The Life of Bon: Blogging about blogging: It's insane!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blogging about blogging: It's insane!

This morning a fellow teacher burst in my room at 7:10 while I was trying to discreetly finish up my makeup.  (I have this totally bad habit where I carry my makeup case around with me so I don't have to put on my makeup until I get to work.  That way I don't have to spend as much time "getting ready" at home and therefore don't have to wake up as early.  You know I'm a genius.)

"Hey Bonnie.  You're a blogger, right?"  He demanded.
"Um..."  I replied, "I have a blog..."  I try to avoid the word blogger at all costs.  It's too much for me.
"So do you like it?"
"Yah.  I mean, I guess it's alright."  I really had no clue where this was going.  And I was embarrassed that he knew I had a blog.  (Which brings up the point- why are we comfortable sharing every detail in our lives with perfect strangers but then get uncomfortable when we find out people we know read our blogs?)
"Do you ever worry about your students reading it?  Or getting in trouble for stuff you put on it?"
"Probably not as much as I should.  What are they going to do, fire me?"  (Quitting your job is so insanely liberating!)
"Why do you ask?" I prodded.
"I'm thinking about starting my own blog.  I've got some things to say." (Don't we all?  don't we all??!)
"Well, you're a dude so you'd have an automatic edge."
"Do you recommend it?  What is your advice?"

Ah.  Do I recommend it?

The truth is I don't.  I really don't.
And then in the same breath I do.  I really do.

I love blogging so much, but gosh, somewhere along the line it has become work.  Not work that I don't like, mind you, but still... work.  I have goals and aspirations with this blog, places I need it to take me, and that does require the dreaded "W" word.  It is dreadfully time consuming.  If I am being honest with myself, I spent at least 20+ hours a week on the blog.  Add that on top of teaching 50 hours and a week and a feeble attempt at grocery shopping and an ever feebler attempt at cooking and you've got my life in a nutshell.  Now, I know some people out there would say, "Cut back!  Don't spend so much time with the blog if it's work.  Once it becomes work you've lost the beauty and realness of it."  Or something like that.   (Side note.  It drives me crazy when people act like it's a bad thing if you're blog is work.  All good things are work.  Dealing with 16 year olds is work.  My marriage is work.  Planning a vacation is work.  What is wrong with me thinking my blog is work?)

The fact is that my blog is a side business for me, albeit at this point a very small side business.  But because I am making money off of it, it is "work."  That means I have to post consistently, I have to put up giveaways when I say I'm going to, and I have to return an email.  The blog, therefore, does in fact become work.

Last week, as some of you may be aware, Kristen posted her thoughts on some of the various trends in blogging.  Among these that she does not like or does not do herself are: sponsorships, group giveaways, and turning your blog into a business.  First off I have to give Kristen kudos (do people still say kudos?!?) because she has loads of traffic and thousands of loyal followers.  She engages with her audience and I love that.  She is real and down to earth.

But what I want to know is how?!?  How did she gain all those followers and friends and traffic if she didn't sponsor or advertise her blog?  Kristen tells readers to "concentrate on your content instead of your numbers and you will gain REAL readers which is what should matter."  I agree totally with that.  I am all about quality writing and story telling.  The blogs I visit every single day without fail are written by great story tellers.  But I only found those blogs through sponsorships, advertising, and giveaways.  I blogged for six straight months and stayed at 50 views a day because no one even knew the blog existed.  People don't just find a blog.  Readers don't just appear.  And even if they did, who's got the patience to sit there and wait around for them to stumble upon your blog?  Not me!

I have never regretted accepting sponsors on my blog.  It is much more work, obviously, but I enjoy it and I get to know other bloggers and blogs on a much closer level because of it.  In my mind I have to accept sponsors so 1) I can justify the disgusting amount of time I spend blogging and 2) I can sponsor other blogs and allow my blog to continue to grow.

What I do struggle greatly with is the balance.  How many guest posts are too many guest posts?  When do readers start rolling their eyes at another giveaway?  When does the blog become smarmy and fake and all about turning a buck?  Where is the freaking line?!?

I read somewhere that you should consider every "original" post as a deposit to your blog and every guest post as a withdrawal.  You never want to go in the red- always have more originals than guests.  I agree with that, but wonder if the ratio needs to be more than just "more than half".  What do you think?  Two original posts to one guest post/giveaway?  3 to 1?  4 to 1?!?!?  Who has the answers anymore?!?

