The Life of Bon: The Worst Valentines Day Ever

Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Worst Valentines Day Ever

Today I was running up the stairs by my room to go join my class in the computer lab.  They were working on one of those big, awful class projects, that the mean, ugly teachers assign.  You remember how it goes.  I was trying to go quickly to make sure that all hell hadn't broken loose in my absence.  As I was running up the stairs, my breath caught at something on the floor.

The sun.

There it was- shining in through that big glass window and lighting up the cold, tile floor.  Rays of sunshine gently streaming through. 

That's what I knew that winter wouldn't last forever.  And it was a good day.

I've got some stunning beauties with me here today.  They are all sharing their worst Valentine's Story.  Leave a comment below stating which VDAY story was the best worst story!  The girl who gets the most votes will get free advertising on Life of Bon next month.  Oh, and a commenter on this post will also be randomly selected for free ad space next month, so it's in your best interest to be reading and voting.  And of course, if you feel so inclined, share your worst Vday with us too!

Hi, I'm Shannon and I blog about my life as I pretend to be an adult. I really love making lists and telling silly stories

I LOVE:  1. Cheese! 2. Reading (I'm into Game of Thrones and nonfiction about funny ladies) 3. Wearing cheetah print 4. GChat 5. Blogging & reading blogs

WORST VDAY EVER:   I don't have a worst Valentines, but or my last birthday (the big 23) my boyfriend gave me two blocks of cheese. So, that's not great. I do like cheese, but that's not super romantic, if ya know what I mean. We're still dating though, so I guess I wasn't that mad about it.

My blog is about my life as a college student, girlfriend, roommate and anything that pops into my mind.

I LOVE:  1) Summer Time  2) Funny Jokes  3) The Chicago Bulls!  4) Chipotle   5) Anything pink and sparkly

WORST V DAY:  The worst valentine's day I ever had was when I was a junior in high school. My "boyfriend" at the time took me to a party where we pretty much ignored each other. He didn't even get me a flower. Just took me to a party. Don't worry I've upgraded and my Valentine's Days have been way better.

My blog is about my life and everything that's in it, including our battle with infertility.

I LOVE:  1. my husband 2. family 3. diet coke 4. cheese and 5. my teeth without braces.
WORST VDAY:  Spending the whole day and night (like 12 hours!) at my ex-boyfriends brothers wedding - less than a week after I broke up with him for cheating on me AND he didn't tell his family so they kept saying things to me like "don't worry, you'll be next dear". And i'm not a sucker for punishment, I was obligated to go because I helped them plan it so I couldn't just leave!
Silver Lining is an ode to teaching fractions to 10-year-olds, taking care of a furball named Chester, and celebrating the small things in life - you know, matching, watching a whole action movie without falling asleep, not spilling all over myself.

I LOVE: 1. coercing my husband into taking pictures with me 2. reading 3. late-night ice cream trips 4. running and 5. burning candles nonstop.
WORST VDAY:  On Valentine's Day in 6th grade, I got a bloody nose for the first time ever, so I spent the afternoon in the nurse's office thinking I was dying and lamenting my lack of Valentine's Day class parties. Missing the class parties was worse.
I LOVE: 1. The hubs 2. Bike Rides 3. God 4. Traveling 5. Coffee
Worst Valentines Day(s): I can't pick one imparticular because they were all just sooogreat. I actually would skip school (high school) every valentines day with my other single ladies and pretend the day was extremely lame.. we would bash the holiday and everyone who participated, we werepretty awesome. So seriously until I met the hubs, all of my valentines days consisted of my dad joining my pity party and allowing me to tag along on whatever nice dinner he took my stepmom to (this is when you know you've arrived people!) So February 14th, I know we have had a troubled past but I am embracing you this year.. be kind to me.

I'm a worker, a sewer, a wife, and a mother, on the search to find some simplicity in this chaotic little life.

