The Life of Bon: A gatorade bottle and a diet coke can

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A gatorade bottle and a diet coke can

The title has nothing to do with the post.  It's just a couple of things sitting on my desk.  Creativity has flown out the window.  OUT THE WINDOW, I TELL YOU!

My students won't quit whining about Scarlet Letter.  What's an English teacher to do? 

I lost my keys this morning and spent 20 minutes looking for them, thus being 20 minutes late.

I eventually found my spare keys which have been lost for the last 5 months, but my normal keys are still lost.  So can I put that in the win category?

Today I'm feeling especially vulnerable and sensitive as some family of mine goes through a tough time.  I guess in the end we gotta cling to family and friends because nothing else really matters.

The counselors are in my English class today to help students set up their schedules.  Needless to say, none of them are too focused on Scarlet Letter.  What is it about choosing classes for next year that gets them so flipping excited?

I'm in a total blogging rut right now.  Feeling like everything I say is boring/not creative/ not unique/ whining.  What do you do when you are in a blogging rut?

I usually get someone else to take over.  Which is what I'm doing today.  I've got some little ladies to introduce you to and they've got the personality and sass that I am lacking today.  Take it away girls!

Provocative Manners: A World of Commonsense

We want to start with shout out to The Life of Bon and thank her for having us as guest bloggers!  As huge fans of The Life of Bon, we are so excited to be a part of her wonderful blogging world!

The Ladies of Provocative Manners: Danielle Marie and Katrina

Provocative Manners is a sassy take on everyday life. From fashion, current events, motherhood, entertaining to even intense relationships, we talk about it all. Common sense is our favorite topic especially when our society seems to lack it the most! Why can't people get it together? Anyway, Provocative Manners always leaves you wanting more while also giving you more confidence to face each day!

Danielle Marie
Favorite Place to Travel: Braga, Portugal
Favorite Designers: Coco Chanel and Oscar de la renta
Best Way to Spend Time: Baking with my mom and my children!
Professional Resolution for 2013: Launch our newly published book
Personal Resolution for 2013:  As a mom, find a bit more alone time for myself and have a monthly date night with my husband.

Favorite Place to Travel: Rome, Italy
Favorite Designers: Nina Ricci and Christian Louboutin
Best Way to Spend Time: Cooking for Friends and Family!
Professional Resolution for 2013: Launch our newly published book
Personal Resolution for 2013: Get more sleep so I can have more energy for the kids!

When you peruse our blog, you will easily be able to tell that Katrina and I are all about events!  We love planning them, hence our event design company, Lady Lux Events.  We adore entertaining people, planning parties and making sure everyone has a fabulous time!  But we want everyone to have the ability to plan an amazing party without the stress!  Read our blog to find out more!

Are you wondering what type of party we are planning next?


  1. I think every high schooler is required to complain about The Scarlet Letter. What kind of name is Hester anyway?

    I'll be checking out that other blog! Sounds fun!

  2. Let them read the CliffNotes. I did this in Honors English and I still turned out okay :)

  3. I really enjoyed the Scarlet Letter. I'll be honest though, I did use Spark Notes... often.

    & I know all about the blogging rut. :/