Another thing that Kristen touched on briefly, but that mostly commenters brought up was the whole "blogging about blogging" thing.  Blogging tips, blogging strategies, etc. Plenty of readers stated that they hate  all this.  That they don't want to read blogs about blogs.  Quite frankly that surprised me as those people were obviously currently reading and commenting on a post about blogging.  It surprised me too because I LOVE posts about blogging.  The blogging culture is so weird and unique and if I don't talk about it with other bloggers, I don't talk about it at all.

Ah, when did it all get so confusing?  What are y'all thoughts on this?  Do you hate guest posts?  Do you read them?  Do you get over-giveawayed?  When is enough enough?

And you want to know what the weirdest thing is?  This post started with a teacher bursting in on me while doing my makeup.  My, how far we have come.


  1. I read the post you are talking about and wondered the same thing about how on earth her blog got to where it is without the things she says she didn't like.

    I also wonder about the blogging tips thing. I have seen so many people say they hate it, but guess what? Those are some of my posts with the most page views. Also, when I put our a reader survey last month, one of the highest percentage of requested posts were blogging tips posts.

  2. I personally enjoy blog posts on all sorts of topics so long as I am drawn into the writers word. And that even includes blogging tips which are some of the top things I Google for weekly.

    However, I do think the line is drawn when a blog no longer reflects the person typing it and seems more robotic. No emotions, is not personalized with the writers own touches and the relationship between blogger and reader is no longer apparent. And for new bloggers like myself it is an ever constant learning process.

  3. I think the ratio should be more like 1:10 for guest posts on blogs. I LOVE blog posts about blogging. I agree that you need to advertise to gain readers. I've had blogs off and on for 2 years and had like 10 page views per day haha.

  4. It seems that giveaways here lately are getting a little crazy. Don't get me wrong, I love a good giveaway, I mean I'm hosting one right now. However I'm the only person who is giving something away and the prize isn't huge! I appreciate giveaways with one or two people. But when $1000 is up for grabs and I have to follow 392727 blogs and facebooks and twitters etc., I'm over it. I also wonder where in the hell these girls come up with enough money to give away kitchenaidixers or a mk watch. But that's just my opinion!

  5. I personally hate giveaways.. I always scroll past them because I'm never going to win and it takes foreverrrr to enter.

    I LOVE posts about blogging, because the blog world is so crazy that unless someone kind of tells you what you should be doing, you're clueless!

    I absolutely love how honest you are!

  6. I like guest posts when they are actually posts, not just sponsored blog recaps. If I really love and follow the blogger though, I typically even head over to these sponsors.

    And I LOVE blogs about blogging. I love life stories, but since we are all sitting around reading a blog then there is that simple commonality: blogging. So of course blogging a bit about the one thing you are almost sure to have in common with your audience seems fair. So if you're feeling moved that way, I'll definitely read!

  7. Wow..that post by Kristen is really making its way through the blogosphere. Part of me thinks that was her point. I do find it interesting that she was dissing sponsors while having BlogHer as a sponsor.

    I really think sponsorships and giveaways are a personal choice with how you plan on growing your blog. I don't often do giveaways even though I am hosting one right now and I just recently started accepting sponsorships. I don't see sponsorships as a way for me to quit my day job but as a way to fund other sponsorships on more popular expensive blogs. Its a circle.

    I totally understand your point of view which is how do you get readers if you don't sponsor? I just realized this when it came to my Etsy shop. How do I get buyers if I don't market myself?? It's the same concept that Kristen seemed to overlook.

    Personally.. I don't mind guests posts as long as they are relevant to the blogger. Like.don't do a guest post about electronics if you are a cooking blog. I do get annoyed with giveaways. I must admit that I am a little annoyed with the 30+ blogger giveaways and when a blogger hosts 3 giveaways a week. There is nothing to read so I lose interest.

  8. I now look away when a giveaway is mentioned. Unless it is super simple and I just sign up for one blog or like their FB page I don't do it. They are too complicated to enter. I end up having tons of extra stuff to read which seems like spam to me, with extra blogs that I don't like and quite frankly don't want to read. I'm there for that blog. Not the other 20 that are in the giveaway.

    That said, I think I found you through via another blog, so sponsorship does work.

    I do like posts about blogging because I do it so it is relevant to me. I can see where it would be like talking about ice fishing, if you don't do it, it holds no interest for you.

    I know I need to start sponsoring other blogs if I am going to grow my blog but I am so hesitant since I know that means I'm putting money into my blog and more time and it already eats up so very much of my time as it is.