I LOVE: 1. Spending time with family 2. Finishing a project 3. Taking naps 4. Drinking Mountain Dew 5.  Eating Pizza
WORST VDAY EVER:  The worst Valentine's Day I've ever had: I was a junior in high school, and I was dating a boy who went wayy over the top. He had a rose delivered to me during every class, and then he took me to the park near my house, where he had set up a picnic. He had rose petals leading a trail, candles burning, love songs playing on the radio, a pink table cloth, and a picnic made up of all my favorite foods. He then proceeded to confess his undying love for me, and his dreams for raising a family and growing old together. It was awkward, embarrassing, and just plain miserable.

Girl Defying Gravity is a lifestyle blog ranging from the not-so-serious (how to give yourself the worst dye job ever!) to the serious (infertility) with plenty of randomness (and cocktails!) in between.

I LOVE:   1. Life of Bon (duh!) 2. My own hubs (he takes over the #1 spot on a good day...) 3. Extra-spicy Bloody Marys 4. Any kind of adventure! 5. Blogging (of course!)

WORST VDAY:  I love Valentine's Day, even though the hubby ranks it right up there with Flag Day in importance. But my worst Valentine's ever was the year I was 19 and my serious boyfriend dumped me after giving me a great consolation prize in the form of a hideous heart necklace (you know, the kind that turns from gold to silver the first time you wear it...kind of like our relationship I guess, haha!) Fortunately I had plenty of chocolate around to help me cope!
Hi!  I'm Liz! I word vomit on my blog (inspired by the main character in 30 Rock) and I craft sentimental flowers on my Etsy shop.
I LOVE: 1. I love old people (and things), 2. music that moves me, 3. context, 4. research studies and 5. my canvas piping bag.
WORST VDAY I was in my senior year of high school. I was in love with my boyfriend who didn't know how to show love to me. I love giving gifts that really express the nature of the relationship, so I (of course) went all out. He, however, did nothing. As life went on, it turned out that he really didn't care for me and that hurt more than anything. I guess I just felt it more that day with cupids and hearts plastered everywhere, and I tried to convince myself that he "just wasn't a gift-giver."
What should have been my worst Valentine's Day ever turned out to be one of the best. Two years ago, I had just been dumped for a drug abuser, and I spent Valentine's Day with a male friend and two couples. It ended up being a very fun (but awkward) triple date. As it turns out, we're now married, but if you'd told me then...
Hi, I'm Lauren, a cupcake loving, picture taking, pink wearing college girl living her life according to audrey hepburn and dr. suess.
I LOVE: 1.  sharpies, 2.  berry burst oreos, 3.  the vampire diaries, 4.  baby animals, and 5. chick flicks
WORST VDAY I don't exactly have a "worst valentine's day story", but i've never actually had a valentine before so they've never veen particularly fun for me.

Stories of Kel is a lifestyle blog about life, love, faith, beauty, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

I LOVE: 1. Coconut Dream cookies, 2.  hot weather, 3.  elephants, 4.  a clean house, and 5.  any and all sour candies. Sweet tooth much?

WORST VDAY EVER:  Last year on Valentine's Day I ended up falling over and convulsing from severe stomach pain at school. They called an ambulance and Tim and I spent the rest of the day in the emergency room. We had to forgo our Valentine's date and we had Little Caesars instead. You can read more about it here 
A String of Purls is a life and knitting blog, where I talk (read: ramble!) about my awesome adventures!
I LOVE:  1. Knitting, 2. swimming, 3. photography, 4. being my own boss, and5.  having a dream to work toward.
WORST VDAY EVER: Hands down the worst Valentine's Day I ever had was in 2011 when I had to put my ten-year-old golden retriever to sleep.  I was sobbing for two straight hours after that; I've never cried for so long.  But when you lose a family member, whom you've grown up with, nothing less would be expected.  I was eight years old when we got her, and eighteen when we put her to sleep.  Not only did I spend my childhood and adolescence with her, but I picked her out as well.  It is the hardest thing in the world saying goodbye to that kind of a bond; saying goodbye to the first real thing you loved with all your heart
My blog is the coolest place to read about style, service and inspiring stories since Seventeen magazine!
I LOVE:  1.  Disneyland, 2. Shopping, 3, Making Lists, 4. Baking Desserts, 5. Reading Self Help books 
WORST VDAY EVER: I've honestly never have a bad one... It's my 2nd favorite holiday! I also got my first kiss on a Valentines Day... def not a bad day for this girl ;) I love the month of love!
Blog/ Facebook

