The Life of Bon: "Supernanny" and how I feel good about my life.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

"Supernanny" and how I feel good about my life.

My life is full of reality TV binges.

My first ever was The Bachelor.  I then graduated on to Keeping up with the Kardashians, but that show made me feel too crappy about my life.  So I started watching Teen Mom instead and I once again felt like I ruled the world.  HALLELUJAH, PRAISE THE TEEN MOMS!

Lately I've been all over Supernanny.  I am not joking you, this is the most fascinating show I've ever seen.  This "supernanny" chick comes in and watches all the out of control kids and then tells the parents why they suck at... well... being parents.  I'm pretty sure any mom or non mom will feel pretty dang about their lives after they watch this show. If not... you should try to be on the show!  I have now gotten into the habit of asking every mom I know if she has ever watched Supernanny just because I love the show so much.  It dawned on my yesterday that they all probably think I am implying that they are crappy moms.  Oops.

While I am busy overindulging in bad parenting and out of control households, I'm going to leave you in the hands of Katie.  I started following Katie in my very first months of blogging.  I would actually say stalking is a more appropriate term as I never introduced myself to her, never commented, just watched her in silence. You all know what I'm talking about, right?  What I love about Katie is that she puts adorable outfits together and does it with clothes that I can actually afford (she's a fellow teacher and knows what it's like to work on a teacher's salary!).  But my favorite posts from Katie aren't her fashion posts, but the ones where she talks about her struggles with infertility.  She is raw and vulnerable and I cried through this post where she talked about the three days she mistakenly thought she was pregnant.  It is my absolute delight to introduce Katie to you today and I hope you enjoy her half as much as I do!

Hi Life of Bon readers!  I'm really excited to be here, but to be honest the idea of writing guest posts actually makes me a little nervous.
Nervous to think that I have to come up with something really funny and creative to grab someone's attention.
Truth is I actually do think I'm kind of funny, but it probably isn't too well deserved.
So for the sake of not embarrassing myself, I'm sticking with sharing a little bit about me and my blog.


My name is Katie and I started my blog as a way to share my outfits with my sister Lauren and sister in law Lauren (hence the name for Lauren and Lauren). Which is kind of ironic because in high school I wore soccer shorts or sweatpants daily.  Fortunately for you, I didn't document my fashion back in the day.


To be honest I thought that my sisters, along with my mom, would be the only ones who would read my blog.  I had no idea the kind of friends I would make, the blessings that would come from blogging, or the way too many hours I would spend on my computer.

But I love it.

I love sharing my ability to find cheap clothes and kind of wish it was my job.  That and I've always wished I was a backup dancer for a rapper or one of those Fanta girls.
But instead I am a third grade teacher.  Which I do like. Most of the time.

I love sharing the different projects I've made, like these infinity scarves or heart sweater.


I also occasionally make fun of my husband with either his constant annoying noises, or his lack of knowledge about anything fashion related.

And then of course sharing my love for sweets, clearance racks, and my complete obsession with Target. (But is there any woman who is not addicted to Target?)

Plus I also have gotten pretty personal on my blog as I started sharing about our journey through infertility.  It was scary at first but the support and blessings that have come from it have been far worth it.

And as cheesy as it sounds my favorite thing about blogging has been meeting people and making friends.  Something that I had no idea existed in the blogging world.

Thanks for having me Bonnie!  I'm always excited to meet new bloggers so come visit me!


  1. I LOVE SUPERNANNY. My friends/hubby think I am insane because I will watch it any time it is on, and I don't have kids. She is a genius, and some of those parents... sheeesh!

    Anyhow, Katie seems like a sweetheart!

  2. Supernanny tears my nerves up. I want to WHOOP THOSE KIDS. Is that unhealthy?
    Fertility issues suuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Period. :( I love honest bloggers! Heading over to check her out!

  3. your outfits are so cute!

  4. Teen mom always makes me feel like I have my crap together. I think they make these shows so we can feel better about ourselves.

  5. LOVE Supernanny, I watch it daily lately since it has been on like marathon style

    for Lauren and Lauren is a super cute blog. I was a basketball shorts and sweatpants girl back in HS myself and dabbing into style now days more and more.

    Love both of your blogs
    Laura from The Book of LouLou

  6. I use to watch SuperNanny all the time - love it!

  7. I watched Suppernanny religiously with my Mom - but then we realized that we always felt like EVERY child on the show could use a good spanking (and often)... not to mention some basic (and enforced) rules. So, we had to stop watching it because it started grating on our nerves!

    I'm headed over to check out Lauren and Lauren - I'm excited! thanks for sharing her with us!

  8. For real...when I stayed home with my first daughter, all I did was watch Super Nanny. What else are you supposed to do when breastfeeding? :)

    And I'm super excited to go check out for Lauren and Lauren. Thanks for sharing.

  9. love that show !

    I have nominated you for the inspiring blogger award, check out my post

    Jenn xo

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