    I treat my blog like work too, but as of yet there is no financial reward whatsoever.


  9. I like the giveaways that don't include 50+ other pages that are "sponsoring" said giveaway. If it's just the one page doing the giveaway and their aren't too many ways to enter I'm game. Also, I tend to look at blogging from a very "old school blogger" way. Back when I first started and had my very first blog site, we didn't do anything for money. We blogged about our life, products we liked, recipes we liked, etc because we wanted to, not because we were being payed to do it. We had genuine followers that liked hearing about the day to day crap that went on in our lives. I still look at my blog that way, but I'm not going to lie, free products in exchange for a review is a good thing too!

  10. The best part of this whole awesome post? I do my makeup in my classroom too ;-)


  11. As a new blogger, I LOVE the posts about blogging! They're really helpful in figuring this whole community out and you're TOTALLY right -- if you don't talk about blogging with other bloggers, who will you talk about it with?! There is something magical about finding another blogger to geek out about blogging with you in real life, so sometimes I love reading about blogging to get that high.

    As for giveaways, I'm not opposed, but I'm so confused as to how people select the winners. At this point, I wonder if they pick people because of the size of their blog and the hope for a shoutout about winning? I never seem to win despite always entering so lately giveaways are losing their appeal.

    I like reading your posts about blogging so keep 'em coming!

  12. I honestly love the blog posts about blogging. I mean if you didn't post yours, I wouldn't know where to start in trying to bring traffic to my blog. Yes I want genuine followers and readers but a giveaway is a giveaway. It's engaging and FREE is FREE! My favorite four letter F word. I don't know how you do it but I give you props for making quality posts. I'm glad that I found your blog and I will continue to share with people I know how much I think your posts are top notch, great quality, in depth, funny posts.

  13. I love blogs about blogging, too! This kind of blogging is new for me so I love reading about it and talking about it.

    As far as giveaways, I've participated in three. The first one was only shared with the jewelry designer and it was awesome! I felt like I was helping her business out, it brought in traffic, and I really felt like it was a great experience.

    The other two I co-sponsored and, yes, they basically dumped followers and likes into my basket but actual readers? Not so sure. And then it felt like I was buying followers. Am I not supposed to say that in Blogland? It's just not a great feeling.

    I think going forward I only want to participate in smaller giveaways or true giveaways I'm hosting myself.

    As for guest posts, I'm not a fan, honestly. And I get nervous about allowing other to guest post because I don't know if it will appeal to people who read my blog.

  14. I'm new to your blog and I found it through one of the crazy giveaways, which is ironic, because those giveaways drive me crazy. Mostly because it seems like it's the same bloggers doing them and I'm tired of seeing the same post 15 times on different blogs.

    Same goes for guest posts; if I go to a blog I go because I want to read that particular blog's post. I understand having a guest post every once in awhile (I do that when I'm on a trip or something), but a lot of blogs are lacking in original content these days, which makes me sad.

    (Holy cow, this is getting long!)

    I just recently opened up sponsorship, but I'm almost regretting it since it's such a trendy thing lately. I've been blogging for 8 years, but miss having my readership grow. Instead of advertising my sponsorship I'm trying to get back to my old-school blogging ways and commenting on new blogs (like this one!). If someone likes my blog, they'll sponsor. If not, they'll read it and I'm totally fine with either!

    (seriously, longest comment ever!)

  15. As someone who is not new to blogging, but new to the whole "build your community" aspect of blogging, I like reading posts about blogging. It gives me tips and ideas about how to grow my blog. I have sponsored 1 blog so far, and the sponsorship price was pretty low, compared to some that I've seen. I haven't started accepting sponsors yet, because I don't feel like my content and traffic are where they need to be yet.

    On the topic of giveaways... I have found some amazing blogs through giveaways lately (your's included), however, when a blog has more than 2 giveaways running at the same time, or every post feels "sponsored," I tend to tune out. I agree with some of the other comments that giveaways that have 30+ people sponsoring them are getting a little out of control. I love the idea of group giveaways, but there has to be a point where the group is simply too large. I've entered a few of these huge giveaways and now I have over 70 new blog posts in my Google Reader on a daily basis. I simply can't read and engage with all of those posts in a way that lets me feel like I am making a connection with that blogger. I try to leave comments on posts that I enjoy, but when there are so many to read every day, even commenting becomes a task.

    Thank you for your honesty about blogging. It is work! Finding a balance is hard, and right now, I'm struggling with that.