I'm a 20something Pittsburgh girl on a journey to lose 100+ pounds with Weight Watchers.
I LOVE:  1.  Traveling 2.Watching documentaries  3. Hockey  4. Reading  5. Swimming
WORST VDAY EVER: My worst was in 2007 when I was flying to Australia. It was a 15 hour flight from LAX to Melbourne and I was squished against the window by a larger, older man who spend the majority of the flight telling me about all the things that could kill me in Australia and the rest of the time falling asleep on me. . . Happy Valentine's Day, how romantic!
Hi!I love museums, I love visiting them, reading about them and working at them. Don't worry I'm not just a one note kind of gal I love Pinterest, DIY, cooking, 'Stache shows with friends and so many other things.
I LOVE:  1. My family 2. Music 3. Cooking 4. Mint chocolate chip ice cream 5. Getting big hugs from my husband
WORST VDAY EVER:  I actually have never had a terrible Valentine's Day. Never actually had a Valentine till my husband but I have fabulous friends who made sure we all had a great V-day!


  1. jess totally has the best worst story!

  2. What a neat idea! Love it! I'd also love some free ad space so here I am :) there were some good ones in there, but as a fellow dog owner/lover, megan's story is definitely the worst valentine's day ever. So sorry Megan.

  3. I think Kelsey's was the best worst story :)

  4. Jess definitely had the best worst valentine's story!!! sooo funny!

  5. I think Jess has the best worst story.

  6. I think Jess has the best worst story.

  7. I think Jess has the best worst story.

  8. Megan's story FOR SURE. Having to put down a beloved furry family member on the day of love? Heartbreaking!

  9. Jess, definitely! It's like a scene straight out of a movie!

    As for my worst Valentine's was definitely last Valentine's day when my husband thought I had said we weren't celebrating it that year. Needless to say, I made him a little gift and received nothing in return. It didn't go down well, however he made up for it afterwards with a week's worth of valentines days.

    I must say, the whole experience has made me far more aware of my single friends and how difficult it must be to see everyone posting up Valentine's gifts on facebook all day...

  10. Jess for sure - what a douche that guy sounds!!!

  11. Jess has the best worst story, and seriously, that guy was (is) such a knob head.

  12. Jess definitely has the worst story, he was mental and had so many issues...... you dodged a bullet there sweetheart xoxo

  13. Jess's ex-boyfriend's brother's wedding story was definitely the worst one! I've never really had a bad Valentine's day. One year I gave my sister a fake secret admirer letter that she believed was real, and that was probably the best Valentine's day.

  14. Best: Shannon getting two blocks of cheese (I LOVE CHEESE), even though it was for her birthday and not Valentines Day.

    Worst: JESS! Oh my I've never heard of anything like that. How awful!

    And thank you for the reminder that winter will not last forever. Even though with the HUGE storm Maine has coming it seems like it will never go away!

  15. I think Megan had the worse Valentine's with her poor dog dying.

    My worst Valentine's was the first year my husband and I lived together. I made heart shapped pizza for dinner. (My Mom did this every year for my sisters and I growing up, I was excited to do them for my husband!) My husband's jerk of a boss kept him working until 9:30pm. He normally worked until 5:30 every night. When my husband got home he said his boss had taken off and told him to stay there. And my husband didn't even have work to do. (My husband was working outside that day in fridged temperatures.)

