The Life of Bon: Home! Let me go home!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Home! Let me go home!

It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed, is you.

She's home!  After 18 months trudging through jungles in the boonies of Argentina, my little sis is home safe and sound.  And ah, geez, are we excited!

The way up to the airport.  We are big into curlers in my family.  Beauty first, people.  If you are wondering what type of vehicle we are all riding in, the answer is a 15 passenger red van property of my sister.  Don't be jealous.  My sis would probably be mad at me for posting this picture of her, but I'm almost positive she doesn't read this blog anyway so we're safe!  Phew!

Aunts and cousin waiting.  Also, please notice the blue camera in the bottom left of the picture.  Elizabeth is not messing around with that zoom, is she?!?

Brothers and nephews.  It wasn't easy to get them to look at me for this picture.  Boys are such rebels.

Please ignore disgusting pillow in her hands.

Sister and brother.  Emery is not handling it well in the background.  That's babies for you.

Also, please notice Ben in the striped shirt.  Come on, people!  We are taking pictures around here!

This is Mary hugging 5 year old nephew, Ricky.  I am 99% sure that he has no idea who she is.  Little kids' memories are short, you know, but we forced the hug on him anyway because we are big into hugging around these parts.

You can't even tell we're sisters, can you?!?

I made these signs.  I'll be the first to admit, I am no Picasso.  Again, please notice Emery in the background.  Baby is ruining all my pictures!

This is what happens when there are four cameras and everyone is looking at a different one.
Also, please notice- Becky apparently got a text in the middle of the picture.  Debra put on her own shoes and her choice was boots even though it was 60 degrees out.  You can still love us all even if we're not photogenic, right?

Elizabeth is totally ready to perform an exorcism on Greg.

Well that's one way to eat a Cafe Rio pork salad.
Aren't 14 year olds endearing?

Whenever I try to take a bunch of legit photos like this I am reminded of a couple of things.  1.  I will never take beautiful, professional looking pictures and 2. It is so annoying trying to get people to pose for pictures.  One day of the picture taking madness and I'm done.

I couldn't help but think about how much has happened since Mary has been gone.  The world has totally changed!  I am practically a completely different woman!

In the last 18 months:

+ I started wearing bright red lipstick.
+ Instagram came into existence!
+ The Jazz got swept in the playoffs by the Spurs.  No one was surprised.
+ Hubs and I celebrated our first and second wedding anniversary
+ I started this blog.  Wowzers, I was a blogless Bon before!
+ Man eating other man's face off in Miami.  Should I even tell her about this?
+ Kate Middleton got pregnant!
+Kim Kardashian got married, divorced, and pregnant by another man.
+ I remained pregnantless!
+ Downton Abbey!
+ The Avengers!
+ Colored Skinny jeans became all the rage!
+ Buddy the poodle entered our lives.
+ I passed through a hurricane on a boat in the pacific and lived to tell the tale.
+ I stayed the exact same weight and height.
+ Hubs and I got the worst job ever painting apartments and almost killed each other over it.

I guess when I look at that list I realize that nothing that big has really happened.  The world goes on turning.  In some ways it's depressing to think that the world is always basically the same and in some ways it's strangely comforting.  Everything changes and yet nothing changes.

How's that for a deep thought?

So great to be surrounded by family today and feel that bond.  Days like today I feel my dad near, almost like he is with us in the room.  One of the big reasons I look forward to my family gathering- with all of my siblings close and my mom how could we not feel my dad smiling down on us?

Welcome back Mar Mar!  May you be as successful at adjusting back to normal life as you were at being a missionary!


  1. So when I read "I guess when I look at that list I realize that nothing that big has really happened," my immediate thought was you were going to follow it with this:

    "Until now. I've always said I was royal. Now I'm just like Kate Middleton--pregnant!"

    I don't know if you've ever called yourself royal. But I feel like your future pregnancy announcement on your blog will be at least a little silly.

  2. LOL at the picture where Elizabeth is giving Greg a death stare!

    xx Denysia Yu

  3. You are too funny! I am so happy for you that your sister is home. It is amazing how a mission trip can change your perspective on life. :)

    Also, I love the must teach me how to use them! I didn't grow up with sister and I had a mom who told me nail polish was for street here I am in my 30's trying to figure all this stuff out! :)


  4. AHHHHHH! This post makes me so happy! Airport reunions are the best, and I can't even imagine how excited you and your family are to have her home. YAY!!!!!

  5. yay for family reunions! i'm sure you're super happy to have your sissy home. :)

    happy first-day-of-spring.


  6. The photo captions were awesome! You always make me laugh! Family time is the best time! Glad she is home safe and sound!

  7. I love all the picture commentary!

  8. OMG these photos were cracking me up. That baby! Oh my goodness.

  9. Loved the photos, very candid and fun and REAL! And your breakdown of the past 18 months sounded perfect and exactly how I would have phrased it...good stuff and silly celebrity stuff and all the stuff in between. Your posts always make me smile.

  10. Thank you for taking (and posting) real people pictures (opposed to blog-people pictures). Your commentary is perfect!

    Yay for you having your sister back! How's she adjusting?

  11. YAY! How awesome for you that your sister is back! And Agentina!!?? Crazy! I really enjoyed this post, reminds me of when my sis came home from her mission too :) I loved reading all that has happened since she was gone, crazy all the "big" things that has happened or become popular :) It's funny cause quite a bit of your list has happened to me too!! And confession, I may or may not have got a little teay eyed when you spoke of your dad :')


  12. Sniff. Wish I could have been there. Thanks for the photos.

  13. You both went to Argentina on your missions?! Thats awesome!
    Best part was the picture commentary

  14. Is the beginning quote from the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Or something else. Also, I feel like sister is tan, blue eyed, blonde. I'm green-eyed glasses, red curly hair, translucent white skinned. But you and your sister have the same smile.

  15. Bonnie, I'm so glad for you! My sister came home from Chile in August, and I was so happy! We're only fifteen months apart, and great friends. And we look nothing alike. She's a blue-eyed blonde, and I'm a green-eyed brunette. I guess we're both short. But now that she's home, we talk all the time. We're even closer now than before her mission! I'm so glad you're friend and sister came home triumphant from her mission!

    Natashya (your former visiting teacher from Cambridge Court)

  16. I love this post because my sis just left the MTC for her mission in Berlin, Germany!! And also I love Cafe Rio!

  17. I am glad she is home safe and it is amazing how much has happened since she has been away!

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  18. You must be so happy to have here home safe and sound......

  19. Hey Bonnie!! :) Loved the post! I'm actually headed to the MTC next Wednesday and then of to Argentina!! Which mission did you guys serve in? Any advice?? :)

    (almost) Hermana Cooley

  20. After 18 months trudging through jungles in the boonies of Argentina. REALMENTE DESAGRADEBLE TU COMENTARIO SOBRE MI PAIS

  21. After 18 months trudging through jungles in the boonies of Argentina. REALMENTE DESAGRADEBLE TU COMENTARIO SOBRE MI PAIS