  16. I think the trick is to keep it simple (I mean I am a blog small-fry who barely has 100 followers) But, for me even I can get a bit bogged down by all the 'blog stuff'. I don't do any of the advertising, sponsoring, giveaways etc. because a) I have no idea how to and b) that's not what the point of my blog is. I'm a writer who shares her writing on her blog.

    I think the trick is to remember why you started and keep looking back on that!

    Good luck!!**

  17. I don't like give-aways or sponsorships and am not a huge fan of guest posts. When I can see in my reader that you are doing a give-away or having a guest post, I don't bother to read the blog that day.

    What's your ultimate goal? To make money off your blog or for your blog to be a platform that you use to launch yourself towards getting paid to write? I'd spend some time looking at the blogs of people making money at it. See what it is they are doing. Talk to them to see how they got there.

    And something to keep in mind - the more readers you get, the more trolls and attention you will get on places like GOMI.

  18. I skip guest posts every time. When I go to a blog, I am interested in what THAT person has to say, not someone else. I feel like if the blogger is on vacation, will be away, etc., then they should just let the blog lay low for a few days...No need to fill it with guest posts!

    Also, I am with Kristen on the group giveaways. I think giveaways are awesome, but no one has time to follow 25 extra blogs and sit on rafflecopter all day trying to gain extra entries. It gets to the point where you'd rather just go buy whatever it is than spend 30 minutes or more trying to win it!

  19. 1) I'm not a fan of guest posts. I can understand them when people are super busy or are going away, but I don't really like when they're a regular feature, other than maybe a Sponsors post. Maybe that's just me!

    2) I LOVE giveaways. I have been introduced to so many new, amazing businesses because of blog giveaways.

    3)I also love blog posts on blogging. I seek them out. It's how I improve my own blog ( So thanks!

  20. As a devoted blog reader but not blogger, I have a different perspective than some of your audience. There are many of us who read blogs because we enjoy them but at the same time have no desire to blog ourselves. I, for example, work 70+ hours per week and recognize that blogging does not fit in my life. For people like me, blogging about blogging is somewhat useless...and you would be surprised how many people there are who just read.

  21. I love the posts about blogging! I also love giveaways, but I'm with some of the other commenters...I don't like the huge ones. It takes forever to enter, I have to sign up for blogs I don't want to sign up for, and frankly it's a pain. I like giveaways that are specific to YOUR blog. I say 'YOUR' meaning the individual's blog...although it could specifically mean 'your's' too Bonnie! :)

    I do think there is a limit on the guest posts that need to be done. I follow your blog to read your posts...not 15 other peoples. But I also agree with you about sponsorships...I do think they are necessary to grow a blog and gain more readers. And it's a good way to make $ so you can sponsor other blogs! It's a catch 22 I guess...

    Anyways, I still love the blog:) And wish I could participate in Book Club! Dang busy time of year...:)


  22. I actually don't love the sponsers....I come to read your blog. I am sort of welcome to your suggestions to other people's blog, that is how I found living in yellow with Erin. And I love her blog. I only ever read your sponser section of the post when they say something interesting/corky in the beginning. In fact, if it just tells me who they are in the beginning and starts off "about them" then I skip it. If they say something clever or interesting or funny that I can relate to or maybe not relate to but find myself interested in learning more then I read on and I want to know more about them. I am sorry but I do think you have had a few too many sponsers lately. But I realize your purposes in them so I don't hold them against you : ) I just wanted to give you my feedback...since you are looking for some. Love your blog! Thanks for your time and adding a little more fun into my day : )

  23. I came across a blog of a girl who I could really relate to and enjoyed reading her writing...she had only 75ish followers. Fast forward 6 months and she's got over 1200+ and my Reader is constantly filled with her posts about giveaways, guest posts, pen-pal gift boxes, tips for blogging, etc. I can't stand it.

    I am so happy for her success and hope it continues to grow (since she's obviously dedicated a lot of time to growing her readership), but I am no longer a fan of her blog because the "original content" that I enjoyed is so few and far between.

    I personally don't care for guest posts AT ALL. Buttons in the sidebar intrigue me enough. I won't click your post if it's a guest post.

  24. I haven't been blogging long enough to have an opinion about giveaways or sponsors, etc. but as a newish blogger I love to read other people's points of view on blogging. Who you are and what you do forms so much of your outlook on blogging and everyone is different. I love your perspective as a writer and a teacher!

