't have to scrape ice, I know, don't hate me! If it helps at all- I wish I did. We have yet another 70 degree day here and I'm dying. I just want to wear my new boots!!!

    Love hearing about your school adventures, it makes me laugh because I was probably just like that in high school too!


  15. Mondays mean nothing to me now that I'm a stay at home mom. Weekends mean nothing either. It's just one, constant, long week...

  16. love love the Monday post. muah!

  17. You crack me up all the time. I'm so glad I found this here blog, cuz this here Bon is funny! Mondays.....oh how I love to hate them. My daughter snuggled me in bed yesterday morning, and we were ontime for school and work. SO. That helped.

  18. I very rarely have to scrape ice but sometimes I have let my windows defrost for five minutes and I hate that so I can only imagine how awful it is to scrape ice off in the Utah cold. Also your husband is just the sweetest. And I just love the way you write, so many of your posts are my absolute favorite.

  19. I just love this post. I love it so much. Tuesdays are my Mondays. My Mondays are usually smooth sailing, but every Tuesday is a nightmare no matter what I do. Today was a near car accident, a boss volunteering my to stay late next Monday, and frustrating coworkers.

    But it's almost Christmas, and that makes everything just a little better.

  20. Loved reading this : )


  21. Love this post. :) You're adorable!

  22. This makes me very thankful that there is no ice in Florida. I remember my windows frosting over and having to wait for what seemed like forever for it to defrost.
    I think I had to wait to see out of my windshield should be a good excuse for being late.

  23. Anonymous1:59 PM

    My Monday was (almost) the same! Only I live in Georgia and didn't have to scrape ice off my car...BUT just about every other thing went wrong.

    Mondays totally deserve the bad stereotype.

  24. I followed your fabulous advice over at Living In Yellow and perused a bit of your blog. It only took 3 posts (2 if you don't count the giveaway post that I barely skimmed) to get me hooked. No pressure, but I am officially following you. :)

  25. I'll admit it doesnt get too cold here and we don't get snow, BUT it gets just cold enough to get ice on our cars! I hate scraping! Bahhh.