The Life of Bon: What's a teacher get any work done?!?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's a teacher get any work done?!?

(Disclaimer:  Right after I published this I noticed the title was totally jacked up. 
 I thought about editing it, but decided the nonsensical title was the best way
 to really convey how I feel at the end of these
 parent teacher conferences.  I be losing my mind!)

This is me!  Right this very minute!  Can you tell I'm hating life? (And isn't my wedding ring purrrrrty?!)

I am six hours and forty two minutes into parent teacher conferences.  One hour and eighteen minutes left.  But who's counting, right?

Every parent teacher conference the exact same thing happens.  I make a long, absolutely impossible list of everything I am going to get done that day.  Then a lot of parents come and I don't get anything done and I feel like a failure even though I was busy the whole day.  How's that for a crappy situation?

My to do list today included:
- Grade 10th grade October Sky tests
- Grade 10th grade mini memoirs
- Write Lord of the Flies test for Friday
- Grade absent/late basket
- Update all scores on the computer
- Write blog post
- Write sponsor instructions for March
- Find blogs to sponsor in March
- Finish reading Tweak for banned book club tomorrow (The book is 400+ pages.  I'm on page 55.)
- Get Letter of Recommendation from principal and vice principal
- Scan Letter of Recommendations on to computer
- Request fingerprint cards from state of California
- Sign up to take CBEST (California teacher credential test)
- Apply for Green Dot Public schools
- Apply for opening at ABC school district

That's not too much to get done in eight hours with parents coming in and out all day long is it?!?

Turns out it is.  Of those things I have officially accomplished only the first one: grade October Sky tests.    And I guess now I can kind of cross off writing a blog post?  So that's good for something, right?

Sigh.  When did life get so busy?

Lucky for me, I've got Ashley to take over from here.  She's gorgeous and stylish and all the things that good bloggers are required to be, right?  She keeps her posts short and sweet, but carries a pack with them.  I loved her most recent post on if birth order affects personality and her post about attending blog conferences.  (One day I maybe will be brave enough to show up at a blog conference?)  Oh, and Ashley is giving away the cutest personalized stamp I've ever seen.  Just so you know, I'm rigging this so I can win it.

I kid.  I kid.


Hi!  I'm Ashley from Dancing with Ashley.

I've realized that people can find happiness in little, every day things. Here is a list, according to Ashley, on how to make that happen.  {With a few links to some of my older posts}

1.  Take care of yourself!  Take time for YOU and do things that lift your spirits.   

2.  Wear things that make you feel great!  This dress in particular always does the job for me.  

3.  Be around people who make you laugh.  There can't be anything better than this...there just can't be.  My siblings do this for me.

4.  Do something for someone else.  When you're in a funk or feeling low, show someone else some kindness.  

5.  Find success in the little things.  Every sock has a match in a load of laundry?  That's success to me!!!

I hope you'll come by and say hello, and would love to give one lucky reader this personalized address stamp.

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  1. Our school system did away with parent teacher conferences a few years ago and it was a BLESSING!!!

    Good luck making it through the rest of yours.

  2. My parents never went to those conferences once I was in high school. You're welcome, teachers!

  3. ugh - I feel ya on parent teacher conferences. and Ashley...I am loving your blog and your five little pieces of happiness! :)

  4. I LOATHE parent teacher conferences!!!!

  5. Honestly, there is no greater more rejoicable feat as having two matching socks beyond the first time of wearing them brand new

  6. I hate parent-teacher conferences! At least ours is only 5 hours long, we get fed before and our admin brings around Pepsi and chocolate. But, I hear ya! It's boring and I CAN'T for the life of me get any work done! So, we had ours last week and this is what I did instead! Blog about my glasses!

  7. i hate parent teacher conferences! I have given up on planning to get things done in between because I am so tired and unmotivated it never happens. now at least i'm not disappointed about it. :)

  8. Since I teach first grade, a good 80% of my parents show for conferences. Gotta love it. Plus- I suck at using my time productively. So I never get things done in my "spare time" at conferences. They're exhausting. At least you had a nice visitor stop by to write for the blog today.

  9. Are you a 10th grade teacher??? Sorry to be really creepy, but I was just so obsessed with my high school teachers who were all pretty young. I still have coffee/babysit/shop with them to this day and it's great. Teachers are my fave :)

    Also, I LOVE Ashley! She's so sweet :)

  10. You've done two things on your list! ... next time I think you should just put on your list : survive parent / teacher conference since that is clearly the most important thing to do.
    Good luck!

  11. We had conferences yesterday too! The only thing is that when you teach in Baltimore City, no parents come. It's nice getting the work done, but at the same time, the problems never get fixed because the parents don't involve themselves in their child's life.