  25. I will say it. I'm sick of giveaways. Unless it's like a single entry something, or a blogger I really like I won't enter it. It's too much of a hassle to leave a comment for following ten girls on bloglovin', twitter, instagram, facebook, pinterest, etc when you are more than likely not going to win.

    also, I don't read guest posts unless it's on a regular blog I read.

    Don't get me wrong. I understand that guest posts and giveaways are the best way to build your followers. And I even did a few myself. But I have decided I don't really want my blog to be that. because you're right. it is work. and I've got so much going on right now that I just don't have time. Also, I have made some AMAZING friends through this goofy little space I have on the internet. And that is what I realized I want out of my blog. Friends, not followers.

  26. Honestly, I don't read guest posts anymore. I find that guest post-ers seem to try to hard and I don't like reading stuff where I feel like I'm being sold something.

    Also, I don't like giveaways. The hoops to jump through to even get entered in a giveaway are too cumbersome and the chances of winning are almost nonexistent.

    Blogging about blogging? Yeah, I don't read those either.

    Whenever I see a giveaway, guest post or blogging about blogging on here, I skip it and usually grab something from the archives because I enjoy reading what you have to say.

    With that being said, I can't exactly remember how I got to your blog but I think it was through a guest blog post... Or a sponsorship. I'm all for sponsorships; I like that if I'm interested in hopping around for the day, all I need to do is click a button. I don't like having posts where I'm forced to learn about people as they try to be funny and grab your attention. It's just, well, not great.

    I do enjoy segments like A Beautiful Mess where they show the interiors of people's homes. It's a guest post without feeling like a guest post. Having a theme for introducing people on your blog is way nice and keeps me intrigued rather than a Q&A get to know you sesh.

    Good luck.

  27. You just wrote a blog post about people writing blog posts about blogging. BLOGSEPTION! mindblown. Ha I love your blog.

  28. I feel bad about not reading all of your comments, but I have the attention span of a gnat.
    First off, I'm a blogger, and LOVE blogging, and am very interested in becoming a better blogger. However, that said, I'm not interested one whit in giveaways. I skip those posts (like some of your readers said). My reasons are because it's just too danged commercial. Don't mind the monetizing part of blogging... I get that. I just don't get all the shary-shary stuff. For me, my blog is my own, not someone else's.
    I do have a second blog which was all about my collections (I posted a different one of my collections every weekday) and on the weekends, I would feature someone else's stuff. That was interesting, but guest blogging? Not so sure.
    For me (sorry this is so long) most of my readers come from Google searches. I'm glad I blog about enough interesting things that people find me from these searches. I only have 100 followers, and most of them stop by rarely. but I get a lot of casual readers, who like reading about the quirky things I do, and places I've been.

  29. So funny, I recently blogged about blogging! haha! Because i'm taking a media class at university, and we talked about blogging.

    blogging is so weird! I loved when you said it's funny how we share personal stuff to people we don't know, but when people we do know bring up our blog, we get embarrassed. it's so totally true.

    as for giveaways, sometimes they're cool because i have won some, and who doesn't like free stuff?

    but once it's one giveaway after another.... the blogger seems to just be thriving off sponsors.. and it gets annoying! I'd like like one to two giveaways a month is harmless. every week? twice a week?
    too much!!!!!!!!

    and also, i do like blogs about blogging!!! i think they're so interesting, and the tips are useful and have gotten me to think!

  30. I love blogging and have not problem telling people that I love to blog

  31. It's funny, I generally don't care for guests on blogs, but that's how I found your blog, from La Via Petite. And your humor is what made me follow you. Whenever there's a giveaway or a guest post, I usually skim past it. I love your voice :)

  32. I have to laugh because quite a few of these people found your blog through a giveaway or are hosting one now. But people claim to not like them . :)

  33. I love posts about blogging! And I totalyl hear you - I don't know what to say except thank you when a friend tells me they read my blog!!

    The Hartungs Blog

  34. What I want to know is WHY do people care so much about growing their blogs?? Unless it's truly about the writing (which yours TOTALLY is Bonnie. I love the things you post on your blog, so this isn't an attack on you or anything!), I just don't understand why people think they can start making money and entertaining thousands of people all over their dumb outfits, and nonsensical rants. Don't get me wrong, I definitely love reading a good fashion blog every once in a while, but unless a blogger offers something SUBSTANTIAL to their readers (ie. your amazing post about the grieving process), I just don't feel it's necessary for us as readers to entertain their notions of growing their blog that talks about.... well... nothing. Their needs to be something special behind it! And it's not just the bloggers who are at fault here, it's the readers too. I just don't understand this sometimes. And that's my two cents ha.