    So I ate my heart shapped pizza alone, feeling very sorry for myself. While my husband sat hungry in the cold in the middle of a field. He didn't have a cell at the time to even call and tell me he was going to be late, nor tell me where he was so I could bring him dinner.

    He no longer works for said jerk.

  16. My worst: My boyfriend broke up with me days before Valentine's, and then we got together day's after. I joked it was because he didn't want to get me anything, and he pretty much said that was true. Ass.

  17. Jess has the best worst story!

    For me, I was in college and had just came home from a nice dinner with my boyfriend. He then decided to get really drunk with his roommates. They got out of control and started throwing and swinging things around the room... and then I got smashed in the face with a giant plastic snowman. You know, the ones that people put on their lawns. My nose started bleeding non-stop and I had cuts all over my face. That was fun. When I went back to my dorm, my friends thought I was mugged. Worst Vday ever.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. Those are all so great!! It's so hard to pick just one...kind of like picking your favorite child!

    I laughed at Jess because I can so see myself jumping up on the table and screaming at all of them. I had the cheater boyfriend once too...he kept tell me the girls were his cousins. THEN I found out his parents were both only children.....scum bag!! :)


  19. I'm voting for Shannon because cheese is stinky.

  20. Jess having to go to a wedding with her ex- I can't imagine a worse date. Poor girl! close second was Megan who had to put her dog down :(

  21. I'm voting for Amanda because her story is awkward AND hilarious (and I can't bring myself to vote for the "oh my goodness, thats awful!!" stories.

  22. Putting your dog to sleep is the worst. So that is my vote hands down.



  23. Jess for sure - how awful having to go to your ex's brothers wedding! But Megan is a close second. Having to put down your dog is so sad. :(

  24. I think Megan has the best worst story. Having to put your dog to sleep is heartbreaking.

  25. Megan from A String of Purls, most definitely.

    I have several animals and if I had to put them down on Valentine's Day, I know I'd feel MIS-ER-ABLE.

  26. Megan wins for worst Valentine's Day story. I have the biggest heart for dogs and it pains me to see my pup getting older. When will they invent some magical cure that will make our pets live forever?!

  27. Jess's story is definitely the worst! But Megan's is pretty sad too, and a close second worst.

    I don't think I've ever had a bad V-Day. As kids (and teens), my parents always gave us Valentines and candy and sometimes a little present. In undergrad, my girlfriends and I would always celebrate together. My junior year, I helped my roommate/best friend's long-distance boyfriend surprise her, which was pretty fun. My senior year, my friends and I wore plunging necklines and went to Hooters. Good times! Then we had cake that said "Happy Hooters Day."

    Last V-Day was my first with a significant other. We had a skype date, so... Not exciting. And this V-Day, we're driving halfway to my parents' house so I can be with my brother for his 21st birthday on the 15th. So... not exciting.

  28. Like everyone else, I'm having a hard time deciding between Jess and Megan! I'll say Megan first, Jess second.

    My worst two Valentines were days (years apart) that I found out a boyfriend was cheating on me. The two times I've discovered that have both been on the day of love! Imagine me as a high schooler crying in bed singing Dixie Chicks "without you" on repeat. it's not pretty! but after i got over those two suckers i met my wonderful husband Scott so life is good! And this Valentines better be :)

  29. I think Liz had the best vday! She found her her second story! And Kelsey had the worst, because that's just unfortunate.

    My worst Valentine's day was when I was asked to a Vday dance by a good friend. He couldn't find a group to go with and since I lived in Provo, going as just us was not an option. So we went to dinner with his sister and her husband, then his mom dropped us off at the dance. He then told me that he hated dancing, so we just stood around for an hour or two before WALKING a mile home in 5-inch heels. I looked good though...that counts for something.