  35. Hi there!!

    A whole post about me and I'm just now finding it! Wow!!

    To answer some of the questions:

    1. I NEVER dissed sponsors. I don't know where people are getting this?!?! I simply stated that its DIFFICULT to host sponsor programs that truly benefit both parties. I have read SO many comments/posts from sponsors who felt the blog host didn't do a good enough job hosting and they felt their money was just taken. I addressed this because I've been asked repetedly if I will offer sponsor opportunities and had decided against it. I also stated this WAS THE REASON I HAVE BLOGHER instead of offering a program MYSELF. Because Blogher isnt feeling screwed at the end of the day. Its just easier.

    2. I HAVE NEVER SPONSORED A BLOG. I have NEVER PAID to be a part of a giveaway and I have a great reader following. HOW?!? To be honest, I think TIME is the answer. I've been blogging since 2009. I also have become an active member of the blog community. I participate in Linkups. I comment and read other blogs. I made blogger friends and we guest posted for each other. But more than anything, I think the success of my blog can be contributed to the fact that I have shared my life with me readers. The good, the BAD and everything in between. I believe people can relate to that and its refreshing. No one wants to read about roses every single day. They want the REAL you. I try my VERY best to stay TRUE to myself and I believe thats what works. My readers couont didnt hit 2100 OVER NIGHT, IT HAS TAKEN 4 LONG YEARS.

    3. I posted my post for my readers, NOT to cause controversy in BlogLand. To be honest, the last thing I want is to read multiple blog posts deeming me "unsupportive", "a hater" and "spiteful of other's successes". That doesn't make a person feel good. I was just sharing my opinion and hoping to comfort new bloggers that are trying to find their way. I dont want them to feel they have to spend their money on their blog because you DONT!!

    It's very frustrating to have people question your intentions and character for simply sharing an opinion on common blog trends. I never said anyone was wrong or a bad person for doing any of these things. I simply said that you CAN do it differently and that its OKAY to be different. My intentions were genuinely good which is more than I can say for 95% of the posts I've read in response to my post.

    I LOVE your blog and am SO happy I found it. Newest follower.

    Hope this clear the air some. If not, OH FREAKIN WELL! ;)

  36. I've been reading all these posts about blogging about blogging or whatever, and I have pretty much made the same comment to all of them. I am sooooo original. But here is my humble opinion.

    I understand why people do sponsorships and things of that nature, but to be honest? The reason I started following your blog (and many others) is because I find YOUR writing awesome. All of my favorite blogs are very different from each other, but they are all unique and awesome and I love them. But when I see that The Life Of Bon today is a guest post, I don't even read it. I don't click on the blog, I just scroll right past. I just find it so annoying to read, "Oh my gosh! This new girl is so amazing and she is my best friend now! Go read her blog!" because it always feels forced, and I know that you don't really think that. You are saying she rocks because she paid you, and in a weird way, that feels like blogger prostitution to me.

    You are one of my absolute favorite blogs. For real. And the amount of guest posts lately has gone up, which bums me out. Because the same thing is happening to my other favorite blog (I know, I have two favs. I suck at having favorites), and I am very close to not following Living In Yellow anymore because I feel like it's just guest post after guest post. Please, Bonnie, don't succumb to advertising on each and every post. I would be devastated!

    Basically, this long novel of a comment is to tell you I heart you and your writing, just ditch the sponsors, just have your blog as you.

  37. Anonymous9:33 PM

    I'm now at the point where when I hang out with friends I ask if they read my blog - not because I need them to and not because I don't want them to - but rather so that I don't duplicate stories. Ridiculousness. Also, I love reading blogs about blogs, but maybe that's because I have a blog. Also, makeup at work... genius.

  38. First of all, thanks for your comment on my Save the Drama post last week. Things got cray and I didn't have a chance to respond to everyone! So excited to have you on my side bar next month!

    Secondly, you took the words right out of mouth with this post. This was the BEST blog post about blogging I have read. Blogging is work and it's fun work. I too want to grow my blog and do more with it. Giveaways have helped A TON and I am happy to do them in moderation. Plus, it give a nice thank you to readers. Now, if a blog is nothing but giveaways and no true/real content....then they will eventually fail. I like reading posts about blogging...positive ones...ones that make me think and not feel so alone...just like yours!

    Thank you for this and being such a amazing blogger. Keep it up!!

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