  30. Jess or Megan. Both of their stories seriously sucked! (not their stories, but... shoot well you know what I mean).

    This year's not going to be super-great; I'm spending it with my husband (the great part) and his overly-clingy and needy mother who hates me. For Valentine's day THROUGH the weekend afterwards. Lord be with me ;)

  31. jess or brooke - jess is probably more painful but at the time, missing valentines day in elementary could ahve been traumatizing.

  32. I have to vote for Amanda, I mean, honestly... knowing her, and being the same type of not-romantic type of person... If that would have happened to me, I would have looked at the guy, turned around and walked the heck away. *gag*!

  33. Its definitely between Jess and Liz. I think Jess first because that is just a horrible place to be. Liz second(and a very close second) because I can relate to her first story and her second is so great :)

  34. Most of these are lame. But I guess im comparing it to what I had pictures in my head. Some pretty funny stories. I think Kelsey is the best, but I might tie it with Megan. Im happy for everyone but there are way too many "I've never really had a bad valentines day" ones. Sorry for the negativity. I swear I'm just in a February funk today. :/

  35. I vote for Amanda.

    My worst V-day. My ex signed divorce papers on Valentines Day 2002....or maybe that was the best V-day!! Could go either way. ;)

  36. Katie and Amanda have the worst stories! Katie, because I would hate being stuffed in a plane next to someone who talked my ear off and Amanda because I have a similar story to hers! So done showing so much love, and I basically couldn't stand the guy!!

    I would love to win free advertising, because I'm still just getting my blog off the ground, so new followers would help SO much!!

  37. Haha, all are great stories but I think Jess's takes the cake! Cute way to format sponsorship! :]

  38. Anonymous1:32 PM

    It seems to me that Jess has the best worst story. If I was in her situation, I would've lost it!!

  39. I vote for Jess, too, as having the worst Valentine's Day. That sucks she had to keep up the charade of still being with her boyfriend...who cheated on her. She deserves a prize! My worst Valentine's Day was in college. My then boyfriend bought me a necklace, which was nice. But then when I gave him a compliment and awkwardly waited for one back...crickets. He said he couldn't think of anything. Then he broke up with me. Not a fun Valentine's Day:(

  40. Amanda, my word, that sounds awful. I've been in awkward love confessing situations before, and there's nothing worse than that!

  41. Katie's Valentine's is awful. Long flights next to large men= bad news. On VDay a few years ago my bathroom ceiling fell in when my upstairs neighbor's bathtub had pluming issues. Boo for apartment living.

  42. Definitely Megan :( so sad.

  43. My husband doesn't do Valentines Day so can't tell you my worst one I can tell you my best on which was 26yrs ago this year when my second daughter was born..........

  44. I don't think I could share any except not having my husband around during Valentines because of the military. My vote is for Jess.

    Bonnie Rose
    The Compass Rose

  45. Kelsey, Amanda, and Jess.

  46. It's a tie for me between Jess and Megan!!

  47. Anonymous6:11 PM

    I vote for Jess!!

  48. I vote for Jess, poor girl! Had to put up with a jerk and put on a front just to get through a wedding!

    Worst Valentine's Day was last year when my Husband was in Afghanistan. He was supposed to be leaving the middle of February and home by the end or beginning of March but it kept getting delayed and so we didn't even get to talk on Valentine's Day because they had so much going on trying to prep to leave. It sucked but it all worked out and he is home safe. I still can't believe he has been home for almost a year now!


  49. love the block of cheese story. :)

  50. Definately Megan's :(

  51. Hands down Megan story is the best worse v-day. I know exactly how that feels to lose your furry buddy. So sorry.

  52. Are we still voting? I just came across this blog and I hope it's not too late. I think Jess and Megan were thisclose to the worst. having been with a guy for 5 years and breaking up just after Valentines (what a miserable V-Day that was) I think Jess's scrapes by as the winner in my book. Megan was a close second as I've had to do the same thing. And my heart broke for her. Consolation prize?!